100 Facts About Pokemon

Pokemon is a Japanese media & the Pokemon company is founded by three-person Nintendo, game freak, and Creature the franchise was created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri, In 1998 Nintendo spent $25million promoting Pokemon in the U.S, Here Is the List Of Some Interesting Pokemon fact Lets enjoy…

Here Is The List Of Pokemon Facts

Most Of Them Don’t Know Bulbasaur is the first pokemon in the Pokedex & Rhydon is the first pokemon ever to be made but Aracanine was originally meant to be a legendary pokemon

  • Slowbrow is the just pokemon that can retreat
  • Hitlmonlee and Hitmonchan bear its name from two iconic martial artists
  • Pikachu and Meowth are natural inverses and we admit that the first English name for Vulpix was foxfire
  • Poliwage depends on a natural creature
The Pokemon Fact Is There are More than 4 billion variants to the pattern on the face of Spinda

Marill can transform its gender while advancing and Zubat has no eyes and The gender can determine by its tailed

  • Most of them don’t know about Charmander being the most extended name.
  • The Wobbuffet’s body is not its body & You Didn’t see that Smeargle each moves present in the games
  • The fact is Rattatahas the most down bases hp among all the regular types of pokemon

The Eevee has the most increased amount of possible evolutions & Spearow is colorblind

  • Lvysaur is the only second-stage grass toxin evolution that does not need an item to achieve its final form
  • The design found on the chest of Arbok differs depending on which area you find it
  • The Interesting thing is that Wigglytuff’s body is adjustable
Nidoran females can reproduce but their evolutions cannot & Golduck is a moisture type but can use psychic-type moves
  • Parasect is the just pokemon with a Pokedex passage that interfaces with this current existence
  • Venonats’ large eyes are a cluster of shorter eyes

Pokemon Fact According to the Alolan Pokedex entrance, Alolan Dugtroius are honored & Primeape is the justification for the invention for pokeballs

  • Poliwhirl’s artwork and spirits are consistently irregular
  • Abra and Kadabra initially had different names
  • Machoke has a personality issue

Primeape is the justification for the invention of Pokeballs & Pokemon gold and silver were considered to be the last games

  • Ruby and sapphire are just games that show the player’s father
  • Koffing and wheezing initially had different names
  • The Fact Pokemon is the second best-selling franchise of all time
The Fact Pokemon is the only video game to seem On the front cover of Time magazine

The Victreebell of James is amazing & Tentacruel’s age can be specified by its tentacles & Tentacool is 99% created up of water & Golem can’t be discovered in pokemon red blue and yellow

  • Ponyta can reach around fantastic tiers significantly over the Eiffel tower
  • Rapidash has incredible speed (within 10 steps 145+ Kmph)

Slowpoke is the just one whose national dex number is the exact as its weight in pounds when rounding down & Dodrio runs slowly than its pre-evolutionary form

  • Farefetch’d was initially made to have a development structure

According to its pokemon yellow Pokedex entrance, Doduo is defined to have problem flying due to its short wings so Douo has wings

  • Seel is wrapped in light blue hair
  • Kingler must be obtained via fishing in pokemon yellow
  • Grimer has possibly the most intriguing glossy variation of the game

Cloyster has an almost unbreakable shell & the Pokemon Fact The roots of Koffing remain unidentified

  • Exeggcute contains the most number of heads among some different pokemon
  • Cubone does not contain an Alolane form
  • Starmie is an unfamiliar
  • Scyther and Scizor have a matching base segment all out

Lapras is the only pokemon in the anime to display signals of physicals maturity & Porygon is the only pokemon that develops solely via trade

  • Spoink-Spoink dies if it blocks bouncing
  • Uxie You will fail your memory if you observe Uxie’s eyes
  • CACTURN Cacturn destroys people lost in the desert
Golbat sucks 295ml blood per one taste from a human & Vullaby models a human skull
  • DROWZEE desires to consume children’s dreams
  • Forslass is a ruined young lady whose spirit is captured in the ice and he likes to eat Handsome man’s soul

The pokemon Fact Is If nine tailed you will be cursed for thousand years if you touch its tall & Metapod its cocoon will break if it moves too fast

  • Gothia always stare at something and nobody understands what it is if you get hypnotized then you will be lost permanently

Gothitelle knows when its coach will die & Shedinja if you examine into the cracks on its back your souk will be robbed

  • The Interesting thing is that Spiritomb is created from the souls of 108 pokemon
  • The Pokemon Fact Is If you hear its song you choose to be cursed
  • Confagrigus if enter its coffin you will evolve a mummy
  • Houndoom if its fire hits you it will hurt you for a lifetime
  • Mega Sableye will rob pokemon’s soul with its eyesight
Parasect is dead and its body is handled by the mushroom on it & Hypno somethings robs child along with its imagination
  • Jynx operates a language that no one understands
  • Haunter if you hunter links you will surprise at the same time and die
  • Most of them Don’t Know Honedge is a sword carried by a soul & if you keep its handle it will suck your soul
  • If Yveltal dies it will carry everyone’s
  • Gorebyss likes to shoot the Human body and suck blood & Lampent necessities to satisfy from souls to live

