50 Adventure Time Easter Eggs That You Didn’t Notice

List of Adventure Time Easter Eggs:

Marceline’s Guitar: In various episodes, you can spot Marceline’s iconic red guitar hanging on the wall of her house.

Fiona and Cake: Fiona and Cake are gender-swapped versions of Finn and Jake who appear in several episodes. They are a nod to fan fiction and alternate universe stories.

The Ice King’s Crown: The Ice King’s crown is a recurring item in the series. It has magical powers and is linked to the character’s backstory.

Lumpy Space Princess’s Quote: Lumpy Space Princess often says, “Oh my glob!” This catchphrase has become a fan-favorite reference from the show.

BMO’s Hidden Games: BMO, the adorable living video game console, has hidden games within the show. Keep an eye out for references to classic video games.

Snail Camouflage: The Adventure Time snail can be found hidden in various episodes. It’s often camouflaged within the scenery.

Princess Bubblegum’s Lab: Princess Bubblegum’s lab is filled with references to science and chemistry. Look out for formulas and equations on the chalkboards.

The Enchiridion: The Enchiridion is a book that holds great power. It appears throughout the series and plays a crucial role in Finn’s adventures.

Finn’s Grass Sword: Finn’s grass sword is a magical weapon that grows from his arm. It is a reference to the Green Lantern’s power ring.

Lemongrab’s Catchphrase: Lemongrab, a quirky character, often exclaims, “Unacceptable!” This has become one of his signature catchphrases.

Marceline’s T-shirt Collection: Marceline is often seen wearing different T-shirts with band names. Many of these bands are references to real-world bands.

The Cosmic Owl: The Cosmic Owl is a character associated with dreams and premonitions. Keep an eye out for his appearances, as they often foreshadow important events.

Susan Strong’s Origins: Susan Strong, a mysterious character, hints at being a human from the past. Her backstory is filled with references to post-apocalyptic worlds.

The Crystal Citadel: The Crystal Citadel is a location in the Land of Ooo. Its design is reminiscent of the Crystal Palace from Final Fantasy.

The Lich’s Catchphrase: The Lich, one of the show’s main villains, often says, “Fall. Crawl. Conquer. Crown.” This phrase is a chilling reminder of his intentions.

Finn’s Green Backpack: Finn’s trusty green backpack has a face and occasionally interacts with him. It’s a subtle reference to Dora the Explorer’s backpack.

Princess Bubblegum’s Gum People: Princess Bubblegum creates and rules over the Candy Kingdom, populated by various gum people. Their designs often resemble candy.

Jake’s Stretchy Powers: Jake the dog has the ability to stretch and change his shape. His stretching often mirrors the art style of Salvador Dalí, a famous surrealist painter.

The Demon Blood Sword: The Demon Blood Sword is a powerful weapon that Finn acquires. It shares similarities with the cursed swords from various fantasy stories.

The Great Mushroom War: Adventure Time takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after the Great Mushroom War. References to this catastrophic event can be found throughout the show.

Flame Princess’s Elemental Powers: Flame Princess, Finn’s love interest, controls fire. Her powers and appearance are inspired by the elemental creatures in Studio Ghibli’s “Princess Mononoke.”

The Earl of Lemongrab’s Castle: The Earl of Lemongrab’s castle resembles an Escher painting, with its bizarre architecture and impossible geometry.

Choose Goose’s Catchphrase: Choose Goose, a recurring character, often says, “Sword to meet you!” as a play on the phrase “Nice to meet you.”

Magic Man’s Tricks: Magic Man, a chaotic character, performs various magic tricks throughout the series. These tricks often have unexpected consequences.

Jake’s Love for Stretching: Jake’s love for stretching and adventure is a reference to the phrase “reach for the stars” and encourages viewers to explore their boundaries.

The Banana Guard: The Banana Guard is a group of banana-shaped guards who protect the Candy Kingdom. They have a similar design to the Minions from the “Despicable Me” franchise.

The Mushroom Bomb: The Mushroom Bomb is a significant symbol in the show, representing the destructive force that led to the post-apocalyptic world of Adventure Time.

Finn’s Bear Hat: Finn often wears a bear hat, which resembles the hat worn by the character Björn, from the Swedish band “Peter Björn and John.”

The Rainicorn Language: Lady Rainicorn speaks a language called “Rainicornian.” The dialogue is sometimes subtitled in the show, revealing humorous and often awkward translations.

The Land of Ooo: The entire Land of Ooo, with its unique and whimsical geography, is itself an Easter egg. It’s a fantastical world inspired by a mix of various elements, creating a one-of-a-kind setting for Adventure Time.

The Snail’s Different Colors: The Adventure Time snail appears in different colors in certain episodes. Keep an eye out for variations like pink, blue, or purple.

Jake’s Rainicorn Puppies: In “Jake the Dad,” Jake and Lady Rainicorn have puppies that represent a mix of their species. Each puppy has unique abilities and appearances.

