Top 10 Best Home Characters

List of Top 10 Best Home Characters:

10. Boovs

Alien Species: The Boovs are a race of alien creatures who invade Earth in search of a new home. They are known for their advanced technology and their habit of running away from danger.

Varied Personalities: The Boovs exhibit a wide range of personalities, from timid and cowardly to confident and adventurous.

Cultural Differences: Throughout the film, Tip and Oh learn about the cultural differences between humans and Boovs, leading to misunderstandings and humorous interactions.

Voices of Various Actors: The Boovs are voiced by various actors, including Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez, among others, each bringing their unique flair to the characters.

9. Pig’s Mom

Pig’s Mother: Pig’s Mom is a character who appears briefly in the film, serving as the mother of Pig, an unusual companion who joins Tip and Oh on their journey.

Protective and Caring: Pig’s Mom is depicted as protective and caring towards her son, ensuring his safety and well-being.

Supportive of Tip and Oh: Pig’s Mom also shows kindness and support towards Tip and Oh, welcoming them into her home and providing assistance during their time together.

8. Sharzod

Boov Character: Sharzod is a member of the Boov alien species, known for their distinctive color-changing abilities and their penchant for running away from danger.

Friend and Ally: Sharzod becomes a friend and ally to Tip during her journey, providing assistance and support as they navigate the challenges they encounter.

Quirky and Loyal: Sharzod is depicted as quirky and loyal, with a strong sense of friendship and camaraderie towards Tip and their other companions.

Voice of April Lawrence: Sharzod is voiced by actress April Lawrence, who brings humor and warmth to the character.

7. Gratuity “Tip” Tucci

Main Protagonist: Gratuity “Tip” Tucci is the main protagonist of the film. She is a resourceful and determined young girl who embarks on a journey to find her mother after Earth is invaded by the Boov aliens.

Strong-Willed and Independent: Tip is depicted as strong-willed and independent, using her intelligence and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and survive in a world turned upside down.

Emotionally Resilient: Despite facing numerous challenges, Tip remains emotionally resilient and maintains hope of reuniting with her mother.

Voice of Rihanna: Tip is voiced by singer-songwriter Rihanna, whose performance brings depth and strength to the character.

6. Pig

Unusual Companion: Pig is an unusual character in the film, serving as a companion to Oh and Tip on their journey.

Friendly and Playful: Pig is depicted as friendly and playful, providing comic relief and moments of levity during the film’s more intense scenes.

Unpredictable: Pig’s behavior can be unpredictable at times, adding an element of surprise to the story.

Symbol of Friendship: Pig represents the unlikely friendships that form between characters from different backgrounds and species throughout the film.

5. Kyle (Oh’s pet)

Oh’s Pet: Kyle is a large and intimidating alien creature who serves as Oh’s loyal pet and companion.

Fierce and Protective: Despite his intimidating appearance, Kyle is fiercely protective of Oh and forms a strong bond with him throughout the film.

Loyal and Dependable: Kyle is depicted as loyal and dependable, often using his strength and abilities to assist Oh and the other characters in their adventures.

Voice of Matt Jones: Kyle is voiced by actor Matt Jones, who brings depth and humor to the character.

4. Lucy Tucci

Tip’s Mother: Lucy Tucci is the mother of Tip Tucci, one of the main protagonists of the film.

Determined and Resourceful: Lucy is depicted as determined and resourceful, taking action to protect her daughter and survive in the face of Earth’s invasion by the Boov.

Love for Her Daughter: Lucy’s love for her daughter is a driving force in the film, motivating her to search for Tip and ensure her safety.

Voice of Jennifer Lopez: Lucy is voiced by actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who brings warmth and strength to the character.

3. Captain Smek

Leader of the Boov: Captain Smek is the pompous and self-centered leader of the Boov alien species, known for his grandiose speeches and questionable leadership decisions.

Arrogant and Foolish: Smek is depicted as arrogant and foolish, often making decisions that endanger his own people and exacerbate their problems.

Comic Relief: Captain Smek provides comic relief in the film with his exaggerated mannerisms and absurd behavior, serving as a foil to the more sympathetic characters.

Voice of Steve Martin: Captain Smek is voiced by actor Steve Martin, whose comedic talents bring humor and charisma to the character.

2. Tip Tucci

Human Protagonist: Tip Tucci is a young human girl who becomes one of the main protagonists of the film “Home.”

Resourceful and Determined: Tip is resourceful and determined, using her wits and creativity to survive and navigate the challenges she faces after Earth is invaded by the Boov.

Emotionally Resilient: Despite the hardships she experiences, Tip remains emotionally resilient, maintaining hope and determination to reunite with her mother.

Voice of Rihanna: Tip is voiced by singer-songwriter Rihanna, whose performance adds depth and strength to the character.

1. Oh

Boov Alien: Oh is a member of the Boov alien species, known for their penchant for running away from danger and their love of convenience.

Misfit and Outcast: Oh is considered a misfit among the Boov community due to his unconventional behavior and tendency to make mistakes.

Friendly and Energetic: Oh is depicted as friendly, energetic, and optimistic, with a desire to make friends and find his place in the world.

Voice of Jim Parsons: Oh is voiced by actor Jim Parsons, whose performance brings humor and warmth to the character.

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