100 One Piece Theories You Must Need To Know

One piece is a Japanese anime series produced in 1999, a series written by Junki Takegami(1-195), Hirohiko Kasmisaka(196-798), and Shoji Yonemura(799-…..). One piece Sold Over More than 300 Million Copies Over the World, Here is the list of one-piece theory Lets Enjoy

Imu is Luffy’s mother oda commented that Luffy’s mother is powerful and she was already shown

Blackbeard has 3 hearts this is how he can eat 2 devil fruits and persist

The Theory Is Blackbeard will eat Kaido’s devil fruit when Kaido is beaten Blackbeard will display up to eat his devil fruit

  • A traitor in the straw hats oda uses the traitor pattern a bunch, maybe foreshadowing for a straw hat traitor

Roger is Live & roger’s said “I will not die partner” & Luffy will die after becoming pirate king his lifespan was shrunk from poisoning & using the 2nd,3rd, and 4th Gear

  • DF user obtains sick when approaching laughter Toki and buggy earned sick when they approached laughter
  • Usopp will die Usopp will surrender for his crew and hence become a rave warrior of the sea
  • connected map of jay island one piece is the portion of Jaya island that will make it complete
  • The left eye link could be foreshadowing for the left eye missing to complete the one piece
Enies lobby connection to one piece if we add the D in front of Enies we get refuses, in reference that denies lobby denies access to one piece
  • crocodile used to be a woman this is the mystery that only Ivankov shifted the crocodile into a male
  • the shank is a celestial dragon which is how why he carried to talk with the 5 elders
  • ancient weapons will destroy the grand line eliminating the grand line we will get the all blue connection all seas and the one piece

Kaido was artificially designed Kaido is referred to as a “thing”, plus we know he owns big mum a favor, maybe because she was the one who gifted him live with her DF

The Theory Is Shanks will spin out to be an Antoginous he has the fourth road Poneglyph and Luffy will have to fight him in order to get it

  • Most Of them Don’t Know Akainu is from Wano
  • The dragon was a marine
  • Most Of them Confusion Ryokugyu is a dragon brother It’s Real
  • Rayleigh is Luffy’s uncle buggy’s Its a theory
  • You Would Not Believes that rocks D.Xebec Alive
  • Crocodile is woman Enies lobby have some relation with one piece treasure
  • Its True Mihawk is rayleigh’s and Shakki’s son

dragon has a DF controlling the weather when lightening attacked and saved Luffy that was the dragon’s doing Garp’s purpose was the same as his son’s from the start, he just wanted to penetrate the world government

  • Koby will become an admiral Luffy will resemble roger and Koby will resemble grap
  • the straw hat is the biggest straw hat belonging to joy boy
  • sea kings will eliminate the red line to create a blue
  • laugh tale is the island removes the devil fruit powers who come near it
  • Shiki is alive and prepared for his return
  • Blackbeard teaches have 3 Hearts
  • shank can be a celestial dragon
  • Blackbeard teaches to connect with Xebec

the chopper will cure Luffy’s infection Luffy will get a blood disease from using the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dear but the chopper will remedy him making him the world’s best doctor

Zoro is Shimotsuki Ushimaru’s son this theory is conformed

Blackbeard is connected to xebec his ideals remind me of rocks he desires to rock he wants to gain control no matter what it takes

Xebec will return his death was never shown very little is known about him indicating that he may return

Sanji will awaken his Lunarian powers this would also explain why he can set his legs on fire when attacking without getting hurt

Blackbeard will kill shanks their hate has been shown numerous times hinting to the clash of the 2 later on in the series

Bonney is connected to ace Bonney was destroyed by ace’s death maybe because he was his girlfriend or his twin sister

Aokiji is a spy of the revolutionary army Aokiji was shown in a way that even though was an antagonist he was put in a way to be loved by the fans

zoro’s left eye is the Sharingan he got missing and ended up in the wrong anime he trained with Itachi and earned his Sharingan
  • Mihawk is the son of rayleigh and shaky not an excess of info backing up this theory
  • Mihawk is the son of imu their eyes are similar
  • the law will die law will execute the ageless surgery on Luffy and die
  • Yamato will join the straw hats Yamato will reach Oden and set sail with Luffy who resembles roger

Marco will join straw hats Marco will follow ace’s brother and support him become pirate king following whitebeard’s order to save Luffy

The giant straw hat is connecting to Uranus the giant straw hat was frozen like the planet Uranus, indicating at a possible connection