The Cosmic Dance of the Party God: The Party God’s dance moves during the Cosmic Dance Party in “Donny” are a reference to the “Carlton Dance” popularized by actor Alfonso Ribeiro in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Finn and Jake’s Tree Fort Decorations: Finn and Jake’s tree fort is filled with various decorations and objects from different episodes. These include items like a wizard’s staff, a picture of Princess Bubblegum, and more.

The Squirrel’s Secret Room: In the episode “Up a Tree,” a squirrel named Samantha has a secret room hidden behind a painting. Inside the room are various treasures and a message from creator Pendleton Ward.

The Graybles: The episode “Graybles 1000+” features a collection of short stories set in different time periods of Ooo’s future. Each story is a “grayble,” a nod to the term “parable.”

Marceline’s Closet: Marceline’s closet in her house contains several items that reference other Cartoon Network shows, such as Finn’s hat from “Adventure Time,” Garnet’s shades from “Steven Universe,” and the Powerpuff Girls’ dresses.

Finn’s Farmworld Arm: In the “Finn the Human” and “Jake the Dog” episodes, Finn loses his arm and replaces it with a robotic one. This is a reference to the alternate universe of Farmworld Finn.

The Candy Elemental: In “Elemental,” the Candy Elemental manifests as a giant creature made of different candy. Its design is inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away,” specifically the character No-Face.

Snail Poop: In “The Enchiridion!,” Finn and Jake use snail poop as fuel for the sled they ride. This is a subtle reference to the recurring Adventure Time snail.

The Guardian’s Lair: In the episode “Islands,” Finn and Jake discover the Guardian’s lair, which contains numerous ancient artifacts and nods to other Cartoon Network shows like “Samurai Jack” and “Dexter’s Laboratory.”

Banana Man’s Design: Banana Man’s appearance is a reference to the character Moebius from Jean Giraud’s comic book series. The distinctive helmet and suit reflect Moebius’ art style.

The Psychic Tandem War Elephant: The Psychic Tandem War Elephant, introduced in “The Limit,” is a reference to the elephant-headed god Ganesha from Hindu mythology.

Cosmic Owl’s Feathers: The Cosmic Owl’s feathers are black with white spots, similar to the design of the famous polka-dot dress worn by Marilyn Monroe.

The Pillow World: In the episode “Puhoy,” Finn enters a dream-like world where everything is made of pillows. This is a reference to the book “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott Abbott, which explores different dimensions.

The Gender-Swapped Universe’s Lich: In the “Fionna and Cake” episode “Bad Little Boy,” the gender-swapped version of the Lich appears as the Ice Queen’s companion. This is a clever twist on the character.

Me-Mow’s Disguise: Me-Mow, the assassin cat, disguises herself as a cute little girl to infiltrate Finn and Jake’s lives. Her design resembles the character Boo from the film “Monsters, Inc.”

BMO’s Origins: In “Be More,” BMO’s backstory is revealed, showing how it was created in a factory. The design and manufacturing process are reminiscent of early video game consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The Gumball Guardians: The Gumball Guardians, towering structures that protect the Candy Kingdom, bear a resemblance to the Gumball Machine from the animated series “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

The Hierophant: In “Wizards Only, Fools,” the Hierophant is a character who guards a magic academy. The Hierophant’s design is inspired by the character Jareth, played by David Bowie in the movie “Labyrinth.”

Susan Strong’s Name: The name “Susan Strong” is a play on words, combining “Suzanne Vega” (an American singer-songwriter) and “Strong Female Character” (a term often used in media analysis).

The Pillow People: In “Puhoy,” Finn encounters sentient pillow people who resemble the characters from the iconic animated series “The Simpsons.”

The Nightosphere Amulet: The Nightosphere Amulet, worn by Marceline’s father Hunson Abadeer, resembles the Eye of Agamotto from Marvel’s Doctor Strange comics.

James Baxter the Horse: James Baxter, the horse known for his incredible ability to make people happy, is a nod to the real-life animator James Baxter, who worked on various animated films.

The Lich’s Skull Symbol: The Lich’s skull symbol is similar to the skull symbol associated with the band the Misfits, a punk rock group formed in the late 1970s.

Finn’s Bear Claw Necklace: Finn’s bear claw necklace is reminiscent of the necklace worn by the character Tom Cruise played in the film “Interview with the Vampire.”

Peppermint Butler’s Dark Side: Peppermint Butler, despite his seemingly innocent and polite demeanor, has a dark side and is associated with dark magic. This is a playful twist on his character.

The Demon Cat: In “The Creeps,” the Demon Cat makes an appearance, which resembles the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

The Lemon Hope Song: In the episode “Lemonhope,” the song sung by Lemon Hope bears a resemblance to John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

The Grayble Guardians: The four Grayble Guardians featured in “Graybles 1000+” resemble characters from the arcade game “Gauntlet.”

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