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The Top 15 Amazing Anime Characters Of All Time

Here We Will Show You the Top Amazing Anime Characters Of All Time Some Of them are Anime Movie & Anime Manga I Hope You, Will, Like This

         15-ZEKE JEAGER (Attack On Titan)

ZEKE JEAGER (Attack On Titan)

Zeke Jeager is a much-anticipated character from ATTACK ON TITAN which takes every AOT enthusiastic by shock on his very first appearance.

While being surrounded by a lot of theories and possibilities about this newly introduced character could be he outdid everyone’s expectations, as he came out as one of the key characters of the said series.

In the series he was cast with a unique ability i.e. fans went wild up in witnessing a titan who could talk in his titan form.

While on his mission of euthanization, his childhood is rather sad, as they said was boy deprived of parental love and care because was constantly being pushed to be a perfectionist which was too much for the young boy which lead him to turn his back on his very own parents.

14-Violet evergarden  (violet evergarden)

Violet evergarden  (violet evergarden)

Violet ever garden a name which holds a lot of emotion itself from being a weapon of war to being a passage of expressing their innermost feeling her life takes an abrupt turn when she lost her hands in a deadly war, but it wasn’t only the hands which she lost that day.

Fans fell in love with her slowly and without even realizing it they were present there with her in her every phase and experience of life she continued with her journey towards finding the meaning of love and for that she was desperate enough to go beyond her limits and capabilities.

And so she did.

Extending her wings of curiosity, laced with determined feathers which lead her to not only, find the meaning but recognize her deeply embedded feeling of loving someone.

A girl who was once a weapon of war was now a blooming flower of the spring.

13-Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

-Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

 Satoru Gojo of jujutsu Kaisen instantly become a sensational icon among cosplayers and anime admires.

Despite being one of the most capable and strong casters his goofy nature and puns are cherry on top

Although the anime is quite dark with lots of surprising elements, painful sacrifices, and intense fight scenes Gojo’s humourous yet feisty character serves as a balanced scale, you can’t mistake him as just a goofy fella he can completely transform his auro when necessary his white hairs paired and black blindfold which hid her ocean eyes sent everyone into a frenzy when revealed for the very first time.

A sight of beholding it was.

12-Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman  (Attack On Titan)

You can’t spell AOT without LEVI AKERMAN, showcased as humanity’s strongest soldier LEVI gathered a lot of attention for his awe-mazing fighting for meals every day he finally puts his skills into great use after being acknowledged by survey cops.

Titled as a fidget spinner he instantly caught everyone’s eye with his short height but big events and also for being a tsundere.

All in all he keeps the inside of the walls clean whether it’s from titans of dust.

11-Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Having consumed a cursed object Itadori finds himself in a very unpredictable situation when he discovers a new origin that will be residing in his body.

Yuji Itadori is the MC of the anime (Jujutsu Kaisen) who seems like a normal teenager at first but after consuming Sakuna’s cursed finger he becomes a Sakuna’s existence and as he became an important key towards the ending of Sakuna he must train hard and is placed in various battlefield against the curses of all kind for him to avoid Sakuna to take over his body and mind.

The ending is quite predictable and obvious fans are not ready to witness it.

Although not much has been revealed in the first part and with an awaiting part 2 people have their own speculation about how this is going to end.

10-Miyamura (Horimiya)

Miyamura (Horimiya)

Izumi Miyamura the ML of Horimiya is shown as an alone kid who had a hard time making friends and was often seen alone, not mystically. That was until he met koyoko hori.

He has a completely opposite personality when he’s outside of the school campus.

When he met Kyoko Hori he felt accepted, and accepted for who he really was which made him more comfortable and confident and he instantly fell in love with her both are shown dating and him having a very good relationship with Lori family as well.

They ‘ADORE’ him and he began opening up more in school and gained good friends.

9-Ken kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

An average high school teenage boy who had a crush on a beautiful girl he had ever seen, went on a date with her and that’s when the tragedy happened.

Ken kneki from Tokyo ghoul finds out his date was a ghoul and he was about to end up as a good feast for her before they met with an accident which almost took his life but ‘luck’ partially favor him.

He was saved and had his organ transplanted unknowingly by a ghoul which made him the first half-ghoul to ever exist & he always wore an eye patch to hide his eye and had a hard time accepting himself as a ghoul.

When he owned repelling the ghoul side of him until he finds himself in a very troubled and torturous situation which leads him to finally accept himself and go through a tremendous and very iconic transformation.

When He kept going through character changes throughout the anime but fans were willing to witness the endearing journey all the way long.

8-Yona (Yona of the Dawn)
Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

What you will say about this princess~

She is the titular protagonist of the manga and anime series, Akatsuki no Yona. She’s the crown princess of kouka kingdom.

I think she’s the epitome of how someone can change herself better over time.

Indeed, she was also a bit too naïve and ignorant at times and she’s far from being a good role model at that

After her father’s death, this is something that’s too hard to do especially for her because she had a sheltered, pampered upbringing.s

7-Eren Jeager (Attack On Titan)

Eren Jeager (Attack On Titan)

Belonging to the cast of Attack on Titan, Eren Jeager emerged as one of the most influential characters in Anime history.

