Top 20 Strongest Disney Princesses, Ranked

Top 20 Strongest Disney Princesses, ranked according to their exceptional abilities, unwavering determination, and the indomitable spirit that makes them true champions of the animated world. From classic tales to modern adventures, let’s celebrate the power, wisdom, and grace of these remarkable characters who continue to inspire audiences of all ages.

List of Strongest Disney Princesses, Ranked

20. Cinderella (without Fairy Godmother’s magic)

Resilience: Cinderella is known for her resilience and ability to endure hardship and mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsisters.

Kindness: She maintains her kindness and gentle nature even in the face of adversity, earning the support and friendship of animals and others.

Optimism: Cinderella maintains her optimism and hope for a better life, even when circumstances are difficult.

Resourcefulness: She demonstrates resourcefulness when making her own dress for the royal ball and finding creative solutions to challenges.

Inner Strength: Cinderella’s inner strength lies in her unwavering belief in goodness and her ability to persevere through challenging circumstances.

19. Elsa (without ice powers)

Leadership: Elsa is a natural leader with a sense of responsibility for her kingdom and its people.

Intelligence: She possesses intelligence and strategic thinking, which she uses to make decisions for the well-being of Arendelle.

Determination: Elsa is determined and willing to face adversity head-on to protect her loved ones and her kingdom.

Sisterly Love: Her love for her sister Anna is a central theme, and it is her love and sacrifices that ultimately save Arendelle.

Adaptability: Even without her ice powers, Elsa adapts to new situations and challenges with grace and determination.

18. Giselle (from Enchanted)

Optimism and Kindness: Giselle is known for her boundless optimism and kindness, which she spreads wherever she goes.

Connection with Animals: Like many classic Disney Princesses, Giselle has a special bond with animals, and they often help her in times of need.

Resourcefulness: She adapts to the challenges of the real world with resourcefulness and a willingness to learn.

Belief in Love: Giselle’s unwavering belief in true love and her romantic spirit are central to her character.

17. Kida (from Atlantis)

Strength and Leadership: Kida is a warrior and a natural leader who protects her people and their lost city.

Ancient Knowledge: She possesses knowledge of her city’s history, technology, and culture, which proves valuable in their journey.

Curiosity: Kida’s curiosity about the surface world and its people drives much of the plot and her character development.

Connection with Milo: Her growing relationship with Milo Thatch is a central part of her character’s story.

16. Megara

Independence and Wit: Megara is known for her wit, intelligence, and independence, which set her apart as a strong and self-reliant character.

Resilience: Despite her past hardships, Megara remains resilient and doesn’t let her history define her.

Defiance of Hades: She defies Hades, the film’s antagonist, and assists Hercules in his quest.

Sarcastic Humor: Megara’s sarcastic sense of humor adds depth and charm to her character.

15. Esmeralda

Courage: Esmeralda is incredibly courageous and unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, even in the face of oppression and danger.

Compassion: She is compassionate and shows kindness to those who are marginalized and mistreated, including Quasimodo and the Romani people.

Independence: Esmeralda is an independent and self-reliant character who doesn’t hesitate to take action and make her own choices.

Resilience: Despite facing discrimination and persecution, she remains resilient and steadfast in her beliefs.

14. Anna

Sisterly Love: Anna’s unwavering love for her sister Elsa is a central theme, and it drives much of the plot in “Frozen.”

Determination: She is determined to mend her relationship with Elsa and save Arendelle from eternal winter.

Fearlessness: Anna is fearless in her quest to bring Elsa back and end the icy curse, often putting herself in perilous situations.

Optimism: Her optimism and belief in the goodness of others are powerful driving forces throughout the film.

13. Snow White (with her kindness)

Kindness: Snow White’s exceptional kindness and gentleness are her defining traits. She is kind to all living creatures, including animals and dwarfs.

Innocence: Her innocence and purity of heart are central to her character and the story’s themes.

Positive Influence: Snow White’s kindness has a positive influence on the dwarfs, leading them to care for and protect her.

Inner Strength: While not physically strong, Snow White’s inner strength lies in her ability to see the good in others and her resilience in the face of adversity.

12. Aurora (with magic from fairies)

Magic-Given Abilities: Aurora’s magical gifts from the fairies include beauty, song, and a graceful nature, which enhance her charm and allure.

Inherent Grace: She possesses a natural grace and elegance, which are further enhanced by the fairies’ magic.

Singing Voice: Her enchanting singing voice is one of her magical attributes, which is central to the film’s plot.

Inner Strength: Aurora’s inner strength lies in her kindness, gentleness, and ability to see the good in others, even in difficult circumstances.

11. Tiana (with her work ethic)

Determination: Tiana is determined to achieve her dream of opening her own restaurant, and her strong work ethic drives her toward her goal.

Resourcefulness: She demonstrates resourcefulness in saving money, working multiple jobs, and learning new skills to make her dream a reality.

