50 Things You Didn’t Know About Guido Mista

List of Guido Mista facts:-

Guido Mista is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

He is a member of the gang Passione, and is one of the protagonists in Part 5 of the series, “Golden Wind”.

Guido Mista’s age is 18 years old, and he was born on November 27th.

He is of Italian descent, and hails from Naples, Italy.

Mista stands at a height of 5’11” (180 cm) and weighs around 75 kg.

His blood type is B.

Mista’s Stand is called “Sex Pistols”, which consists of six tiny beings that can manipulate the trajectory of bullets.

His favorite food is Margherita pizza.

Mista has a fear of the number “4”, due to its resemblance to the Japanese word for “death”.

He also has a fear of dogs, due to a traumatic experience in his past.

Mista is known for his distinctive hairstyle, which features a pompadour at the front and shaved sides.

He has a tattoo on his left hand that reads “Jojo” in cursive.

Mista is a skilled marksman and has exceptional accuracy with his Stand’s bullet manipulation ability.

He is a fan of Western culture, and often uses cowboy slang in his speech.

Mista’s favorite color is yellow.

He has a love for action movies and often references them in his speech.

Mista is a loyal friend and has a strong sense of justice.

He is also known for his perverted tendencies and often makes sexual jokes and innuendos.

Mista has a rivalry with fellow gang member, Leone Abbacchio.

He has a habit of counting things, including his bullets and steps.

Mista has a scar above his left eye, which he received in a previous battle.

He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and often uses brass knuckles in fights.

Mista’s favorite music genre is rock.

He is not a fan of seafood, due to a bad experience with shellfish.

Mista’s voice actor in the anime series is Gakuto Kajiwara.

He has a habit of giving nicknames to his friends, such as “Fugo-chan” and “Bucciarati-boss”.

Mista has a tendency to become hyperactive and excitable in certain situations.

He has a close relationship with fellow gang member, Narancia Ghirga.

Mista’s dream is to become a movie director.

Despite his rough exterior, Mista has a kind heart and cares deeply for his friends and allies.

Mista’s father was a professional marksman who taught him how to shoot at a young age.

He has a scar on his forehead from a childhood accident where he fell off a balcony.

Mista is not a fan of smoking and often scolds his friends for doing it.

He has a strong sense of fashion and takes pride in his appearance.

Mista’s favorite movie is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.

He has a habit of whistling when he’s nervous or anxious.

Mista is a skilled driver and has experience driving both cars and motorcycles.

He has a tendency to exaggerate his stories for comedic effect.

Mista is a fan of video games and enjoys playing them in his spare time.

He has a love for animals and is especially fond of cats.

Mista has a habit of putting his own spin on common phrases, such as saying “peace of pie” instead of “piece of cake”.

He has a deep respect for his boss, Bruno Bucciarati, and is willing to do anything to protect him.

Mista’s favorite brand of cigarettes is Lucky Strike.

He has a habit of using his fingers to simulate a gun when he’s bored.

Mista’s favorite holiday is Christmas.

He has a talent for cooking and enjoys experimenting with different recipes.

Mista is a fan of comic books and superhero movies.

He has a weakness for cute things, such as plush toys and cute animals.

Mista’s favorite type of gun is a revolver.

He has a tendency to speak his mind, even if it gets him in trouble.

Mista is a skilled strategist and often comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

He has a dislike for bugs and often squishes them when he sees them.

Mista is known for his flashy and flamboyant personality.

He has a soft spot for children and is very protective of them.

Mista’s favorite brand of cola is Coca-Cola.

He has a competitive streak and enjoys challenging his friends to contests.

Mista is a fan of horror movies and enjoys being scared.

He has a habit of making puns and wordplay jokes.

Mista’s favorite animal is a lion.

He has a strong sense of duty and will not hesitate to put himself in danger for the sake of his mission.


Who is Mista’s voice actor? Mista, also known as Guido Mista, is a character from the manga and anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind.” In the anime adaptation, Mista is voiced by actor Gō Shinomiya.

Why is Mista scared of the number 4? Mista’s fear of the number 4 stems from a cultural superstition known as tetraphobia, which is the fear or avoidance of the number 4 in various East Asian cultures. The reason behind this superstition is that the pronunciation of the number 4 in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages sounds similar to the word for “death.” This association with death leads to a fear or negative connotation attached to the number 4.

Does Guido Mista have a tattoo related to cars? No, there is no canonical information that suggests Guido Mista, the character from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” has a tattoo related to cars. Mista’s distinctive features mainly revolve around his blond hair, dark sunglasses, and his stand, Sex Pistols.

How many times did Mista shoot himself? Mista has a unique ability called “Sex Pistols,” which allows him to control six tiny gunmen. Due to the mischievous and unpredictable nature of his Stand, Mista has accidentally shot himself multiple times throughout the series. However, the exact number is not specified.

How would you describe Mista’s personality? Mista is depicted as a cheerful, laid-back, and confident individual. He possesses a strong sense of justice and loyalty, often demonstrating a willingness to help and protect his comrades. Mista can be superstitious and has a fear of the number 4. He is also quite talkative and occasionally displays a flirtatious nature.

What type of revolver does Mista use? Mista’s weapon of choice is a modified revolver known as “Six Bullets.” It is a semi-automatic revolver that can fire six bullets in quick succession. Each bullet is assigned to one of Mista’s six Stand entities, the Sex Pistols, allowing him to control their trajectory and manipulate the outcome of his shots.

What is Mista’s backstory? Guido Mista’s backstory is explored in the manga and anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind.” Mista was born and raised in Naples, Italy, where he became involved in the world of organized crime. He later joined the gang Passione and became a member of Bucciarati’s team, utilizing his unique Stand abilities to help in their mission.

What is Mista’s Stand called? Mista’s Stand is called “Sex Pistols.” It manifests as six small humanoid creatures that possess personalities and assist Mista in combat. Each of the six Sex Pistols controls the trajectory of a specific bullet, allowing Mista to redirect his shots with incredible precision and accuracy.

What number does Mista hate? Mista has a strong dislike for the number 4 due to his tetraphobia. He associates the number 4 with bad luck and misfortune, as it sounds similar to the word for “death” in certain languages. Consequently, he avoids anything related to or associated with the number 4.

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