Anime World Records

Here We Will Show You Anime World Records:-

62-If we talk about the origins of anime in the early (the 1900s-1922)  we know that the first generation started in the 20th century in 1907 known as Katsudo Shashin and the second generation of animation in 1910,

61-And We Will tell you some most interesting things about The lowest rated anime name EX Arm It this the worst CGI disaster In  History,

60-The highest-rated anime is Fullmetal Alchemist this is one of the most CGI anime ever, full metal has stayed on top for several Years.

59- The most transformations record holds to Erza Scarlet Erza has more than 100 armor sets and 200 weapons that form more than 1000 unique mixtures which are the cause to hold the record for most transformations.

58-And Most of them Don’t No pokemon is banned in most countries like Egypt, Qatar, and other Arab countries banned pokemon following the fatwa by a Muslim scholar, in Anime World Records

57-The highest grossing Anime movie is demon slayer it smashed all the records of the previous sale it will generate 400+ Million Dollars in revenue

56- The most expensive movie is the tale of Princess Kaguya the studio name is Ghibli Known for making many masterpieces. Still, The tale of princess Kaguya is the most enterprising project undertaken by the studio the budget of this movie is approx 53 Million dollars This is One of the biggest Budget movies of all time This Is Anime World Records.

55-The largest Anime character 10000 Galaxies Size super powered Demonbane is said to be as big as a cluster

54-Most Kills 6 Universes kill some time ago Zeno Sama threw a tantrum and wiped out 6 universes

53-(Attack on Titan)Largest comics book published 7030cm2 size designed to fit in the hands of a titan this comic is set to break the world record for the biggest comic ever published

52-(Utsu Musume Sayuri)Japan weird Ugliness anime A sin that should have never existed

51- 13 words long anime name(lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshihito Ayano Tomika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika) having eccentric parents lucy was named with all the names her parents found interesting Anime World Records

50- 1.85 (tanks Danzai Skelter + Heaven) Mal Rating Worst rated Ova The worst Ova You Will Ever Watch

49-Makises Kurisu Is the most popular Waifu the genius scientist from steins Gate is the most popular Waifu

48-Kokuhaku is lowest rated ONA made by someone who just learned to use the blender Anime World Records

47-The highest Iq is Aoi Todo grade 1 sorcerer with unprecedented intellect

46-Aoki Uru is the longest awaited first announced in 1992its expected release is set in 2022

45-Lamperouge Lelouch is the most popular character and most favored character on MAL popularity Charts.

44-Shou Tucker Is the most hated character monster in the form of a human who experimented on his wife and daughter

43-Ultraman is the most spinoff of the de facto superhero of japan since the 1960s

42-Koutestsu Jeeg’s longest gap between seasons is 37 years it came out in 1975 but it was not until 2007 that the anime got a season 2 Anime World Records

41-attack on titan is the most in-demand 2020-2021 tv show in the entire world

40-Guin saga is the longest-running novel started published in 1970 and has a huge story spanning more than 126 volumes that continues to this day

39-Tenshi no drop is the lowest-rated special a masterpiece just on the opposite end of the spectrum

38-Dokaben is most manga volumes in publication since 1972 is a sports manga about basketball

37-Hug! Pretty Cure is the most magical girls pretty cure movie has broken the world record for having the most magical girls in one anime

36-Jan ken pon is the most Manga strip shoji Izumi has been publishing Jan ken pon since 1968 and has broken a world record while doing so this is (made by a single author)

35-Shotaro Ishinomori is the most comics known as the king of manga titles that span over 128,000 pages of pure anime goodness Anime World Records

34-The kingdom is the most people working on single manga total participants is 1,087 social kingdom campaign had volunteers from all over japan to remake the 26th volume of the series

33-Anpanman is the anime that has a record most characters is about 1750+ cast it won the award for having the most characters in one anime

32-Sazae-san has records for most episodes since 1969 and is a classic loved all over japan for its snazzy humor.

31-spirited Away is the first anime film to win an Oscar a masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki Spirited Away is the most renowned animated film of all time Anime World Records

30-Bakemonogatari is the bluest ray?DVD Sold by Nisioisin

29-Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior is the most advanced tickets sold the 11th in the Pikachu film series sold for any animated film ever

28-Sword art Online is the lightest Novel sold Globally than any other franchise after 2000 more than 26 million

27-Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny is the highest-grossing anime Series Gundam may not be big in the west but it is the highest-grossing anime franchise by DVD sales in japan

26-One piece Is the Most manga copies Sold is known as a big thing but its manga sales tower over comes out ever sale about 480 million

25-Pokemon is the highest-grossing anime franchise ever its stan over all other anime Anime World Records

24-Pikachu is the most recognizable character

23-Gintanam is the highest number of reference

22-Daisuke Kambe is the richest anime character with infinite balance

21-Toriko recorded the most food eaten in 3 million Calories

20-Jojo’s bizarre adventure Anime with the most memes

19-Najimi Ajimu is the oldest anime character 3 trillion +years Old In Anime World Records

18-detective Conan is the highest number of filler 440 episodes

17-Simon Vs anti-Spiral The most destructive Battle

16-Najimi Ajimu Has the highest number of abilities 12 Quadrillion Abilities

15-Shinobu Sensui is the highest number of personalities 7 personalities

14-Erza Scarlet is the highest number of transformations 100+ in Anime World Records

13-Guts are the most unlucky character in anime verse

12-Steel Geeg is the longest gap between seasons 32 years

11-Robert E.O. Speedwagon is the most popular Waifu

10-luffy VS kaido is the longeat anime battle 50 episodes

9-Boruto: naruto next generation has the highest % of filler episodes 77% in Anime World Records

8-Giorno Giovanna is the character who has a high number of kills in anime

7-Diavolo is the Infinite number of death

6-Goku Vs Frieza longest 5-minute fight in the universe

5-Shou Tucker is the most hated anime character they deserve every shred of hate for what he did to his

4-Makise Kurisu is the most popular female Waifus by popularity pool

3-levi Ackerman is the most popular anime husband he may be short but he is the husband of your dreams(Attack on Titan) in Anime World Records

2-Jiraya is the biggest pervert based on votes he got the highest numbers of vote

1-Yukari Sakuragi is the weirdest death tripped on stairs and landed face-first on the umbrella(another)

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