100 Facts About SpongeBob SquarePants That You Didn’t Know

List of SpongeBob SquarePants facts:-

SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by Stephen Hillenburg.

The show premiered on May 1, 1999, and has since aired over 250 episodes.

SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple under the sea in the fictional city of Bikini Bottom.

The show has won four Emmy Awards and has been nominated for 15.

SpongeBob SquarePants is voiced by actor Tom Kenny, who has been voicing the character since the show’s inception.

SpongeBob’s best friend is a starfish named Patrick Star.

The character Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel who lives in a treedome in Bikini Bottom.

The show’s main antagonist is a greedy and selfish restaurant owner named Eugene H. Krabs.

SpongeBob’s neighbor is Squidward Tentacles, an ill-tempered octopus who is often annoyed by SpongeBob’s antics.

The show has been translated into more than 50 languages.

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most popular and successful children’s television shows of all time.

SpongeBob’s favorite pastime is jellyfishing, which involves catching jellyfish with a net.

The show has spawned numerous merchandise, including toys, video games, and clothing.

SpongeBob SquarePants has become a cultural phenomenon, with references to the show appearing in movies, television, and music.

The show has also inspired a Broadway musical, which premiered in 2017.

The show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, was a marine biologist before becoming an animator.

The character Plankton, who is always trying to steal the Krusty Krab’s secret formula, is based on Hillenburg’s former mentor, Dr. William Schmied.

The show’s theme song, “SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song,” was written by Hillenburg and Mark Harrison.

The show’s characters have appeared in various parades, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

SpongeBob SquarePants was originally intended for an adult audience, but was later retooled for children.

The show has been criticized for its use of crude humor, but is generally well-regarded by critics and audiences.

The character Gary, SpongeBob’s pet snail, meows like a cat.

The show’s title character is based on a kitchen sponge.

The character Mermaid Man, a retired superhero, is voiced by the late actor Ernest Borgnine.

The show’s Christmas special, “Christmas Who?”, premiered in 2000 and has since become a holiday classic.

The show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, passed away in 2018 due to complications from ALS.

The show’s characters have made cameo appearances in other Nickelodeon shows, including “Fairly OddParents” and “The Loud House.”

The show has a spin-off series, “Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years,” which premiered in 2021.

SpongeBob SquarePants has its own theme park, “SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue,” at various locations around the world.

The show has been praised for its positive messages about friendship, perseverance, and optimism.

SpongeBob SquarePants is the main character of the show, and he is a yellow kitchen sponge with a love for life and a positive attitude.

Patrick Star is SpongeBob’s best friend, and he is a pink starfish who is often portrayed as being somewhat dim-witted.

Squidward Tentacles is SpongeBob’s neighbor, and he is an ill-tempered octopus who is often annoyed by SpongeBob’s antics.

Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel who lives in a treedome in Bikini Bottom, and she is an expert in karate and science.

Eugene H. Krabs is the greedy and selfish owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant, and he is constantly trying to make more money.

Sheldon J. Plankton is a tiny but clever villain who runs a rival restaurant to the Krusty Krab, and he is always trying to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula.

Gary is SpongeBob’s pet snail, and he communicates by meowing like a cat.

Pearl Krabs is Mr. Krabs’ teenage daughter, and she is a whale who is very different from her father in personality and interests.

Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob’s boating school instructor, and she is a pufferfish who is constantly stressed out by SpongeBob’s driving.

Larry the Lobster is a bodybuilder and lifeguard who is often seen working out at Goo Lagoon.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are retired superheroes who are very popular in Bikini Bottom.

Bubble Bass is a recurring character who is known for being very picky and demanding when it comes to food.

Karen is Plankton’s computer wife, who helps him with his various schemes to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

King Neptune is the ruler of the sea, and he is often portrayed as being very powerful but also very temperamental.

Man Ray is a villain who is known for his ability to control and manipulate objects with his mind.

Flying Dutchman is a ghost pirate who haunts the sea and is often portrayed as being very intimidating.

Patchy the Pirate is a live-action character who hosts various SpongeBob specials and episodes.

Sandy’s bosses, Dr. Marmalade and Professor Percy, are two scientists who often visit her treedome to conduct experiments.

