Top 10 Best Trolls Characters

List of Top 10 Best Trolls Characters:

10. Creek

Former Friend turned Antagonist: Creek starts as a friend to Poppy and the other Trolls but later betrays them to save himself.

Manipulative and Self-serving: Creek is manipulative and self-serving, prioritizing his own survival over the well-being of others.

Voice of Russell Brand: Creek is voiced by actor and comedian Russell Brand, who brings a blend of charm and deceitfulness to the character.

9. Satin and Chenille (the Fashion Twins)

Fashionable Trolls: Satin and Chenille are stylish and fashionable Trolls known for their love of fashion and design.

Identical Twins: Satin and Chenille are identical twins who often coordinate their outfits and work together on their fashion creations.

Voices of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt: Satin and Chenille are voiced by Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, respectively, who are members of the Swedish pop duo Icona Pop.

8. Guy Diamond

Glitter Troll: Guy Diamond is a sparkling and glittery Troll known for his vibrant personality and love of partying.

Unpredictable Behavior: Guy Diamond’s unpredictable behavior often adds excitement and spontaneity to the Trolls’ adventures.

Voice of Kunal Nayyar: Guy Diamond is voiced by actor Kunal Nayyar, whose energetic performance captures the character’s exuberance.

7. Cooper

Gentle Giant: Cooper is a large, purple, and fuzzy Troll known for his friendly and gentle nature.

Unusual Appearance: Cooper stands out with his unique appearance, including his long neck, four arms, and distinctive hair.

Voice of Ron Funches: Cooper is voiced by comedian Ron Funches, whose cheerful and laid-back performance adds to the character’s charm.

6. Biggie

Large and Lovable Troll: Biggie is a large and lovable Troll with a heart of gold, known for his gentle demeanor and caring nature.

Best Friend of Mr. Dinkles: Biggie is often seen with his pet worm, Mr. Dinkles, whom he cherishes and protects.

Voice of James Corden: Biggie is voiced by actor and comedian James Corden, whose warm and humorous performance adds charm to the character.

5. DJ Suki

Talented DJ: DJ Suki is a talented and vibrant DJ Troll known for her skills in mixing music and creating beats.

Supportive Friend: DJ Suki is a supportive friend to Poppy and the other Trolls, often providing encouragement and assistance during their adventures.

Voice of Gwen Stefani: DJ Suki is voiced by singer and actress Gwen Stefani, whose energetic performance brings life to the character.

4. King Peppy

Former King of the Pop Trolls: King Peppy is the former ruler of the Pop Trolls and the father of Princess Poppy.

Brave and Wise: King Peppy is depicted as brave and wise, having led the Pop Trolls in a rebellion against the Bergens, saving them from being eaten.

Voice of Jeffrey Tambor: King Peppy is voiced by actor Jeffrey Tambor in the first “Trolls” film.

3. Queen Barb

Rock Troll Leader: Queen Barb is the ambitious and determined leader of the Hard Rock Trolls, who seeks to unite all Troll tribes under rock music.

Antagonist: Queen Barb serves as the main antagonist of “Trolls World Tour,” challenging Poppy and Branch’s beliefs about the importance of diversity and individuality.

Voice of Rachel Bloom: Queen Barb is voiced by actress and singer Rachel Bloom, who brings fierceness and intensity to the character with her performance.

2. Branch

Cynical and Pragmatic: Branch is a cautious and pragmatic Troll who initially opposes Poppy’s positive outlook on life, believing it puts them in danger.

Gray Troll: Branch is visually distinct with his gray skin and somber demeanor, reflecting his more reserved personality.

Voice of Justin Timberlake: Branch is voiced by singer and actor Justin Timberlake, who brings depth and emotion to the character.

1. Poppy

Optimistic Leader: Poppy is the upbeat and optimistic leader of the Pop Trolls, known for her cheerful personality and determination to spread happiness.

Pink Troll: Poppy is characterized by her pink hair and colorful attire, reflecting her vibrant and lively nature.

Voice of Anna Kendrick: Poppy is voiced by actress Anna Kendrick, who brings energy and charm to the character with her performance.

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