Top 10 Strongest Tangled Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Tangled Characters:

10. Ulf (Short Thug)

Comedic Relief: Ulf, despite his intimidating appearance, provides comic relief throughout the film due to his short stature and amusing interactions with other characters.

Loyalty: He is loyal to the Pub Thugs and becomes part of the larger group effort to achieve their dreams, which involves singing and dancing at the Snuggly Duckling.

9. Attila (Big Nose Thug)

Empathy: Attila is one of the more compassionate and emotionally sensitive Pub Thugs. He shows empathy for Rapunzel’s plight and is visibly moved by her story.

Determination: Attila is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a concert pianist, which highlights his commitment to his passions.

Musical Talent: He possesses musical talent and contributes to the musical number “I’ve Got a Dream” by playing the piano, showcasing his artistic strength.

8. Hook Hand Thug (Vladimir)

Artistic Talent: Vladimir is a member of the Pub Thugs and is known for his artistic talent, particularly in playing the piano with his hook hand. He showcases his musical ability during the musical number “I’ve Got a Dream.”

Individuality: Vladimir’s character highlights the idea that even the tough-looking Pub Thugs have their own unique interests and talents beyond their appearances.

Dreams and Aspirations: Like the other Pub Thugs, Vladimir has dreams and aspirations, and he is part of the larger group effort to achieve their dreams, which involves singing and dancing at the Snuggly Duckling.

7. Captain of the Guard (Horse)

Loyalty and Determination: The Captain of the Guard is a loyal and determined character who is dedicated to his duties. He is highly committed to capturing Flynn Rider, who is initially a wanted criminal.

Physical Strength: As a horse, the Captain of the Guard possesses physical strength and agility, which he uses to pursue Flynn Rider and engage in various action sequences.

Character Growth: Throughout the film, the Captain of the Guard experiences character growth as he comes to understand the true nature of Mother Gothel and aligns himself with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

6. The Stabbington Brothers

Antagonistic Duo: The Stabbington Brothers serve as antagonists in the film, initially working with Flynn Rider to steal the lost princess’s crown. However, their alliance with Flynn doesn’t last, and they become his adversaries.

Physical Strength: They are physically strong and skilled in combat, making them formidable opponents in confrontations with other characters.

Motivated by Greed: Their primary motivation is greed and the desire to obtain the crown’s valuable jewels. Their greed leads them into conflict with Flynn and Rapunzel.

5. Pascal (the chameleon)

Loyal Companion: Pascal is Rapunzel’s loyal and supportive companion throughout her journey. He serves as her confidant and friend, even though he doesn’t speak.

Resourcefulness: Pascal demonstrates resourcefulness in helping Rapunzel navigate her environment and overcome various obstacles, often using his small size to their advantage.

Emotional Support: He provides emotional support to Rapunzel during moments of doubt or fear, and his presence reassures her.

Bravery: Despite his small size, Pascal shows bravery by sticking by Rapunzel’s side during perilous situations.

Camouflage: Pascal has the ability to change his color to blend into his surroundings, which is a useful skill when trying to avoid danger.

4. Maximus (the horse)

Loyal Companion: Maximus is a loyal and determined horse who initially serves as the Captain of the Guard’s mount. However, he later becomes a key companion of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on their journey.

Strong and Agile: Maximus is a physically strong and agile horse, known for his exceptional speed and ability to chase down Flynn Rider during the film’s action sequences.

Character Development: Throughout the film, Maximus undergoes character development as he transitions from being a law-enforcing royal horse to forming a bond with Rapunzel and Flynn, ultimately helping them.

3. Mother Gothel

Antagonist: Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of “Tangled.” She is initially presented as Rapunzel’s mother but is revealed to have kidnapped Rapunzel as an infant to harness the magical properties of her hair.

Manipulative: Mother Gothel is highly manipulative and uses psychological tactics to keep Rapunzel isolated in the tower, exploiting her fear of the outside world.

Self-Centered: Her primary motivation is her desire to remain youthful and beautiful by using Rapunzel’s hair. She is willing to go to great lengths to maintain her own well-being, even at the expense of Rapunzel’s freedom.

Singing: Mother Gothel has a memorable musical number, “Mother Knows Best,” where she attempts to dissuade Rapunzel from leaving the tower.

2. Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert)

Main Protagonist: Flynn Rider, whose real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, is one of the film’s main protagonists. He begins as a charming but roguish thief and later becomes a central character in Rapunzel’s journey.

Character Growth: Flynn undergoes significant character development throughout the film. He starts as a self-centered thief but gradually transforms into a more selfless and compassionate individual as he gets to know Rapunzel.

Charming and Witty: Flynn is known for his charm, wit, and quick thinking, which often get him out of tricky situations.

Love Interest: He becomes the love interest and eventual partner of Rapunzel. Their growing relationship is a central element of the story.

1. Rapunzel

Main Protagonist: Rapunzel is the film’s central protagonist. She is a young woman with long, magical hair and a strong desire to explore the outside world.

Innocence and Curiosity: Rapunzel’s character is marked by innocence, curiosity, and a yearning for adventure. She is initially sheltered and isolated in a tower by Mother Gothel.

Strength and Determination: As the story progresses, Rapunzel displays inner strength, determination, and resourcefulness as she navigates the outside world, confronts challenges, and learns about her true identity.

Magical Hair: Her magical hair has healing properties, which play a crucial role in the plot and are sought after by various characters.

Artistic Talent: Rapunzel is also an artist, showcasing her creative talents through her paintings and other forms of expression.

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