Top 15 Most Popular The Little Mermaid Characters Ranked

List of Most Popular The Little Mermaid Characters Ranked:

15. Attina

Oldest sister: Attina is depicted as the eldest of Ariel’s sisters, responsible and caring towards her siblings.

Graceful and poised: She is portrayed as graceful and poised, often taking on a leadership role among her sisters.

Blonde hair and green tail: Attina has blonde hair and a green-colored tail, distinguishing her from her siblings.

14. Andrina

Adventurous and curious: Andrina is portrayed as adventurous and curious, often seeking new experiences and discoveries.

Blue hair and teal tail: Andrina has blue hair and a teal-colored tail, making her visually distinct from her sisters.

Enthusiastic and energetic: She is known for her energetic nature and her eagerness to explore the world beyond the sea.

13. Aquata

Calm and composed: Aquata is depicted as calm and composed, often offering a level-headed perspective to her sisters.

Brown hair and pale blue tail: Aquata has brown hair and a pale blue-colored tail, giving her a unique appearance.

Kind-hearted and nurturing: She is known for her kindness and nurturing nature, always looking out for her sisters and their well-being.

12. Chef Louis

Eccentric and passionate chef: Chef Louis is an eccentric and passionate chef who works in Prince Eric’s castle.

Comedic and clumsy: He provides comic relief through his exaggerated actions and clumsiness in the kitchen.

Memorable musical number: Chef Louis is known for his iconic song “Les Poissons” in which he enthusiastically sings about his love for cooking fish.

11. Carlotta

Kind-hearted maid: Carlotta is a kind-hearted and nurturing maid who works in Prince Eric’s castle.

Motherly figure: She acts as a motherly figure to Ariel, taking care of her and helping her in various ways.

Supports Ariel’s dreams: Carlotta supports Ariel’s desires and often provides advice and guidance.

10. Flotsam and Jetsam

Ursula’s henchmen: Flotsam and Jetsam are two electric eel-like creatures who serve as Ursula’s loyal henchmen.

Sinister and manipulative: They assist Ursula in her schemes and try to manipulate others to serve her interests.

Sinister song: Flotsam and Jetsam sing a haunting song called “Poor Unfortunate Souls” to convince Ariel to make a deal with Ursula.

9. Max

Faithful companion: Max is Prince Eric’s loyal and faithful dog, always by his side and ready to assist.

Energetic and playful: He is depicted as an energetic and playful dog, often engaging in playful antics.

Helps Eric and Ariel: Max aids Prince Eric in various ways, such as searching for Ariel and assisting in important moments.

8. Grimsby

Advisor and confidant: Grimsby is Prince Eric’s trusted advisor and confidant, offering guidance and support.

Cautious and pragmatic: He tends to be more cautious and practical, often reminding Eric of his responsibilities as a prince.

Concerned for Eric’s well-being: Grimsby cares deeply for Eric’s well-being and wants what is best for him.

7. Scuttle

Quirky seagull: Scuttle is a seagull known for his quirky and eccentric behavior.

Expert on human objects: He claims to be an expert on human objects, often providing humorous and inaccurate explanations about them.

Helps Ariel navigate the human world: Scuttle assists Ariel by offering her advice and information about human customs and objects, although his knowledge is often comically flawed.

6. King Triton

Powerful and authoritative ruler: King Triton is the powerful ruler of the underwater kingdom, Atlantica.

Protective father: He is depicted as a caring and protective father, especially towards his daughter Ariel.

Commanding presence: King Triton exudes a regal and commanding presence, with a distinct trident as his symbol of power.

5. Sebastian

Musical crab and advisor: Sebastian is a musical crab who serves as King Triton’s loyal advisor and court composer.

Responsible and cautious: He is often portrayed as responsible and cautious, trying to guide Ariel towards making wise decisions.

Memorable musical numbers: Sebastian performs several memorable musical numbers in the film, such as “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl.”

4. Flounder

Loyal and supportive friend: Flounder is Ariel’s loyal and supportive best friend, accompanying her on her adventures.

Timid but brave: Although initially timid, Flounder demonstrates bravery when facing challenges and protecting Ariel.

Comic relief and innocence: Flounder provides moments of comic relief and innocence with his endearing personality and reactions.

3. Ursula

Iconic villain: Ursula is the primary antagonist of the film, known for her distinct appearance and captivating presence.

Manipulative and cunning: She uses her powers of persuasion to manipulate others and achieve her own nefarious goals.

Memorable song and performance: Ursula performs the show-stopping song “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” showcasing her manipulative nature and powerful presence.

2. Prince Eric

Charming and noble prince: Prince Eric is a handsome and kind-hearted prince who captures Ariel’s heart.

Adventurous and courageous: He embarks on a quest to find the girl with the enchanting voice, showing bravery and determination along the way.

Strong sense of justice: Prince Eric values fairness and justice, which ultimately aids in his confrontation with Ursula.

1. Ariel

Spirited and curious mermaid: Ariel is the protagonist of the film, known for her vibrant red hair and longing to explore the human world.

Yearning for independence: She desires to break free from the confines of her underwater life and explore the world above.

Passionate and determined: Ariel is driven by her dreams and passions, willing to make sacrifices to achieve her goals.

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