Top 10 Strongest Treasure Planet Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Treasure Planet Characters:

10. Onus

Alien Crew Member: Onus is a large, hulking alien crew member aboard the spaceship RLS Legacy. He is known for his imposing physical presence.

Strength and Intimidation: Onus’s strength is one of his defining characteristics. His imposing size and physical prowess make him an intimidating presence on the ship.

Loyalty: Onus is loyal to the crew and the mission, which involves finding the legendary treasure planet. His loyalty is evident in his dedication to the crew’s objectives.

Limited Dialogue: Onus is a character with limited dialogue, and much of his characterization is conveyed through his actions and interactions with other crew members.

9. Sarah Hawkins

Jim Hawkins’s Mother: Sarah Hawkins is Jim Hawkins’s mother and plays a pivotal role in his life. She is a strong and caring single mother.

Resourcefulness: Sarah is resourceful and hardworking. She runs the family’s inn and works diligently to provide for herself and her son.

Concern for Jim: Sarah is deeply concerned about her son, Jim, and his future. She wishes for him to find his path in life and make better choices.

Symbol of Unconditional Love: Sarah represents the love and support of a mother. Her character underscores the importance of family and the impact of a parent’s guidance.

8. Mr. Arrow

First Mate: Mr. Arrow serves as the first mate aboard the spaceship RLS Legacy. He is a trusted member of the crew and works closely with Captain Amelia.

Experienced and Responsible: Mr. Arrow is experienced and responsible, taking his duties seriously. He helps maintain order and discipline on the ship.

Loyal to the Crew: Mr. Arrow is fiercely loyal to the crew and is committed to the mission of finding the treasure planet. His dedication to duty is evident throughout the film.

Fatherly Figure: Mr. Arrow assumes something of a fatherly figure role, especially toward the young protagonist, Jim Hawkins, offering guidance and support.

7. Scroop

Crew Member and Antagonist: Scroop is a member of the RLS Legacy’s crew, but he becomes one of the primary antagonists in the film due to his treacherous and villainous nature.

Deceptive and Ruthless: Scroop is characterized by his deceptive and ruthless behavior. He is willing to resort to violence and betrayal to further his own goals.

Conflict with Jim: Scroop becomes a source of conflict and danger for Jim Hawkins and the crew, leading to intense confrontations throughout the film.

Symbol of Betrayal: Scroop symbolizes the element of betrayal and danger that the crew faces on their journey, adding tension and suspense to the story.

6. Morph

Shapeshifting Companion: Morph is a small, pink, and amorphous creature that can change shape at will. He has the ability to transform into various objects and creatures.

Mischievous and Playful: Morph is characterized by his mischievous and playful nature. He often engages in antics and uses his shape-shifting abilities for fun and to help the crew.

Friendship with Jim: Morph forms a close friendship with Jim Hawkins, the film’s protagonist. He becomes Jim’s loyal companion and offers emotional support throughout their adventure.

Non-Verbal Communication: Morph does not speak in words but communicates through body language, expressions, and his shapeshifting abilities.

5. B.E.N. (Bio-Electronic Navigator)

Unconventional Robot: B.E.N. is a bio-electronic robot with an unusual and eccentric personality. He has a tendency to be forgetful and quirky.

Lost Memory: B.E.N. has lost his memory, which leads to comical and sometimes bizarre behavior. He struggles to recall information and events from his past.

Comic Relief: B.E.N. provides significant comic relief in the film through his eccentricities, forgetfulness, and humorous interactions with the other characters.

Helpful and Endearing: Despite his quirks, B.E.N. is genuinely helpful to the crew and plays a critical role in their quest to find the treasure planet.

4. Dr. Delbert Doppler

Scientist and Navigator: Dr. Doppler is a canine-like alien who serves as the ship’s navigator aboard the RLS Legacy. He is also an accomplished scientist.

Bookish and Intellectual: Dr. Doppler is portrayed as bookish and intellectual. He is often seen with a book in hand and relies on his scientific knowledge to solve problems.

Courageous: Despite his bookish nature, Dr. Doppler displays courage and determination when faced with danger during the voyage to Treasure Planet.

Comic Relief: Dr. Doppler provides comic relief in the film through his nerdy and sometimes awkward behavior, which contrasts with the more adventurous characters.

3. Captain Amelia

Leader of the Expedition: Captain Amelia is a feline-like alien who leads the expedition to find Treasure Planet. She is a no-nonsense and capable leader.

Strong-Willed and Assertive: Captain Amelia is known for her strong-willed and assertive personality. She demands discipline and professionalism from her crew.

Skilled Fighter: Captain Amelia is a skilled fighter and has impressive combat abilities, which come in handy during confrontations with the film’s antagonists.

Respected Leader: Captain Amelia is highly respected by her crew and is seen as a competent and capable leader who takes her responsibilities seriously.

2. John Silver

Cyborg Pirate: John Silver is the film’s primary antagonist, initially portrayed as a fearsome cyborg pirate with a menacing reputation.

Complex Character: As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that John Silver is a complex character. He is not purely evil and exhibits a degree of kindness and mentorship, especially toward Jim Hawkins.

Fatherly Figure: John Silver becomes a fatherly figure to Jim during their journey. He takes on a mentorship role, teaching Jim valuable life lessons.

Conflict of Loyalties: John Silver grapples with a conflict of loyalties between his desire for treasure and his growing bond with Jim. This inner conflict drives much of the film’s emotional depth.

1. Jim Hawkins

Protagonist: Jim Hawkins is the film’s protagonist, a young and adventurous character who dreams of a life beyond his troubled upbringing.

Daring and Brave: Jim is daring and brave, which leads him to embark on the quest to find Treasure Planet after discovering a mysterious map.

Seeker of Adventure: Jim seeks adventure and is willing to take risks to prove himself and find his place in the world.

Character Growth: Throughout the film, Jim undergoes significant character growth as he learns valuable life lessons from his interactions with John Silver and the challenges they face.

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