42 Facts About Danganronpa

In the scenario author for Danganronpa, Kodaka Kazutaka has a personality extremely identical to Kazuichi Souda

  • Monokuma is Kodaka’s favorite character he notes he is always the most comfortable character to write
  • The Imposter is the character Who is never seen as a class trial
  • Miu and Hiyoko were voted as the Forth and fifth most famous characters of their respective actors in japan
  • Makoto, Hajime Asahina, and Kyoko are characters who are the best survival & better than one killing game
  • In the Initial game after Makoto is given the heading “for hope,” his e-handbook profile details his little as Ultimate despair”
  • In Danganronpa Mahiru and Ashina share the same birthday

Chihiro’s connection to Chiaki was indicated by the fact that they have the exact same day birthday (Chihiro Fujisaki) and their identical designs

  • obviously, the first-world Junko told that he was unhappiness
  • while under the convincing of the Greatest despair than Sonia killed her parent to become queen and rule her country in chaos
  • all the children In the poor ending of the game are Asahina’s even the one who fans are supposed to be from took and Byakuya
  • He took died from directly exploding in the wrong ending yeah that it
  • Hifumi has never dated an alive person
  • Asahina always wears shorts in her costumes even in winter
  • Togami has a fortune of over 40,000,000,000 yen

Kazuichi’s fascinating faces come from the path that he was victimized in school so he rubbed his teeth and made his hair and eyes pink so he would look harder

  • Daisaku Height is more than the Characters he is 213cm tall
  • Ryoma is the most undersized human character in the franchise he just had 105cm in height
  • Ryoma and Daisaku could be considered total opposites
Ryoma and Miu both never sided with Kaede and Shuichi on the scrum discussions
  • Kaito and Kokichi never existed on the same side during a scrum argument
  • Shuichi is the most notable V3 character in japan while Tsumugi is the most unpopular
  • while Angie’s ethnicity was never verified it implied she Polynesian

Miu has an unpracticed fairy in which she holds an s*x toy that kodaks were preparing to use for her most furious remarks

  • In 2012 problem occur for gamers, Most of the Korean game publications ran an SDR2 in which they treated Mahiru & Souda as a Couple
  • Autumn assembles Makoto considering Kyoko’s birthday is in October
  • Koichi is the one who took the picture of Kyoko and Jin That can be located In the 2nd Floor Dormitory
  • Mondo’s felling has been denied by girls more than 10 times in his life because he starts crying due to nervousness
  • Mikan’s birthday comes on International Nurses”s day
  • Komaru desired of becoming a manga artist

Nagito has various harmful diseases that he hides throughout the series he should be dead but his fantastic luckiness keeps him alive

  • It implied that Nagito was the sole survivor of the last 2 plane smashes
  • In one wonderful Gozu’s beta plans you can see how he would look like without the cover
  • At The Age Of 75, Kazuo Tengan’s timeline of events in Danganronpa is taken into account
The real Chiaki Nanami had a Nintendo Game girl Advance as her Favorite Console The name Nintendo is probably a pun on her last name
  • Leon was known as “Kazuichi Matsuzaki”
  • Hifumi Was known as “Yuji Ando”
  • Celestia was know as “S rudenburg”

In English translation The Meaning Of Danganronpa Is ” winning an argument with a bullet”

  • In Chapter 4 Sonia indirectly reveals to Gundham that she isn’t a virgin
  • Ibuki chooses heavy metal over most music genres
  • Hiyoko also appears to be the only one who enjoys hearing Ibuki’s music
  • Mikan would also be on this list but her emotion for Junko is just a side of her infection with despair
  • Peko and Sakura attended the same high school before registering at hope peak
  • Most Of them Don’t Know that Sakura Oogami has a boyfriend name is Kenshiro

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