Facts about Ash’s Pokemon 

Pikachu – it is the first pokemon in anime that beat a mega evolved pokemon without mega growing

Butterfree is the first pokemon ash detected matured traded and released

Bulbasaur has the most screen duration as pokemon after Pikachu and Meowth

The Pokemon Fact Is Ash’s never beat any official battle till now & Charizard used a total of 17 moves which are the considerable by any pokemon in anime

Kingler won an entire battle independently in the pokemon league

Muk is the first pokemon that ash detected its fully evolved shape

Mr. mime it was never displayed that ash grabbed Mr mime

Mr mime it 1028 episodes for ash to utilize in a battle Mr. Mome after detecting it

Lapras understands only 2 moves water gun and ice beam & Totodile ash captured it in a different Pokeball

Donphan it exists ash’s only pure ground type pokemon

Beedrill was discharged in the exact episode in which it was caught

  • Swallow it to resist electricity
  • Sceptile combated 4 legendary pokemon
  • Glalie is ash’s first pokemon to have a branched evolution

Gible is ash just dragon type that is not fully evolved & Infernape used fire ability in anime

  • Gliscor is ash only pokemon that developed using the item

Touros some of them were really captured by brock

  • Boldore is ash simply a pokemon that evolve by trading
Leavanny is ash’s only bug type of pokemon that triggered its ability & Greninja is ash just completely evolved water-type pokemon
  • Most Of them Don’t Know that Goodra is the pokemon to return after ash released it
  • Rowlett is ash only flying variety pokemon that has not yet evolved

Melmetal is the only pokemon from the Alolan squad to not operate any z moves & Gengar is the only nonstarter pokemon that was abandoned by its coach

  • Gengar its color is distinct from other Gengar & Dragonite hasn’t failed any battle official battle currently
  • Sirfetch’d is ash’s only pokemon to have different kinds of evolutions
  • Pikachu ash is the best electric-type pokemon
  • Charizard first pokemon in anime to beat a legendary pokemon
  • Bulbasaur seemed in every generation except Kalos
  • Snorlax used most numbers of the moves in a single battle
Heracross is just Johto pokemon of ash that can mega
  • The Interesting Thing is touros ash owns 30 touroses
  • Bayliff has the most number of wins in Johto
  • Quilava carried most number of the episodes to evolve
  • Noctowl is ash only Most shiny pokemon
  • Doniphan ash won it in a contest as an egg
  • Most of them Don’t Know that Torterra never won a battle after evolving

Infernape was confessed by ash rival before him & Buizel ash obtained it in trade from dawn & Pignite doesn’t know flamethrower when captured

  • Scraggy is ash’s first shady type of pokemon
  • Krokorok ash captured it 62 episodes after its debut

Thalonflame was utilized in 7 gym battles in a single area

  • Hawlucha was forest champion before ash captured it & Goodra ash is the superior pure dragon-type pokemon
  • Rowlet wants to be out of its Pokeball most of the time like Pikachu

Lycanroch is occasional and special from Lycanree & Licineroar both of the times, it developed while battling with professor KuKui

  • Melmetal is ash’s In pokemon only mythical pokemon
  • Most of them Don’t believe Naganadel is an ultra beast
  • Dragonite ash captured it as a fully developed pseudo legendary pokemon
  • Farfetched ashes Are the first regional from pokemon
Most Of them Don’t Know that Lucario is the first pokemon of ash to mega evolve & Dracovish is ash first fossil pokemon In Pokemon era
  • Greninja is the only pokemon to develop bond evolution
  • Riolu carried less time to hatch from the egg
Facts about Ash’s Ketchum

In Japanese ash was designated after pokemon creator satoshi & Ash’s date of birth is 22nd May 1986 & When ash met first time with Pikachu he was 10 years 10 Months and 10 days old

Most of them Don’t Know that the surname Ketchum was called after the pokemon main theme gotta Ketchum all

Some of them Don’t believe that Ash is still 10 years old & When he died 3 times & He earned a total of 52 official gym badges

  • Ash journeyed to 8 different regions
  • He beat 4 legendary pokemon in the anime

Ash and gray were best or you can say close friends before becoming rivals & He is the youngest pokemon trainer to beat all frontier brains

  • Most of them Don’t Believe that Ash’s first two badges are not official
  • He made his school debut in sun and moon

Debris is frequently voiced by female voice entertainers & He is the only understood trainer with bond evolution

  • Ash rejected the proposal of becoming a frontier brain
  • He is immune to electric-type attacks

Ash is based on red not entirely but he is not red & the pokemon organization decided to give ash Clefairy as the first pokemon but switched to Pikachu later

  • Ash likes to pick Squirtle as the first pokemon
  • Ash is resistant to fire-type attacks
  • Ash’s dad and father were also pokemon teachers & Gary was ash’s only friend in boyhood
  • Ash’s aura is different from others and he is a healthy weight lifter & Ash has the intense willpower

In Sinnoh league, Ash was the most powerful trainer after Tobias & He holds more than 50 different pokemon

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