100 Facts About Chicken Run You Didn’t Know

List of Chicken Run characters facts:

Chicken Run is a stop-motion animated film released in 2000.

The film was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park.

It is produced by Aardman Animations, the same studio that created Wallace and Gromit.

Chicken Run is the first feature-length film from Aardman Animations.

The movie is set on Tweedy’s Farm, where the chickens are trapped and need to find a way to escape.

The main character is Ginger, a determined and resourceful chicken who is always planning escape attempts.

The film is a parody of prison escape movies like “The Great Escape.”

The chickens in the film are all named after various food items, such as Babs, Bunty, and Mac.

The villain of the film is Mrs. Tweedy, the owner of the farm, who wants to turn the chickens into chicken pies.

Mrs. Tweedy is voiced by Miranda Richardson.

Ginger is voiced by Julia Sawalha, who is known for her role as Saffron in the British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous.”

The male lead character, Rocky, a rooster who claims to be able to fly, is voiced by Mel Gibson.

Chicken Run was a critical and commercial success, earning over $225 million worldwide.

The film received positive reviews for its animation, humor, and clever storytelling.

Chicken Run was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, although it did not win.

The film was made using stop-motion animation techniques, with each frame of the film being a separate model or puppet.

It took a team of animators almost two years to complete the film.

Chicken Run was Aardman Animations’ first collaboration with DreamWorks Animation.

The film features a variety of memorable supporting characters, including a pair of rats named Nick and Fetcher.

The score for Chicken Run was composed by John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams.

The film’s theme song, “Flip, Flop, and Fly,” is performed by the Blues Brothers.

Chicken Run has become a cult classic and is often regarded as one of the best animated films of all time.

A sequel to Chicken Run, titled “Chicken Run: The Great Escape,” was announced in 2018.

The sequel is set to be produced by Netflix and Aardman Animations.

Chicken Run was the highest-grossing stop-motion animated film until 2019 when it was surpassed by “Missing Link.”

The film’s animation style pays homage to the works of Nick Park, particularly his Wallace and Gromit series.

Chicken Run was Aardman Animations’ first feature film to be entirely produced in the United States.

The film features a mix of comedy, adventure, and suspense, making it enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

Chicken Run has inspired several video games based on the film.

The movie’s success led to the creation of additional Aardman Animations feature films, such as “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and “Arthur Christmas.”

Ginger: The determined and resourceful main character of Chicken Run, Ginger is a courageous chicken who constantly plans escape attempts. She is voiced by Julia Sawalha.

Rocky Rhodes: A rooster who claims to be able to fly, Rocky becomes a hero figure for the chickens on the farm. He is voiced by Mel Gibson.

Mrs. Tweedy: The main antagonist of the film, Mrs. Tweedy is the owner of the farm and is determined to turn the chickens into chicken pies. She is voiced by Miranda Richardson.

Mr. Tweedy: Mrs. Tweedy’s husband, Mr. Tweedy is initially unaware of his wife’s sinister plans. He is voiced by Tony Haygarth.

Babs: One of the chickens on the farm, Babs is known for her quirky and lovable personality. She is voiced by Jane Horrocks.

Bunty: A no-nonsense chicken and Ginger’s best friend, Bunty is often the voice of reason. She is voiced by Imelda Staunton.

Mac: An inventive and talented Scottish chicken, Mac is known for his engineering skills. He is voiced by Lynn Ferguson.

Fowler: An elderly rooster who often tells stories of his past military experiences, Fowler is voiced by Benjamin Whitrow.

Nick and Fetcher: A mischievous duo of rats, Nick and Fetcher are always looking for an opportunity to benefit themselves. They are voiced by Timothy Spall and Phil Daniels, respectively.

Rocky’s owner: A circus owner, Rocky’s owner initially exploits him for profit before Rocky ends up on the farm.

The Chickens: Various other chickens on the farm, each with their own distinct personalities and quirks, contribute to the camaraderie among the group.

The Hens: The hens are responsible for laying eggs on the farm and play a supportive role in the chickens’ escape plans.

The Chicks: Adorable and vulnerable, the chicks represent the future generation of chickens on the farm.

The Cockerels: Young roosters who are eager to prove themselves, the cockerels add energy and enthusiasm to the story.

The Dog: A loyal and vigilant guard dog who patrols the farm, the dog poses a constant threat to the chickens’ escape attempts.

The Pie Machine: A menacing contraption designed by Mrs. Tweedy, the pie machine is used to turn chickens into pies.

The Circus Animals: Various circus animals, such as seals and rabbits, play a small but memorable role in the film.

The Rat Brigade: A group of rats that assist Ginger and the chickens in their escape plans by providing tools and information.

The Pigs: The farm also has a few pigs, who add comic relief and interact with the chickens throughout the film.

The Farmer: Though rarely seen, the farmer owns the farm and is oblivious to the events unfolding among the chickens.

The Board of Chickens: A group of wise and influential chickens, the board assists Ginger in formulating their escape plans.

