50 Things That You Didn’t Know About Wendy Corduroy

List of Wendy Corduroy facts:-

Wendy Corduroy is a character from the animated television show Gravity Falls.

She is voiced by actress and singer, Linda Cardellini.

Wendy is the oldest child of the Corduroy family.

She has a younger brother named Dustin.

Wendy’s parents own the “Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt” miniature golf course in Gravity Falls.

Wendy is employed as a part-time worker at the Mystery Shack.

She is known for her laid-back attitude and love for skateboarding and rock music.

Wendy is also known for her trademark red and black lumberjack hat.

Wendy’s full name is Wendy Blerble Corduroy.

She is 15 years old in the first season of Gravity Falls.

Wendy’s birthday is on June 23.

Her astrological sign is Cancer.

Wendy has a crush on a boy named Robbie, who works at the local music store.

She has a rivalry with Pacifica Northwest, a rich girl from a neighboring town.

Wendy is friends with Dipper and Mabel Pines, the main characters of Gravity Falls.

She often helps the Pines twins with their adventures.

Wendy is skilled at using a crossbow, as seen in the episode “The Inconveniencing.”

She is also an expert at carving wood, as seen in the episode “Summerween.”

Wendy has a tattoo of a shooting star on her right arm.

She is left-handed.

Wendy is known to be a bit of a slacker and often avoids doing homework.

She is a big fan of the band “Sev’ral Timez.”

Wendy is the first person to notice that something strange is happening in Gravity Falls.

She has a dog named Tambry, who is also the name of one of her friends.

Wendy’s favorite pizza topping is pepperoni.

She has a fear of heights, as seen in the episode “The Deep End.”

Wendy’s favorite color is black.

She enjoys watching horror movies.

Wendy is protective of her friends and will stand up to anyone who tries to harm them.

She has a laid-back, cool-girl persona but is also a loyal and caring friend.

Wendy is of mixed ethnicity, with her father being white and her mother being Native American.

She has a distinct laugh that is described as a “cackle” by Dipper and Mabel.

Wendy’s favorite ride at the local amusement park is the “Log Land” log flume ride.

She is a fan of the animated television show “Duck-tective”.

Wendy has a job as a lifeguard at the public pool during the summer.

She is skilled at playing pool and often plays against her co-workers at the Mystery Shack.

Wendy has a scar on her left elbow, which she got from falling off her skateboard.

She enjoys reading comics and is a fan of the superhero “Manly Dan”.

Wendy is left-handed and is often seen holding objects with her left hand.

She has a secret hiding place in the forest where she goes to get away from the stresses of life.

Wendy is often seen wearing black nail polish.

She has a strong dislike for the character “Gideon Gleeful” from the show “Lil’ Gideon’s Big House!”.

Wendy has a secret crush on the character “Tomato Head” from the game “Fortnite”.

She is a fan of the band “Lil’ Gideon and the Lilliputtians”.

Wendy is allergic to cats and will often sneeze around them.

She enjoys playing pranks on her friends, especially Dipper and Soos.

Wendy is shown to be good with children and often helps out at the local daycare center.

She has a talent for whistling and can whistle complex tunes with ease.

Wendy is not afraid to speak her mind and will often give her honest opinion.

She has a fondness for retro fashion and can often be seen wearing vintage clothes.

Wendy has a strong sense of justice and will often take action against injustice.

She is a fan of the show “Cash Wheel” and often watches it with her family.

Wendy is an expert at climbing trees and often uses this skill to hide from her brother.

She has a crush on the character “Jake the Dog” from the show “Adventure Time”.

Wendy is shown to be skilled at playing the guitar and often plays with her band “The Lawnmower People”.

She is an outdoorsy person and enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing.

Wendy is a fan of the show “Dinosaur Laser Fight”.

She has a fear of spiders and will scream if she sees one.

Wendy is shown to have a good memory and can recall details from events that happened years ago.

She is a loyal friend and will stand up for her friends no matter what.

Wendy has a knack for fixing things, as shown in the episode “The Time Traveler’s Pig”.

She is a fan of the indie rock band “Sleater-Kinney”.

Wendy has a talent for drawing and often sketches in her spare time.

She is a skilled snowboarder and often participates in competitions.

Wendy has a soft spot for animals and is seen feeding the local deer in the forest.

She is known for her sarcastic sense of humor and quick wit.

Wendy has a habit of making up her own skateboarding tricks.

She is shown to be good at math and often helps Dipper with his homework.

Wendy has a strong sense of independence and often prefers to do things on her own.

She has a rebellious streak and has been known to break rules from time to time.


Q: How tall is Wendy Corduroy? A: Wendy Corduroy is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q: Who played Wendy Corduroy? A: Wendy Corduroy is voiced by actress Linda Cardellini in the animated series “Gravity Falls.”

Q: What is Wendy’s last name in Gravity Falls? A: Wendy’s last name is Corduroy.

Q: Wendy Corduroy played by? A: Wendy Corduroy is voiced by Linda Cardellini in the animated series “Gravity Falls.”

Q: Gravity Falls Wendy full name? A: Wendy’s full name is Wendy Blerble Corduroy. The middle name “Blerble” is a running joke in the series.

Q: Who is Wendy’s dad in Gravity Falls? A: In the series, Wendy’s dad is named Manly Dan. He is a rugged and muscular lumberjack who appears in a few episodes.

Q: Who is Wendy’s crush? A: Wendy’s crush is a character named Robbie Valentino. He is a musician and part of the recurring cast in the series.

Q: Wendy Gravity Falls full name? A: As mentioned earlier, Wendy’s full name is Wendy Blerble Corduroy.

Q: Wendy’s friends in Gravity Falls? A: Wendy has several friends in Gravity Falls, including Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, and Soos Ramirez. She is also shown to have friendly interactions with other characters in the series.

Q: Wendy Corduroy mother? A: In the series, Wendy’s mother is not given a specific name or mentioned in detail. She does not play a prominent role in the show.

Q: Does Dipper end up with Wendy? A: In “Gravity Falls,” Dipper Pines develops a crush on Wendy, but their relationship does not progress into a romantic one. As the series progresses, Dipper’s feelings for Wendy evolve, and their friendship remains an important aspect of the story.

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