100 Facts About Demon Slayer

Demon slayer is a Japanese series written by Koyoharu Gotouge and published by Shueisha. In 2020 the demon Slayer generate an estimated revenue of 1 trillion and become one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time

1-In Demon slayer demons can’t control the wisteria flower And Akaza is the only demon that fights totally barehanded

2-Kagaya was the 97th head of the demon slayer corps
  • 3-Most Of The don’t Know about Shinobu’s parents worked in compounding medicine
  • 4-The Interesting Thing Is Muzan actually regretted killing his doctor
  • 5-Tanjiro inherited his tough forehead from his mother

6-Tengen was originally a shinobi in Inosuke’s imagination Tanjiro was named “Ponjiro”

7-Mitsuri has a amazing muscle mass the density of which is 8 times that of normal gyomei doesn’t use a Nichiren blade instead favoring a set of axes

  • 8-I Can Tell You That Muzan is around 1000 years old (chronologically) and 10000 years old (biologically)
  • 9-There are Only three demons who are not under the influence of Muzan

10-Tanjiro earned the nickname mommy while training with pillars

11-Muzan can read the ideas of all his demons & Shinobu is the only pillar that can not behead a demon

  • 12-Many of them don’t know that Gyomei ranked first in physical strength
  • 13-Most Of them don’t believes Muzan controls all his demons But it’s real
  • 14-Muichiro wears looses and large clothes to confuse enemies
15-Mugen Train was not named endlessness train to avoid issues with a show called like that
  • 16-I can tell you One thing Akari Kito & the voice actor of Nezuko has the same as Nezuko, 5 feet
  • 17-Akari in kanji is spelled as a demon
  • 18-Tanjiro has absolutely Rought hands for the exercise he endured

19-It is indicated that Kagaya and Muzan are from the identical family, people who awake the mark die by the age of 25

  • 20-The only approved human who survived being marked over the age of 25 is Yoruichi
  • 21-Each pillar is allocated a region to protect

22-The Crazy Thing IS Nezuko and Tamaye are the only demons not under the influence of Muzan

  • 23-Many of them don’t know that Muzan has 7 hearts and 5 brains
  • 24-The most interesting thing about Muzan they can absorb people’s cellular memories
  • 25-This is unbelievable Muzan’s baby from height is equal to that of a 3-floor building

26-Rengoku’s voice actor has incredible swordsman mastery in real life as well and the lowest demon slayer rank is called Mizunoto

27-In Demon Slayer the Highest Demon rank is called Kinoe

  • 28-the most unbelievable thing is that Mitsuri has a rabbit
29-Kenichi Suzumura a Japanese voice actor for Obanai is wed to Maaya Sakamoto a voice actress for Tamayo
  • 30-Many of them Don’t Know That The creator’s name is Kyoharu Gotoge
  • 31-This Is real The youngest of six kamado siblings is Rokuta

32–Kyoharu Gotoge remains unidentified to the public Gotoge stated that she senses uncomfortable with pronouns

33-Gotoge’s biological gender remains unidentified (believed to be born female) to become a pillar you must beat over 50 demon or 1 of the 12 demon moons

34-This is quite interesting that Rengoku’s favorite food is sweet potatoes

35-In Demon slayer Gyomei is the only known demon without an actual blade

36-In the Second popularity pool, Zenitsu received the Highest votes placing first

37-Swap demon might have been a shinobi in history based on his attire and stealth like bdm

38-Due to Muzan’s own waning favoritism for the lower moon over the year as a result of their systematic defeats at the hands of the Hashira.

38-It has been predicted that they were never familiar with the castle’s existence.

  • 39-Female demons in mythology were actually beautiful just like in the presentation

40-Genya frequently visits the butterfly mansion for health assessment because of his demon-eating abilities

  • 41-Most of them don’t believes Michael Jackson is around 1000 years old
  • 42-Muichiro Tokito is the most immature pillar being only 14 years old

43-Sakonji, Sanjuro, the courtesan from the enjoyment district, Tengen and Giyu, and among Tanjiro’s pen buddies

44- Kariya was obviously a very cowardly child, the fact that he was raised as a girl until he was 13 years old

  • 45-Gyomei Himejima is the most senior pillar being only 27 years old
  • 46-All the other pillar years range from 18-23 years old
47-During The Clash with Kokushibo Sanemi lost his right index and middle finger

48-A Hashira is suggested to be able to quit whenever they like

49-Muzan is the sole antagonistic figure to occur in the manga volumes cover (2 and 22)

  • 50-Kimetsu no Yaiba literally summarizes demon slayer Blade
  • 51-The average funding for a single episode is More than $80,000

52–When Akaza uses his approach the formation of snowflakes recalls the hair accessory Koyuki wore & Doma is an artist in Kimetsu academy in a combination of ways aside from staged marriages

53-The blue spider lilies in Utah’s graves began to bloom following her dying

54-The color of Akaza’s hair compared to that of Kiyuki’s kimono

55-There were nine Hashira at the start of the series since the characters for Hashira are made up of nine strokes

  • 56-Ninja tweeted that demon slayer might be his favorite anime of all time

57-Demon Slayer Popularity Increase day by day & The IMDB Rating of demon slayer is 8.7 rating

58-Genya is normally more suitable at using a rifle than a sword because he is excellent at hitting targets

59-One of only four Hashira who exerts a standard Nichirin katana is kyojuro

60-As a demon, Akaza is said That he maintained the majority of his human traits.