Growing up he lost his parents under the terror of titans and as a kid who grew up inside the walls had a vision of the cosmos and a will to achieve freedom, freedom from the walls, and for that, he kept moving forward with the only aim in his mind freedom.

Later as the series advanced towards the end, it was a topic of debate whether he was the protagonist or antagonist.

Truth be told he played both roles and you can determine it depending on your own definition of justice and freedom.

Despite being a topic of debate from being the boy who can’t hold his horses to an absolute manipulator his character represents the development of his character evidently.

He held the knife at an infant age it won’t be that astonishing to witness the upcoming massacre caused by him

6-Anya (spy x family)

Anya (spy x family)

Anya is an adorable character in the Spy x family.

Her pink hair a green eyes paired with a savage grin is worth many sights

Being the smartest one in the orphanage she got adopted by a spy as he created a facade of the perfect normal family.

But it’s not simple as it sounds.

She used a test subject when she was much younger and the test didn’t turn out really helpful even though it gave anyone the superpower of telepathy and was left at an orphanage.

Nonetheless, the way she uses her ability is what is more interesting.

She is really brave and excited to be a part of the spy family and is really fascinated with the fact that she’s so happy to have a family.

5-Tanjiro Kamado (demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro kamado from “ Demon slayer”. He is a young boy who is short for his age with an athletic physique. And he also has a birthmark on the top of his forehead,

Tanjiro is the main protagonist and he’s a member of the demon slayer corps.

When it comes to loving and caring for his family and friends he’s very protective and even more so of his younger sister.

The work of a demon slayer is never done and you know, Tanjiro’s not one to quit so easily, Tanjiro isn’t opposed to asking others for help when he needs it.

4-Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Wizard Howl)

Howl Jenkins Pendragon
Howl from ‘HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE’ is an ideal fantasy character who practically ruled over fans’ hearts.

Howl Jenkins Pendragon is a shapeshifter and a mystic wizard who is very precise about his appearance and beauty and throws tantrums even on the slightest discomfort resulting in him turning into slime. He is so dramatic.

He is known by different titles and he reveals that his power is used to influence the ongoing war, which he isn’t willing to cope with but does it regardless after the queen kidnaps his only love angle Sophie Hatter who plays a crucial role in reviving him back from the near death.

As a kid, He swallowed a fire star before it could hit the earth and thus formed a contract and gave him his heart which might alter his humanitarian beliefs but nonetheless He’s such a sweetheart.



CHIHIRO was a girl moving to a town in Japan with her parents when a short cut way leads them on a rather long trail journey as they discover an abandoned station and began exploring whilst the girl telling them not to, they ignored the warning and got tangled themselves in a mess.

Beyond the station Lied a town that turned into a house of spirits after the sun hides.

Soon she finds herself in a tragic situation after having her parents turned into pigs she must form a contract to stay here and with that, she had to work and pass the test in order to get her parents back to their former form.

As the anime neared the end she passed the test with all determination and handwork, got her parents to return to their original form ensuring a safe return,

While it was a happy ending for the story but the creator left the audience hanging with the question-

“Did Haku and Chihiro ever meet again in the outside world?”

2-Vanitas (The Case Study of Vanitas)


Vanitas from ‘vanitas no carte’ or the case study of vanitas is a human who can heal vampires and help them regain their sanity by retrieving their true name.

Vanitas doesn’t show his weak side much and is not comfortable around people he barely knows and often avoids sleeping in the same room as he trusts no one and spends his time isolated most of the time on a side note he despises both humans and vampires.

Despite being so uninvested in humans and vampires he does take a liking to Jeanne his behavior is flirtatious as well as caring towards her as he enjoys teasing her for every possible thing he can.

Top Anime Vanitas uses the book of vanitas which was written by a vampire named vanitas who was born under a blue moon.

He appears to be a playful young man with his very detailed outfit and a pair of blue eyes which are the most prominent feature of his along with a grin plastered over his face. which often reveal his fine shiny fangs his outfit is well detailed with lots of elements and accessories.

1-Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)

Zero Two

Zero Two from “ Darling in the Franxx” who is first showcased as an assertive, narcissistic, and problematic brat turns out to be the most playful and fun-loving girl who gradually learns how humans behave and is very thoughtful.

Zero Two was born as an artificial human hybrid specially designed to go beyond human limits.

She was born red in color and had fangs and big nails paired with a set of green eyes.

She was given the title of partner killer for having a record of killing all her partners while riding a Franxx, a Franxx is operated by two but having been called so she started riding it alone.

That’s when Hiro came to light and began riding the Franxx with her.

She had a rough childhood and her being an artificial human with pairs of horn on her head weren’t really helping at that time at that time it was Hiro who helped her escape & eventually got caught again but she always remembered him no matter what and throughout the story she referred to him as “DARLING”

She always admired and wanted to feel and live like humans.

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