The Sheep: A flock of sheep on the farm provide occasional comedic moments and interact with the chickens.

The Mice: Small and agile, the mice offer their assistance to Ginger and the chickens.

The Turkeys: A group of turkeys living on the farm, they have a brief appearance and interact with the chickens.

The Geese: The geese play a minor role, offering their support and guidance to the chickens during their escape attempts.

The Ducks: A pair of ducks make a cameo appearance, adding a touch of humor to the story.

The Rabbits: A few rabbits can be seen hopping around on the farm, adding to the farm’s overall atmosphere.

The Bees: A hive of bees on the farm plays a small but memorable role in one of the escape attempts.

The Pigeons: A flock of pigeons serves as messengers for Ginger and the chickens, relaying important information.

The Worms: A group of worms living in the ground on the farm adds a humorous touch to certain scenes.

The Rat Leaders: A trio of authoritative rats who lead the rat brigade and assist Ginger and the chickens in their escape plans.

Fowler’s War Comrades: In Fowler’s stories, he mentions his war comrades who fought alongside him in various military missions.

The Farmhands: Unseen characters, the farmhands work on the farm and contribute to the chickens’ challenges and opportunities.

The Salesman: A traveling salesman who initially buys Rocky from the circus and brings him to the farm.

The Gatekeeper: The grumpy gatekeeper at the circus who prevents Ginger and Rocky from leaving initially.

The Circus Performers: Various circus performers, such as clowns and acrobats, are seen during Rocky’s time in the circus.

The Chick Magnets: Two chickens who try to flirt with Rocky when he first arrives on the farm.

The Feathered and Furry Friends: The chickens interact with various other animals on the farm, including ducks, cows, and pigs.

The Chorus Line: A group of chickens who perform a musical number during one of Ginger’s escape plans.

The Goose Squad: A group of geese who assist Ginger and the chickens by providing distraction during their escape attempts.

The Underground Network: An underground network of mice, moles, and other small creatures that help Ginger and the chickens gather supplies and information.

The Farm Cat: A mischievous cat who occasionally poses a threat to the chickens and their plans.

The Auctioneer: The person who conducts the auction at the circus where Rocky is sold to the highest bidder.

The TV News Anchor: Seen on a television set in one scene, the news anchor reports on the chickens’ escape attempts.

The Farmers’ Wives: Mrs. Tweedy and the other farmers’ wives are briefly mentioned in the film.

The Mysterious Farmer’s Son: A mysterious figure mentioned by Mr. Tweedy, who supposedly knows how to fix the pie machine.

The Circus Manager: The manager of the circus who interacts with Rocky and oversees the performances.

The Judge: A judge who presides over a courtroom scene during the climax of the film.

The Cooks: Workers in Mrs. Tweedy’s kitchen who help prepare the ingredients for the chicken pies.

The Chicken Pie Customers: Unseen characters, the customers who purchase the chicken pies play a role in the chickens’ ultimate goal of escaping their fate.

The Feather Duster: A small and timid chicken who often seeks protection and support from Ginger and the other chickens.

The Nest Builders: A group of chickens responsible for building and maintaining the nests where the eggs are laid.

The Scavengers: A flock of seagulls that scavenge for food and occasionally cause trouble for the chickens on the farm.

The All-Knowing Owl: An owl who resides on the farm and provides wisdom and advice to Ginger and the chickens.

The Quails: A family of quails who live on the farm and have a friendly relationship with the chickens.

The Chasing Crows: A group of crows who often chase and torment the chickens on the farm.

The Field Mice: Small mice who reside in the fields and assist Ginger and the chickens in various ways.

The Egg Inspectors: Workers responsible for inspecting and collecting eggs on the farm.

The Egg Chicks: Adorable baby chicks that hatch from the eggs and add a touch of cuteness to the farm.

The Peacock: A proud and flamboyant peacock who struts around the farm, occasionally interacting with the chickens.

The Ducklings: A group of playful ducklings who reside in the farm’s pond and befriend some of the chickens.

The Sniffer Dogs: Specially trained dogs used by Mrs. Tweedy to search for any escaped chickens.

The Stable Horses: Horses that reside in the farm’s stable, providing transportation and occasional comedic moments.

The Farmer’s Daughters: Unseen characters, the farmer’s daughters are mentioned by Mr. Tweedy in passing.

The Veterinary Surgeon: A veterinarian who visits the farm to provide medical care for the animals.

The Scheming Chickens: A group of chickens known for their cunning and ability to devise creative plans.

The Wise Old Hen: An elderly hen who acts as a mentor to Ginger, providing guidance and support.

The Fluffy Chicks: A group of adorable and fluffy baby chicks that often bring joy and cheer to the chickens.

The Stowaway Mice: Mischievous mice that occasionally hide in the chickens’ escape contraptions and cause havoc.

The Beady-Eyed Chickens: Chickens with distinctive beady eyes, known for their keen observation skills and ability to spot danger.

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