Top 10 Strongest Zootopia Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Zootopia Characters:

10. Officer Clawhauser

Officer Clawhauser is a desk clerk at the Zootopia Police Department. His strength lies in his enthusiasm, dedication, and administrative skills:

Enthusiasm and Positivity: Clawhauser is incredibly enthusiastic and cheerful, which contributes to a positive atmosphere at the police station. His upbeat attitude helps boost the morale of his colleagues.

Administrative Skills: He excels in administrative tasks, such as processing paperwork, organizing files, and maintaining the precinct’s records. His efficiency keeps the police department running smoothly.

Team Spirit: Clawhauser’s friendly nature fosters a sense of camaraderie among his fellow officers, creating a supportive work environment.

9. Flash

Flash is a sloth who works at the Department of Mammal Vehicles (DMV) in Zootopia. His “strength” is related to his slow-moving nature, which is humorously depicted in the film:

Pace: Flash is known for his incredibly slow movements and speech, which is used for comedic effect in the movie, particularly during a visit to the DMV.

Patience: He demonstrates immense patience when dealing with customers, despite the frustration his slow pace may cause.

Accuracy: Despite his slow pace, Flash manages to be accurate in his work at the DMV, ensuring that the information on vehicle registrations is correct.

8. Mr. Big

Mr. Big is a powerful and influential character in the film, and his strength is derived from his status and connections:

Criminal Influence: Mr. Big is the feared and respected head of a mafia-like organization in Tundratown. His criminal influence extends throughout the city, making him a formidable figure.

Connections: He has a network of loyal henchmen who carry out his orders, and his connections within the criminal underworld provide him with a significant advantage.

Control of Tundratown: Mr. Big’s control over Tundratown, the icy district of Zootopia, further solidifies his strength and authority.

7. Mrs. Otterton

Mrs. Otterton is a character who plays a significant role in the film due to her connection to the central mystery. Her strength lies in her determination and the impact she has on the plot:

Determination: Despite facing a personal crisis related to her missing husband, she remains determined to find him, driving the investigation forward.

Influence on Judy and Nick: Mrs. Otterton’s plight serves as a catalyst for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde’s involvement in the larger mystery. Her story motivates them to uncover the truth.

Resilience: Her emotional strength and perseverance in the face of adversity inspire those around her to take action.

6. Bellwether

Bellwether is a key character in the film, and her strength lies in her intelligence, manipulation, and role in the story:

Intelligence and Manipulation: Bellwether is the assistant mayor of Zootopia and initially appears as a mild-mannered and helpful character. However, her true strength is her intelligence and cunning. She manipulates events to further her own agenda, ultimately becoming a central antagonist in the story.

Political Power: As assistant mayor, she wields political influence and authority, which she uses to her advantage.

Role in the Plot: Bellwether’s actions drive a significant portion of the plot, and her character serves as an important element in the film’s themes of prejudice and discrimination.

5. Yax

Yax is a laid-back character in “Zootopia” known for his peaceful and carefree nature. His strength is more related to his personality:

Peacefulness and Calm: Yax is the owner of the Mystic Springs Oasis, a naturalist club in Zootopia. His strength is his ability to maintain a peaceful and calm atmosphere in his establishment, which attracts like-minded patrons.

Relaxed Outlook: He represents a relaxed and carefree lifestyle and is unburdened by the stress and worries of city life.

Comedic Relief: Yax’s character provides comic relief in the film with his quirky personality and humorous interactions with other characters.

4. Mayor Lionheart

Mayor Lionheart is a prominent character in the film, and his strength is tied to his leadership and responsibilities as the mayor of Zootopia:

Leadership: As the mayor of Zootopia, Lionheart is responsible for governing the city and making important decisions that affect its residents.

Authority: He holds a position of authority and commands respect among the city’s citizens and officials, making him a powerful figure in Zootopia’s political landscape.

Crisis Management: Mayor Lionheart demonstrates his ability to manage crises, particularly during the outbreak of the savage predator epidemic, which poses a significant challenge to the city.

3. Chief Bogo

Chief Bogo is the head of the Zootopia Police Department and is known for his no-nonsense approach to law enforcement. His strength lies in his leadership and commitment to maintaining order:

Leadership: Chief Bogo is a strong and disciplined leader who expects his officers to adhere to high standards of professionalism and competence.

Dedication to Duty: He is dedicated to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of Zootopia’s residents, which drives his decision-making and actions.

Resilience: Chief Bogo’s resilience is evident in his ability to adapt to challenging situations and maintain order within the city, even when facing difficult circumstances.

2. Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde is a central character in the film, known for his cunning and resourcefulness. His strengths include:

Slyness and Resourcefulness: Nick is a clever and street-smart fox. He excels at thinking on his feet, which helps him navigate the city’s various challenges and hustles.

Wit and Charm: He possesses a quick wit and a charming personality, making him an adept con artist and negotiator.

Good Heart: Underneath his sly exterior, Nick has a good heart and shows kindness and compassion, particularly in his evolving friendship with Judy Hopps.

1. Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is the film’s protagonist and is known for her determination and sense of justice. Her strengths include:

Determination: Judy is determined to become the first bunny police officer in Zootopia and is unwavering in her pursuit of justice.

Intelligence and Resourcefulness: She uses her intelligence and resourcefulness to solve complex mysteries and overcome obstacles throughout the film.

Courage: Judy demonstrates courage and resilience, standing up for what she believes in and challenging stereotypes and prejudices.

Empathy: She shows empathy and a strong sense of morality, advocating for understanding and unity among Zootopia’s diverse animal population.

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