Disney Princesses: Ranked By IQ Level

Here We will Rank Disney Princesses based on their IQ Level, abilities & Intelligence.

17-Snow White (IQ Level 80-85)
Snow White

However, considering that she is 14, naive to the outside world, and hasn’t had much of a life outside of being a helper to her stepmother for much of her life,

  • She is shown to be intelligent enough to find shelter and work out a deal with the dwarfs. It’s possible that her intelligence will grow as she matures. I think snow white should have been the dumbest because
  • she goes into a strange cottage after knocking and finding no one home so…(breaking and entering right there).
  • She doesn’t catch the red flag when the old queen witch anoints her “my pet” and
  • she buys the old witch queen’s story about the so-called “magic wishing apple” when there were a ton of red flags that she should have very clearly seen
16-Aurora (IQ Level 90)

It is Not really her fault since we don’t get to see her much.

  • However, despite being sheltered, she is shown to be intelligent due to understanding how to read, do ballroom dances, found a loophole on the spot to meet up with Philip,
  • she knew that the fairies were planning something for her birthday.
  • She was hypnotized when she touched the needle! How could she have proven her intelligence when she didn’t have any management over her actions?

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15-Elsa (IQ Level 95-100)

I will put some points that determine his intelligence She Was always trying to keep others safe from her magic by carefully painting herself as a bad guy. In the books, she was a lover of academics and geometry.

  • However, she isn’t without flaws. She can be a bit too trusting of outsiders if she feels that they could help her in her goal and understandably doesn’t completely get modern life.
  • However, for the most part, she is willing to learn and overcome these minor flaws.
  • Even before going to war, she manages to find a way to have her dog be the one who fed the chickens.
  • While the first movie doesn’t show much beyond “You can’t marry a man you just met,” the second movie shows more than said here. The fact is, she is a very quick thinker. First, she got everyone out of town when she realized the elements were going nuts.
  • Second, she took the initiative to go to the Enchanted Forest to see what was up. Third, she realized what the fire spirit was and communicated with it instead of blasting it with ice.
  • Fourth, she figured out how to literally play memory from years ago using her powers and the “water has memory” thing. Fifth, reins on the water horse.
  • Sixth, when she was freezing, she thought to send a message to her sister at the last moment. Seventh, when she revived, she immediately ran to protect her kingdom.
  • Eighth, gave the kingdom to Anna. Definitely, college-bound.
14-Merida (IQ Level 100)

She is the most skilled archer and his accuracy is 70+%, She can also fight with a sword and his thinking power is much better than Elsa and Aana

  • she is brave and she always avoided arranged marriage she is the first princess comes in the Pixar animation movie
13-Cinderella (IQ Level 105)

Know when to hold her tongue around her step-family and managed to keep a house together for several years on her own.

  • she stands up to lady Tremaine multiple times in the first film, an example would be insisting on going to the ball, challenging her stepmother
  • she successfully exits the tower that she is locked in by conveying and strategizing with the animals
  • she brings the extra glass slipper at the end, knowing full well Tremaine will do anything to stop Cinderella from trying it on
  • She also hid the glass slipper from her step-family until it was the perfect time to reveal it. Cinderella is not as passive as you might think:

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12-Anna (IQ Level 105-110)

Is smart enough to get out of a few dangerous conditions on her own in both films. In the sequel,

  • she is cautious about the idea of Elsa going to Ahtohallan alone, figuring out that she needs to break the dam, and shows a surprising knowledge of Arendelle’s ships which led her to suggest checking the waterproof compartment
  • However, her impulsiveness and initial naive toward the outside world keep her from being higher. Anna was also the one who wanted to marry a man the first day she met him; that sounds pretty dumb to me

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11-Pocahontas (IQ Level 110+)

She Tries difficult to see another point of view in order to help avoid war and is completely knowledgeable about animals.

  • However, while she may be against war, she is proven to be far from being flexible when it comes to the idea of her lifestyle could be changed, and doesn’t completely get English culture.
10-Moana (IQ Level 115)

Figures out multiple ways to help out her people on the island and later on for the most part prepared herself for wayfinding with only a little help from Maui.

9-Raya (IQ Level 115-120)

She is the most skilled princess she mastered in hand combat, she was the practice at age 6years old and his first priority to save people he has the ability to recognize enemy moves

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8-Jasmine (IQ Level 120)

Can pick up or calculate things easily once she put her mind to it.

  • Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to show this much since the film mostly has her focuses on either her relationship with Aladdin or her trying to get out of being in an arranged marriage.

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9-Ariel (IQ Level 123)

Admirably willing to learn an entirely new culture and is clever enough to get out of trouble several times.

