Muzan Kibutsuji

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Muzan Kibutsuji

1-Muzan Kibutsuji was turned into a demon by a doctors of medicine and the Intresting thing is muzan baby form is the height of three buildings

  • He previously has five Wives

2-Muzan heart stopped beating in his mother’s womb on a regular basis this causes him to be afraid of death

  • Muzan scare from his fight with Yoriichi

3-Muzan has the ability to split his body into hundreds of tiny pieces and then reassemble them

  • he is a narcissist to the extreme

4-He is a coward because he disguised himself as an 11 years old boy to avoid demon slayers

  • His Hight Is 179cm tall and weight 75kg

5-Muzan has 7 hearts and 5 brains are his weakest points and the crazy thing is if any demon says Muzan they will be killed

  • He is capable of absorbing anything

6-muzan has killed numerous people simply for mocking his appearance

  • Tsukahiro is his wife’s name

7-muzan’s verbal abuse drove all of his wives to commit suicide and he has the capability to change his appearance

8-Muzan appearence age is 20years old and 1000 years old chronologically and he doesn’t have respect Anyone

He was sorry for killing his doctor

9-Ubuyashiki family is descendants of muzan original blood lines and most of then don’t know that every Ubuyashiki family member dies before reaching age of 30.

10-He had a soft hurt for akaza allowing him the freedom to not kill any women

11-muzan birthday is on 3 June and the interesting things is that kagaya and muzan are belong to the same family

12-He trusts the most is kokushibo In the past, he traveled across japan with kokushibo killing all fire-breathing users

  • Biokinesis is his blood demon art

13-Muzan can’t heal scars from his 1st fight with yoriichi and he didn’t need to sleep to recover

14-Muzan has the ability to absorb people’s cellular memories and he always wishes to become immortal by eating Nezuko

  • when he was a human he was frail

15-muzan scars from his fight with Yoruiichi will never Heal and he wishes to locate a blue spider lily in order to conquer the sun

  • when he is in danger his ability to heal improves

16-tamayo injected him with poison which caused his hair turned into white colour

17-muzan can’t control Tamayo and Yashiro and he throughout his human childhood, he was always on the verge of death

  • aside from the sun, he has no real flaws

18-He is obsessed with becoming the most superior being in the world and he is an extreme narcissist

Muzan Kibutsuji is capable of absorbing anything when he is in danger his ability to heal improves

19-The last form of muzan was a tragic Irony It was meant to symbolize that muzan died the way he feared to live

muzan baby form is the height of three building
  • The only demon who could somehow rival muzan was Kokushibo

20-He has no interest in conquering or destroying he just wants to become a perfect being

  • His only fear besides death is to return to his old weak self

21-Nezuko tamaye and yushiro are the only demons not under muzan influence

  • he is most arrogant and selfish characters of the series

22-Muzan Kibutsuji has breathing form that called “moon walk Breathing”

  • Muzan has a lust for perfection

23-Muzan all wife committed sucide because of muzan verbal abuse

24-muzan can’t control Tamayo, Yushiro and Chachamaru and muzan means “merciless and kibutsuji means “demon dance”

25-muzan can transfer his blood and memory to suitable person so he can survive

muzan born in Heian periodearly 90esthat is 8th century

26-muzan can absorb almost anything and he can gain their abilities and memory

  • Muzan only created more demon to find cure for his illness

27-Muzan had a mysterious disease that would kill him before he reach age 20.

28-the poision effect was that age muzan by 50 years each minute and he wants a flower named blue spider lily so he can become a day walker like nezuko

29-He planned to eat nezuko to obtain her immunity against sunlight

30-after muzan death the curse from the Ubuyashiki family lifted giving them long healthy life

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