Old Man Jenkins is a recurring character who is known for his many jobs and his forgetfulness.

Squilliam Fancyson is Squidward’s wealthy and successful rival, who is often portrayed as being very arrogant.

The Tattletale Strangler is a criminal who is known for tattling on others and then strangling them.

The Hash-Slinging Slasher is a legendary ghost who haunts the Krusty Krab at night.

The Dirty Bubble is a supervillain who is made of soap suds and is often portrayed as being very dirty.

The Bubble Buddy is a sentient bubble who becomes SpongeBob’s friend.

The Jellien Leader is a villain who is made of jelly and tries to take over Bikini Bottom.

The Sea Bear is a dangerous creature who is attracted to various smells and sounds.

The Alaskan Bull Worm is a giant worm that terrorizes Bikini Bottom.

The Moth is a moth that plagues Squidward in the episode “SquidBob TentaclePants.”

The Giant Clam is a large clam that eats Bikini Bottom’s citizens in the episode “Rock Bottom.”

Sandy’s treedome is filled with air, which allows her to survive outside of the ocean.

Patrick’s last name is Star, which means that his full name is Patrick Star.

Squidward has a love for music and often plays the clarinet, although he is not very good at it.

Mr. Krabs’ first name is Eugene.

Plankton’s full name is Sheldon James Plankton.

Gary has a large collection of snail toys and enjoys playing with them.

Pearl is often embarrassed by her father’s cheap behavior and lack of style.

Mrs. Puff has a tendency to inflate like a balloon when she gets nervous or stressed out.

Mermaid Man is known for his catchphrase, “Eeeevillll!”

Barnacle Boy is often portrayed as being the sidekick to Mermaid Man.

Bubble Bass is known for his love of pickles and ketchup, and his dislike of onions.

Karen has a robotic voice and is often sarcastic towards Plankton.

King Neptune’s trident is a powerful weapon that can control the seas.

Man Ray is a recurring villain who is often thwarted by SpongeBob and his friends.

The Flying Dutchman is afraid of ghosts, which is ironic given that he is a ghost himself.

Patchy the Pirate is a fan of SpongeBob and often appears in episodes as a narrator or commentator.

Squilliam Fancyson is often shown wearing a monocle and a top hat.

The Tattletale Strangler is voiced by Thomas F. Wilson, who played Biff in the Back to the Future movies.

The Hash-Slinging Slasher is revealed to be just a scary story told by Squidward to scare SpongeBob.

The Dirty Bubble’s weakness is soap, which causes him to dissolve.

The Bubble Buddy is created by SpongeBob and becomes his friend, although he eventually pops.

The Jellien Leader is defeated when SpongeBob and his friends realize that they are immune to his hypnotic powers.

The Sea Bear is afraid of the sound of a horn, which saves SpongeBob and his friends from being attacked.

The Alaskan Bull Worm is defeated when SpongeBob and Sandy trick it into biting its own tail.

The Moth is defeated when SpongeBob and Squidward combine into a hybrid creature called SquidBob TentaclePants.

The Giant Clam is defeated when SpongeBob and Patrick trick it into eating a fake pearl.

The Cyclops is defeated when SpongeBob and his friends trick it into falling into a volcano.

Larry the Lobster’s catchphrase is “I don’t do tears.”

Sandy’s karate skills are often used to defend Bikini Bottom from various threats.

Patrick is often portrayed as being lazy and carefree, but he has a heart of gold and will do anything to help his friends.

SpongeBob’s pet snail Gary has a meowing sound effect that was created by rubbing a wet finger over the surface of a snare drum.

In the episode “Wormy,” the butterfly that terrorizes Bikini Bottom is actually a real butterfly that was enlarged using special effects.

The characters of SpongeBob SquarePants have been parodied on various other TV shows, including The Simpsons and Family Guy.

The show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, was a marine biologist before he became an animator.

SpongeBob SquarePants was the first Nickelodeon cartoon to ever receive a full-length movie.

The town of Bikini Bottom is located in the Pacific Ocean, beneath the real-life Bikini Atoll.

SpongeBob SquarePants has been translated into more than 60 languages.

The show’s theme song was composed by Blaise Smith, who also wrote the music for Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.