  • 61-Including the tattoos on his arm are developing large to represent the number of crimes he has committed as he continues to kill and eat people

62-After Sumihiko failed his job and started crying in the same area as him, Aoba became friends with him. then they engaged in a game of badminton together

  • 63-Sabito experiences in the kendo club at Kimetsu academy
64-Kyojuro’s favorite quotes are:
  • “If you place in your all, you’ll stand your floor even in dying,”

65-DOMA’s name merges the kanji for the child (Do) and “polish, enhance” (Ma) in the On’yomi reading

66-As of February 2021, the manga sold More Than 150 million copies worldwide

67-Most of them Don’t know that the Kyoharu wrote a one-shot story called “Heaniewa no Zigzag” before demon slayer

  • 68-Haeniwa on zigzag is almost completely opposing to demon slayer

69-The general frankness of Shinobu was rated at 90%.

70-Although it was indicated that Kanao’s initial attire contained an exposed chest like Mitsuri’s, Shinobu handed her oil and matches to set it on fire instead

71-Obnanai the second-weakest Hashira in terms of power organized to fight Muzan before activating his demon slayer mark

  • 72-The younger sister of Genya and Sanemi & Sumi Shinazugawa has the same name as Sumi nakahara.

73-Obanai can go without food for approximately three days, Obanai slit mouth resembles that of kunchisake-onna a Japanese Onryo

74-The protagonist used curses to kill people unlike Tanjiro who attempts to help people

  • 75-Mugen train film was the highest-grossing anime Movie of 2020

76-Shinjuro hates animals for an unspecified reason

78-The characters for “to have a nightmare”(en) and dream, vision”(mu) merge to form Enmu’s name

79-Several of Kimetsu no Yaiba’s spin-off series are composed by Ryoji Hirano, and Gotogue sensei gave his permission
  • 80-Mugen train movie grossed More than $500Million
  • 81-Mugen train movie was the 1st non-Hollywood movie to Highest annual box office

82-The Interesting Mugen train movie become the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time

83-Kie had an absolutely firm forehead, like her son Tanjiro, and could even headbutt a wild boar to death

84-if somebody cried “you like Tamayo, don’t you, “Yushiro flushes and withdraws.

85-Aakaza once contested against Kokoushibo for the title of upper rank, Kokushibo spared him since he liked the challenge

86-Gyutaro was one of Muzan’s favorite upper rank because of his affection for his situation and greedy nature

  • Rengoku literally means “purgatory”
  • The Height of Ryomei is 2,20 Meters tall
  • There are some manga side stories concentrating on Rengoku’s 1st Mission
  • Rengoku evolve a Pillar By Killing the Lower 2 Moon demons of that time
Rengoku desired to have a pet but he never did because his father hated them

87-The voice actor after Inosuke and Kirito in Sword Art Online is the same

  • The initial print run for volume 23 was 4 million copies

89-Sumuhiko kamado was criticized by his parent and the police for four hours after picking a dangerous route to school

The name of Nakime was mistakenly taken as “Nasume” in volume 12 official English release

  • Many of them don’t know Shizuka Ishigami is the Japanese voice actress for Makio

90-Tengen was a shinobi before he shifted into a demon slayer and afterward, a Hashira And Tengen had eight younger siblings for a total of nine kids. because of their father’s obsessive training.

Three of his siblings passed away the remaining six were then set into masked death matches with each other

91-The 9th form Dragon was Anime Originally as The dragon did not emerge in the manga
  • kamado directly means the stove
  • Tanjiro word-for-word means “high Valued second son”
  • Tanjiro hates being in obligation
  • Tanjiro Offers himself his haircuts

92-In Demon Slayer only female Hashira After Kanae Kocho’s passing, Shinobu and Mitsuri get along well

93-Sanemi gives Kaburamaru to kanao tsuyuru when obanai dies

Ikuseiso, the name of the Art book is emanated from the headings of the series last volume and chapter

  • “lives that shine the years”

94-The Daughter also Interacts with another older Sister After evolving friends with her, suggests that they leave together while Rui is not There

Kiriya is a quintuple along with his sister
  • The gender of Chachamaru is unknown
  • 95-Senjuro enjoys reading & Working at a zoo is Sumihiko’s dream job
  • 96-The magazine version of the Story First Declared That Shinobu.
  • 97-Had seven times that deadly dose of wisteria poison needed to kill a demon in his body

97-However, Koyoharu Gotoge later changed it in the volume edition to 700 times Because he has loved wind chimes since he was a child, Haganezuka Hotaru keeps them connected to his hat.

98-The Adults Would Play The Chimes to Soothe Him If He Was Having A tantrum

Tengen didn’t realize this until he murdered two of his siblings.

  • 99- this upset him and sparked A battle with his father over His Absurd beliefs

100-The only Tengen and his lone brother survived after killing two more of their siblings Tengen turned his blade aside and left the clan with his wives

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