100 Steven Universe Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

List of Steven Universe Theories:

Rose Quartz is actually Pink Diamond in disguise.

Steven will eventually discover new powers beyond his gem abilities.

The Crystal Gems are not the only group fighting against the Diamonds.

White Diamond is secretly manipulating events behind the scenes.

There are other sentient gem species in the universe.

The corrupted Gems can be cured and restored to their original forms.

Steven’s gem powers are connected to his emotions.

The Diamonds will eventually realize the errors of their ways and join the Crystal Gems.

Steven will have to face a major sacrifice to save the universe.

Pink Diamond’s shattering was part of a larger plan orchestrated by Rose Quartz.

Steven’s existence as a hybrid is significant to the overall gem narrative.

The Gem Homeworld is not the only homeworld in the universe.

The Diamonds are not the highest-ranking authority in the gem hierarchy.

The gem rebellion was not the first time Gems rebelled against their creators.

Steven will discover new gem powers that have never been seen before.

The history of gem colonization is more complex than initially portrayed.

There are other gem-human hybrids living on Earth.

The Diamonds are not the true rulers of the gem empire.

The gem war had deeper political motivations beyond freedom and independence.

Steven’s connection to his mother’s memories will play a crucial role in the story.

The Crystal Gems will encounter Gems from other galaxies.

Steven’s ultimate purpose is to unite all gemkind and humans.

The Diamonds are afraid of the potential power of gem-human hybrids.

Steven’s gem may possess a hidden ability that has yet to be revealed.

The origins of gemkind and the creation of Gems will be explored in depth.

Steven will have to confront and reconcile with his mother’s mistakes.

The Crystal Gems will find a way to permanently heal corrupted Gems.

The gem empire will undergo a major shift in power dynamics.

The gem war was a catalyst for change throughout the universe.

The final battle will involve all known Gems coming together to fight a common enemy.

Garnet’s future vision has limitations and can be deceived or manipulated.

Pearl’s devotion to Rose Quartz goes beyond loyalty and hints at a romantic relationship.

Amethyst’s rebellious nature stems from her feeling like an outsider among the Crystal Gems.

Peridot will eventually join the Crystal Gems and become a valued member of the team.

Lapis Lazuli’s powers are tied to a specific body of water or location.

Connie will develop her own unique gem-related abilities.

Greg Universe has a deeper connection to gem history than previously revealed.

Rose Quartz had a hidden agenda for creating Steven.

Stevonnie’s existence represents the harmony between humans and gems.

Lars will develop gem-like abilities after his experiences in space.

Bismuth will discover a way to enhance and modify gem weapons.

Jasper will undergo redemption and find a new purpose beyond fighting.

Yellow Diamond’s stern demeanor hides a vulnerability or internal conflict.

Blue Diamond’s sorrow will play a significant role in the resolution of the series.

White Diamond possesses powers that have yet to be fully revealed.

Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship will face challenges and evolve over time.

Rose Quartz’s past actions will continue to have consequences for the Crystal Gems.

Spinel’s story is not over, and she will return in a significant way.

Centipeetle’s transformation back into a fully functional Gem will be explored.

Pearl will confront her feelings of inadequacy and find her true self-worth.

Steven will meet other half-human, half-gem individuals who have unique abilities.

Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl will play a larger role in the events of the series.

Mystery Girl (Sheena) will have a deeper connection to the gem universe.

Ronaldo will uncover a major secret about the gem hierarchy.

Lars will become a respected leader among a group of space-faring rebels.

Peedee Fryman will discover a hidden talent or power related to his family’s fry shop.

Onion’s true nature and origins will be revealed.

Connie’s training with Pearl will unlock a new level of skill and power.

Peridot and Lapis Lazuli will form a strong bond and become a dynamic duo.

Steven will ultimately find a way to permanently fuse with Connie and live as a full-time fusion.

Greg Universe is secretly a gem disguised as a human.

Lars will discover a new gem power related to his ability to resurrect others.

Pearl’s sword contains a hidden gem with its own consciousness.

Ruby and Sapphire will separate temporarily to confront individual challenges.

Peridot will invent a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes gem society.

Pink Diamond’s gem shard inside Lion holds a key to unlocking new powers for Steven.