  • However, her impulsiveness and short-sightedness are her downfalls. But meeting Ursula help her realize her own foolish actions and to improve on them
  • Ariel is naive but she’s not dumb. The very first time we see her she outsmarted a shark. And then there’s her tv series that show her more. She’s rather smart just naive.
  • she’s not born human so she’s acted like a crazy tourist who just got amazed with everything she saw in the human world… Even Einstein will act the same way if he travels to a place where everything is different

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8-Rapunzel (IQ Level 125)

I know most of them don’t agree on rank about Rapunzel I have so many points then you can easily understand why I put them here.

  • Have numerous hobbies and is willing to learn about the outside world. However, she also has a hard time putting herself in another shoe and can be occasionally careless, and initially unprepared for the seriousness of the duty of the Queen really is.
  • However, she does eventually mature and learns to improve on her common sense and being more responsible as time goes on.
she has her books and mother Gothel, who probably didn’t teach her, is pretty impressive. Also, she’s smart enough to defend herself and also holds Eugene captive.
  • Considering the fact that she’s been sheltered all her life, she seems to be a quick thinker, not to mention, that she figured out that she was the missing princess all by herself and is emotionally intelligent enough to get those guys at the bar and the horse on her side.
  • Rapunzels ranking. She may not have street smarts and she may be naive but she is definitely intelligent a quick learner and a quick thinker.
  • She makes due with the materials around her, (ie, frying pan, her hair, stick) and she managed to teach herself how to sew, paint, read, make candles, and play chess (which we are shown she is extremely good at) and many many other things found in “when will my life begin”. Hell, she was smart enough to befriend a small Lil lizard and get him to hold still long enough to take his measurements and see him in a freaking dress.
  • During a moment of panic, when she was about to drown, Rapunzel’s quacking thinking saved her and her friends. She managed to tame an angry horse, fight alongside Eugine, and even give ruffians and things a change of heart by reminding them of their humanity. Getting them to express their feelings and admit to their dreams.

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7-Megara (IQ Level 126)

is cunning and very street-smart. However, she also makes a point to not get near to anyone until meeting Hercules due to her heart getting broken in the past she is quite unsure what to do when she does fall in love again.

6-Tiana (IQ Level 127)

she has a sharp mind and his ability to communicate with animals she Knew enough to not trust Dr. Facilier and is creative. she is hard work and saves money for her restaurant

  • She does anything consistently and he believes that if we consistently do anything then we achieve our goal nothing is impossible he never gives up and always tries to give her best in any situation,
  • The interesting thing about tina is she is the famous first black Disney princess

5-Jane Porter (IQ Level 128)
Jane Porter

she Is a bookworm, a talented artist who has a deep knowledge of several educational subjects.

  • However, it initially takes some time for her to get used to and learn outdoor survival and her dad is the one who had to bring to her attention to follow her heart instead of doing what is expected of her.
4-Belle (IQ Level 129)

Is clearly one of the better logical people with more additional sense of common sense in her film. But unfortunately doesn’t get used much for the plot

  • I always thought that Belle going into the west wing despite being specifically told not to by the beast was out of character for her since she’s usually very well mannered
  • you would think that she would be wise enough not to break the beast’s rules since he’s the one that just imprisoned her and could easily throw her back into the dungeon, and she had already witnessed his anger problem
  • Belle did not use her dad’s invention to escape. Chip got it to work and helped them escape. You gotta give chip credit for that.
3-Vanellope (IQ Level 129+)

She might be an A.I. but she is still programmed to be a little child, with most of her skills being about car racing. Also, do you consider Megara a princess?

  • I think she was just a common mortal who ended up dating Hercules. And Hercules had decided to give up his godly status just to live with Megara, so technically she is not even a goddess at the end of the movie.

2-Mulan (IQ Level 130)

she has good knowledge about geometry and physics and used that to help control the bad fellows. Even before going to war, she manages to find a way to have her dog be the one who fed the chickens

Mulan deserves this place because she’s approximately as smart as Kida without superpowers………………
  • Mulan single-handedly shot down (literally) a charging Mongol army WITH THE POWER OF GEOMETRY AND PHYSICS! Mulan literally had to study avalanche physics to do an amazing feat of intelligence she performed at the fight! Instead of firing a firework at an army in a rush,
  • she quickly calculated the angle, grabbed his pet dragon (lol) to set the rocket on fire, and destroyed 1500 men army in almost an instant! That’s what you call brainpower!
1-Kida (IQ Level 130+)

she is one of the highest IQ levels among all Disney Princesses she can communicate in several languages, is a skilled warrior, and want to relearn her culture’s lost history. However, she isn’t without flaws.

  • She can be a bit too trusting of outsiders if she feels that they could help her in her goal and understandably doesn’t completely get modern life. However, for the most part, she is willing to learn and overcome these minor flaws

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