"Bloodhounds," a Korean Netflix original, delivers exhilarating action and crime drama, though off-screen issues impact the final episodes.

Dr. Romantic 3

In the new season of "Doldam Trauma Centre," Han Suk-kyu's Master Kim assembles a dynamic surgery team for lifesaving emergencies.

Crash Course in Romance

Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho shine in a heartwarming romcom with social commentary, exploring South Korea's competitiveness.

One Day Off

Lee Na-young leads "One Day Off," a delightful travelogue where her teacher character explores Korea, finding joy in spontaneity.

Queen of Mask

"Queen of Masks" proves its consistency and captivating storytelling in the melodrama genre, blending intrigue and entertainment.

The Glory Part 2

"The Glory's" Part 2 offers a cathartic conclusion to its retribution and redemption saga, though it starts slow.


Kim Hee-ae leads as a corporate fixer turned campaign manager in "Queenmaker," delivering engaging electoral drama.

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