  • laughter and the ancient kingdom are identical they are both info that the WB tries to hide maybe they are the same thing
  • Luffy will unlock 5th gear to defeat a powerful opponent
  • Aokiji is brook’s Sontheimer hairstyle and body type are very similar

shanks and Makino had a baby together Makino was seen carrying a baby that could possibly be Shank

Luffy’s devil fruit awakening Luffy will understand how to awaken his devil fruit from Katakuri who will join his crew
  • shanks will attempt Luffy’s trustworthiness
  • The Crazy Theory imu is Luffy’s mother
  • Blackbeard pirates vs straw hat choice decide the next pirate king
  • Elbaf is the successive arc after Wano
  • Yamato joins the straw hats

joy boy was the majesty of the ancient kingdom world government tried to secrete any details of joy boy maybe because he ruled over the ancient kingdom

shaky was part of the rocks pirates it was indicated by oda that she may have been a portion of the rocks pirates

Bonney was alive during the void century Bonney’s DF authorizes her to do that, plus this is why she is wanted by the WG

  • Hito no MI is the Amiudake Mushroom Hito no Mi really reaches a mushroom

Pudding can read the Poneglyphs she can read the Poneglyphs and that’s why she was so necessary to big mum & joy boy had the Gomu no mi this is why the world government was so obsessed with these devil fruits

Akainu is from Wano Akainu’s sakura blossoms tattoo could indicate his Wano ancestry
  • imu Sama was alive during the void century this is why she is such an important figure because she knows all the mysteries of the void century and the WG

Imu same is immortal she was executed with the ageless surgery of the Ope Ope no Mi and Tashigi is Huina her memory was erased their appearance is nearly identical

  • WG erased memories of the void century this is why no one knows what occurred during this period
Usopp will have the best observance Haki Usopp will become the finest sniper in the world and hence he will require an excellent observation haki
  • Usopp will fight with his father for the location of the best sniper in the world
  • Usopp is Sogeking a fantastic theory really but you never know
  • dragon used to be a marine after seeing how corrupted the WG is, he determined to leave
  • Usopp will own Uranus Usopp will get a major strength up in the Elbaf arc and hence own Uranus

Bonney frequently makes imu more immature this is the way imu stays immortal and why Bonney was desired by the WG & Bonney’s mum is a big mum because of their pink hair

  • The Theory is Luffy will destroy Fishman island according to the prophecy Luffy will conquer the Fishman island

Ryokugyu ate a plant-based devil fruit he was said to quit eating maybe because he gets his food from the sun by photosynthesizing

  • shanks task is to guard laughter shank is not after one piece but instead, makes sure that the next pirate king is a deserving successor of roger

Sanji will revive his Lunarian powers & Imu and the 5 elder has lived since the void century with Bonney’s devil fruit as help why Bonney is wanted by the WG

There are too many moon connections in one piece so something is up with the moon
  • Yami Yami no Mi is really a Hito Hito Mi fruit model Moon God
  • macro enters the straw hats and Yamato stays to protect Wano with Momonosuke
  • Elbaf is Usopp arc where he will get a large power up (maybe Uranus)
  • Koby will become a fleet admiral and modify the marine’s way
  • laugh tale has a relation to the moon
  • Garp betrays the world government

Luffy will destroy the red line with pluton or his new giant hand attack from chapter 1047 destroying Fishman island in the operation & straw hats will become guardians of Wano

  • devil fruit users get unwell when approaching laugh tale that’s why Teki and buggy became sick when they approached laugh tale
  • more additional god fruits will appear
  • rocks D.Xebec returns
the sunny is the ancient weapon pluton, only Franky and iceberg have the blueprints of pluton so frankly maybe they made sunny from the blueprints
  • future Yonko law and kid (if it even will be an Onko system)
  • Blackbeard pirates vs red hair pirates shanks pass by Blackbeard
  • it will be a war in mary genoise between pirates and WG. this will determine the Worlds future

There is a demon inside Zoro this describes Zoro’s attack on asura & It’s something up with the left eyes both Zoro shanks Pedro Luffy and the jolly roger of Doflamingo + Jaya has scarred or forgetting eyes

  • Enies lobby is the lost piece of Jaya and under Enies lobby is a laugh tale
  • Luffy will conquer Fishman Island
  • Koby will become the most powerful marine ever and will surpass garp
  • Tashigi is kuina
  • Garp will betray marine

Marco and Yamato will join the straw hat & Usopp will be the most amazing observation Haki user in the whole one piece
  • dragon is whether god
  • jewelry Bonney has some connection with Kuma
  • Aokiji can be brook son
  • the law will perform ageless surgery On Luffy
  • Luffy will suffer from the exactly Same disease as roger did but our dr chopper will protect him

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