Independence: Tiana is an independent character who values hard work and self-reliance.

Resilience: She faces various challenges and setbacks but remains resilient and unwavering in her pursuit of her dream.

10. Jasmine (with her determination)

Independence: Jasmine is an independent and headstrong character who is determined to make her own choices in life.

Desire for Freedom: Her determination is driven by her desire for freedom and to experience life beyond the palace walls.

Courage: She demonstrates courage in defying societal norms and standing up for what she believes is right.

Resourcefulness: Jasmine’s resourcefulness helps her navigate difficult situations and adapt to new circumstances.

9. Cinderella (with Fairy Godmother’s magic)

Resilience: Cinderella’s resilience and ability to endure hardship are central to her character, even before the magical transformation.

Kindness: She maintains her kind and gentle nature, which eventually leads to her receiving assistance from her Fairy Godmother.

Transformation: With the help of her Fairy Godmother’s magic, Cinderella transforms into a beautiful princess, showcasing her hidden inner beauty.

Courage: She summons the courage to attend the royal ball, even though her stepmother and stepsisters try to keep her from going.

8. Belle (with her intelligence and bravery)

Intelligence: Belle is known for her love of books and her intelligence, which sets her apart from the other villagers.

Bravery: She displays bravery in several instances, including taking her father’s place as the Beast’s captive and standing up to the Beast when necessary.

Compassion: Belle’s compassion and empathy towards the Beast lead to his transformation and the breaking of the curse.

Independence: She values her independence and desires to chart her own path in life, beyond the confines of her small village.

7. Ariel (with her voice and curiosity)

Curiosity: Ariel’s curiosity about the human world drives much of the plot in “The Little Mermaid.” She is eager to explore and learn about life above the sea.

Courage: She is willing to defy her father and make a risky deal with Ursula the sea witch to pursue her dreams.

Beautiful Singing Voice: Ariel’s enchanting singing voice is one of her most striking features, and it plays a crucial role in the story.

Determination: Her determination to be with Prince Eric and experience life on land is a driving force in the film.

6. Rapunzel (with healing powers)

Healing Abilities: Rapunzel possesses magical healing abilities through her long, glowing hair, which she uses to heal wounds and injuries.

Resourcefulness: She demonstrates resourcefulness in using her hair’s healing powers to solve problems and navigate challenges.

Courage: Rapunzel shows courage in leaving her tower to explore the outside world, despite the risks and uncertainties.

Curiosity: Her curiosity about the world beyond her tower drives her to seek new experiences and knowledge.

5. Pocahontas

Connection with Nature: Pocahontas has a deep and spiritual connection with nature, which guides her decisions and choices.

Courage and Compassion: She demonstrates courage in trying to bridge the gap between her people and the English settlers, and her compassion for all living beings is evident.

Diplomacy: Pocahontas acts as a diplomat between the Native Americans and the settlers, attempting to prevent conflict and promote understanding.

Independence: She values her independence and her right to choose her own path, even if it means defying tradition.

4. Moana

Leadership: Moana exhibits leadership qualities as she takes on the responsibility of saving her island and people.

Determination: Her determination and unwavering resolve to restore the heart of Te Fiti drive her on a perilous journey across the ocean.

Connection to the Ocean: Moana has a unique connection to the ocean, which assists her on her quest and symbolizes her destiny.

Bravery: She faces numerous challenges, including confrontations with powerful forces, and displays bravery throughout her adventure.

3. Merida

Skill in Archery: Merida is an exceptionally skilled archer, and her proficiency with a bow and arrow is central to her character and the plot of her film, “Brave.”

Independence: She values her independence and rejects traditional gender roles and expectations placed upon her.

Bravery: Merida displays bravery when she defies a tradition that threatens her freedom and takes on various challenges to change her fate.

Determination: Her determination to change her destiny and mend her fractured relationship with her mother is a driving force in the story.

2. Elsa (with ice powers)

Cryokinetic Powers: Elsa possesses cryokinetic powers, allowing her to create and control ice and snow.

Responsibility: She assumes the responsibility of protecting her kingdom and subjects from the consequences of her powers, demonstrating her leadership qualities.

Self-Discovery: Elsa embarks on a journey of self-discovery to understand and control her abilities, ultimately embracing her unique gift.

Sisterly Love: Her love for her sister Anna is central to the story, and it is her love that ultimately saves Arendelle from eternal winter.

1. Mulan

Courage and Determination: Mulan displays exceptional courage and determination when she disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the army and later faces the Huns.

Resourcefulness: She demonstrates resourcefulness in her strategies and uses her intelligence to outsmart the enemy.

Martial Skill: Mulan undergoes rigorous training and develops martial skills, becoming a formidable warrior.

Empowerment: Her journey is about self-empowerment and proving her worth, challenging societal expectations and gender norms.

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