In the episode “Rock Bottom,” SpongeBob and Patrick are stranded in a strange underwater town where everyone speaks a garbled version of English called “Blargen.”

The Krusty Krab restaurant is based on a real-life fast food chain called the Krusty Burger, which appeared in The Simpsons.

The character of Plankton was inspired by a real-life planktonic copepod that Hillenburg saw under a microscope while he was studying marine biology.

The character of Sandy Cheeks was originally intended to be a male character, but Hillenburg decided to change the gender after realizing that the show needed more female characters.

The show’s voice actors often record their lines together in the same room, which is unusual for animated TV shows.

The character of Mrs. Puff is named after a type of pastry called a “puff pastry.”

In the episode “Chocolate With Nuts,” SpongeBob and Patrick become door-to-door chocolate salesmen and accidentally sell chocolate to a convict who is on the run from prison.

The character of Squidward is based on Hillenburg’s former teacher, who was known for his dry wit and pessimistic attitude.

The show’s animation style was inspired by the works of Jules Engel, an experimental animator who worked on films like Fantasia and Dumbo.

In the episode “Band Geeks,” Squidward assembles a marching band to play at the Bubble Bowl halftime show, but they end up performing an epic rock song instead of the traditional marching band music.

The character of Mermaid Man was voiced by Ernest Borgnine, who won an Academy Award for his role in the 1955 film Marty.

The character of Barnacle Boy is voiced by Tim Conway, who was a regular cast member on The Carol Burnett Show.

The character of Pearl Krabs was originally going to be a whale, but the animators decided to make her a teenage whale instead to avoid any controversy.

In the episode “Sailor Mouth,” SpongeBob and Patrick learn a bunch of curse words and end up using them in front of their parents, resulting in a punishment that involves cleaning up the Krusty Krab with their tongues.

The character of Bubble Bass is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also provides the voices for Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb and the clones on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The character of Plankton’s computer wife Karen was named after Hillenburg’s real-life wife, Karen.

The character of Squilliam Fancyson was originally going to be named “Squidward Fancy

The character of Patchy the Pirate, who hosts special episodes of the show, is played by actor Tom Kenny, who also provides the voice of SpongeBob.

In the episode “Jellyfish Jam,” SpongeBob throws a wild party with a group of jellyfish that ends up destroying his house.

The character of Larry the Lobster is voiced by actor and former bodybuilder, Lou Ferrigno.

The character of Bubble Buddy is a sentient bubble who becomes SpongeBob’s imaginary friend in the episode of the same name.

In the episode “Suds,” SpongeBob comes down with a case of the “suds” and seeks treatment at the Krusty Krab.

The character of Karen the Computer is voiced by Jill Talley, who is married to Tom Kenny in real life.

The character of Patrick’s sister Sam is voiced by actress and comedian Carolyn Lawrence, who also provides the voice of Sandy Cheeks.

The character of King Neptune is voiced by actor Jeffrey Tambor, who also played George Bluth Sr. on Arrested Development.

The character of Old Man Jenkins is a recurring character on the show who is often portrayed as forgetful and confused.

In the episode “Frankendoodle,” SpongeBob creates a doodle that comes to life and causes chaos in Bikini Bottom.

The character of Man Ray is a villainous character who is often foiled by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

The character of The Flying Dutchman is a ghost pirate who haunts the seven seas and occasionally terrorizes Bikini Bottom.

The character of Flats the Flounder is a bully who challenges SpongeBob to a fight in the episode “The Bully.”

The character of Kevin C. Cucumber is a surfer who competes against SpongeBob and Sandy in the Goo Lagoon annual Anchor Toss competition.

In the episode “Squid on Strike,” Squidward convinces SpongeBob to go on strike with him after Mr. Krabs cuts their pay.

The character of Bubble Bass has an infamously complicated order at the Krusty Krab that includes a large number of special requests.

The character of Incidental 6 is a recurring background character who is known for his distinctive laugh.

The character of Nosferatu is a vampire-like character who appears in the episode “Graveyard Shift.”

The character of the Tattletale Strangler is a criminal who is eventually caught by SpongeBob and Patrick.

The character of Dennis is a hitman hired by Plankton to eliminate SpongeBob and Patrick in the first SpongeBob SquarePants movie.

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