Top 10 Strongest Beauty and the Beast Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Beauty and the Beast Characters:

10. Wardrobe (Madame de Garderobe)

Living Furniture: Wardrobe is one of the enchanted objects in the Beast’s castle, transformed into a sentient piece of furniture. She has a strong, elegant presence.

Larger-Than-Life Personality: Wardrobe’s personality is as grand as her appearance. She is known for her dramatic flair and love of fashion and clothing.

Supportive of Belle: Wardrobe plays a role in helping Belle prepare for the Beast’s ball and encourages her to embrace her own inner beauty and sense of self.

Symbol of Transformation: Wardrobe represents the idea that one’s external appearance is not the only measure of beauty. Her character underscores the film’s theme of inner beauty.

9. LeFou

Gaston’s Sidekick: LeFou is Gaston’s loyal sidekick and best friend. He idolizes Gaston and often assists him in his pursuits, including trying to win Belle’s affections.

Comic Relief: LeFou provides comic relief throughout the film with his slapstick humor and bumbling behavior. He is known for his humorous songs and physical comedy.

Character Growth: As the story progresses, LeFou’s loyalty to Gaston is tested, and he experiences a degree of character growth as he grapples with his conscience and begins to question Gaston’s actions.

Symbol of Blind Devotion: LeFou represents the idea of blind devotion to a charismatic but flawed leader, illustrating the consequences of unthinking loyalty.

8. Maurice (Belle’s father)

Inventive and Kind: Maurice is portrayed as an inventive and kind-hearted character. He is a talented inventor and is known for his creative and unconventional contraptions.

Devoted Father: Maurice is a loving and devoted father to Belle. He cares deeply for his daughter and is willing to go to great lengths to protect her and ensure her happiness.

Inadvertent Adventure: Maurice’s journey to the Beast’s castle is unintentional and arises from a series of unfortunate events. His character adds an element of adventure and mystery to the story.

Empathy and Understanding: Maurice is empathetic and understanding, particularly when it comes to Belle’s desire for a life beyond their small village. His character supports Belle’s independence and dreams.

7. Chip

Enchanted Teacup: Chip is one of the enchanted objects in the Beast’s castle, transformed into a sentient teacup. He has a youthful and endearing personality.

Curious and Energetic: Chip is characterized by his youthful curiosity and boundless energy. Despite his small size, he is always eager to help and explore.

Attachment to Mrs. Potts: Chip has a close bond with Mrs. Potts, the castle’s enchanted teapot, and often accompanies her.

Symbol of Innocence: Chip represents the innocence of childhood and serves as a symbol of the enchantment that has befallen the castle. His character adds a touch of charm and whimsy to the film.

6. Mrs. Potts

Enchanted Teapot: Mrs. Potts is one of the enchanted objects in the Beast’s castle, transformed into a sentient teapot. She has a warm and motherly personality.

Motherly Figure: Mrs. Potts is often seen as a motherly figure to Chip, her son, and to the other enchanted objects in the castle. She cares deeply for their well-being.

Voice of Reason: Mrs. Potts serves as a voice of reason and compassion in the castle. She is often the one who encourages the Beast to open his heart and show kindness.

Symbol of Hospitality: Mrs. Potts symbolizes hospitality and comfort. Her character is closely associated with the idea of offering tea as a gesture of warmth and welcome.

5. Cogsworth

Enchanted Mantel Clock: Cogsworth is one of the enchanted objects in the castle, transformed into a sentient mantel clock. He is characterized by his punctuality and adherence to rules.

Fussy and Neurotic: Cogsworth is often portrayed as fussy and neurotic, especially when it comes to maintaining order in the castle. He is concerned about the consequences of the Beast’s actions.

Comic Relief: Cogsworth provides comic relief throughout the film with his humorous reactions and strict adherence to schedules and routines.

Symbol of Transformation: Cogsworth’s character represents the transformation of the castle’s inhabitants into household objects and highlights the theme of inner beauty.

4. Lumière

Enchanted Candelabra: Lumière is one of the enchanted objects in the Beast’s castle, transformed into a sentient candelabra. He exudes charm and sophistication.

French Accent: Lumière speaks with a charming French accent and often adds a touch of romantic flair to his interactions.

Lover of Romance: Lumière is a lover of romance and is known for his desire to see the Beast and Belle fall in love. He plays a significant role in trying to make their romance blossom.

Energetic and Charismatic: Lumière is characterized by his energy and charisma. He is often the life of the party in the castle, leading the enchanted objects in musical numbers and celebrations.

3. Gaston

Primary Antagonist: Gaston is the film’s primary antagonist. He is a muscular, self-absorbed, and arrogant hunter who seeks to marry Belle at any cost.

Ego and Pride: Gaston is defined by his enormous ego and pride. He believes himself to be the most handsome and desirable man in the village.

Obsession with Belle: Gaston’s obsession with Belle leads him to extreme measures, including plotting to have Maurice, Belle’s father, committed to an insane asylum to force Belle into marriage.

Symbol of Shallow Beauty: Gaston symbolizes shallow beauty and the idea that one’s outer appearance alone does not define their worth. His character contrasts with the film’s emphasis on inner beauty.

2. Beast (Prince Adam)

Cursed Prince: Beast was once a selfish and arrogant prince who was cursed by an enchantress for his cruelty. As a result, he is transformed into a beastly creature, both in appearance and temperament.

Growth and Redemption: Throughout the film, Beast undergoes significant character growth and redemption. He learns to be kind, compassionate, and selfless as he strives to break the curse.

Initial Hostility: Beast initially holds Belle captive in his castle, but his attitude gradually changes as he forms a deep connection with her.

Symbol of Inner Transformation: Beast’s transformation from a harsh and unkind prince into a kind-hearted and loving individual is a central theme of the story, emphasizing the importance of inner beauty.

1. Belle

Independent and Intelligent: Belle is an independent and intelligent young woman who loves reading and dreams of adventure beyond her small village.

Empathetic and Compassionate: Belle is known for her empathy and compassion, especially toward her father, Maurice, and later, the Beast.

Desire for Freedom: Belle desires freedom and a life beyond the confines of her provincial town. Her sense of adventure and curiosity drive her character.

Symbol of Inner Beauty: Belle represents the film’s theme of inner beauty. She is able to see beyond the Beast’s exterior and recognizes the goodness within him.

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