Amethyst will undergo a physical transformation and evolve into a different gem type.

Connie’s sword training will lead to the discovery of a new, ancient gem artifact.

Bismuth will develop a new type of gem weapon capable of channeling multiple gem powers.

Jasper’s fusion with another gem will result in a completely new, formidable entity.

Yellow Diamond will reveal a tragic backstory that explains her relentless pursuit of power.

Blue Diamond will join forces with the Crystal Gems to confront a common enemy.

Spinel will become a mentor figure to a group of lost or damaged gems.

Peridot and Lapis Lazuli will embark on a journey to find a new gem colony.

White Diamond will undergo a transformation that alters her appearance and personality.

Ruby and Sapphire’s fusion will become permanent, resulting in a new, unique gem.

Connie will discover an ancient gem artifact that allows her to communicate with gem spirits.

Steven will develop the ability to temporarily heal and restore corrupted gems.

Yellow Pearl will betray the Diamond Authority and help the Crystal Gems.

Pearl’s backstory will be revealed, showing her involvement in a pivotal historical event.

Peridot will develop a close friendship with an unlikely gem ally.

Lars will learn to control his teleportation powers and use them strategically in battles.

Pink Diamond’s gem essence inside Steven will awaken, causing a struggle for control.

Amethyst will encounter a gem from her past, leading to a deep exploration of her origins.

The Crystal Gems will encounter a new gem faction that challenges their beliefs and methods.

Connie will develop a unique fusion ability that allows her to fuse with non-gem beings.

Lapis Lazuli will become the guardian of a hidden gem sanctuary.

Steven will confront his mother’s past mistakes and find a way to make amends.

Peridot will unlock a new form of gem communication that transcends language barriers.

The Crystal Gems will form an alliance with gems from other galaxies to face a universal threat.

Pearl’s regeneration ability allows her to change her physical form drastically.

Lars will become a skilled pilot and navigate through dangerous gem-controlled territories.

Peridot will uncover a hidden gem artifact that holds the key to unlocking new gem powers.

Ruby and Sapphire will explore their individual identities and learn to exist separately.

Steven will develop the ability to communicate with gem consciousnesses trapped in gem shards.

Amethyst will discover a hidden gem ability that allows her to manipulate plant life.

Connie’s connection to her sword will grow stronger, granting her enhanced combat skills.

Lapis Lazuli will tap into her full potential and become a powerful elemental gem.

Peridot will develop an advanced form of gem technology that can reverse gem corruption.

Lion’s origins will be revealed, uncovering a connection to a long-lost gem civilization.

Ruby and Sapphire will fuse with other gems, forming new, unique fusions.

Greg Universe will learn gem magic and become an integral part of the Crystal Gems’ battles.

Steven will discover a hidden chamber within the Temple that contains a powerful gem relic.

Peridot will uncover the truth about the creation of gemkind and the purpose of gem colonies.

Connie will unlock a gem power that allows her to summon ethereal weapons from her gem.

Garnet’s future vision will reveal a major threat to the universe, leading to a galaxy-wide conflict.

Pearl will encounter another gem with a similar personality and skills, forcing her to confront her past.

Steven will encounter a group of rogue gems who reject the hierarchy of the Diamond Authority.

Amethyst will explore her shapeshifting abilities and develop new forms.

Connie’s training with Pearl will result in her ability to generate energy shields.

Lapis Lazuli will become an ambassador between gems and humans, bridging the gap between the two species.

Peridot will develop the ability to temporarily enhance other gems’ powers with her own technology.

Rose Quartz’s true intentions for creating the Crystal Gems will be revealed, challenging their trust in her.

Steven will unlock the ability to project his consciousness into dreams, communicating with gems across the universe.

Connie will uncover a secret gem society that operates covertly on Earth.

Lars will become a skilled strategist and lead a gem rebellion against Homeworld.

Peridot will discover a hidden gem facility that holds the secrets to gem fusion and its origins.

The Crystal Gems will encounter a group of rebel gems from the Diamond Authority who seek to overthrow their leaders.

Steven will tap into the power of the stars and manipulate cosmic energy to protect Earth.

The true nature and purpose of gem fusion will be explored, revealing a deeper understanding of gem relationships and identity.

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