The 24 Pokemon Exclusive Moves

Here We Will Show you The 24 Pokemon-exclusive moves That Most Of them don’t know Pokemon Moves

24-Spinning Leaf Blade

Ash Grovyle used this move in a battle against Juan

  • it is a grass type of move that is present in the 3rd generation. this look like Sword sharp leave used to attack to cut easily

23-Electro tail

Most of them Don’t Know that Ash Pikachu used this move in a battle against trip

22-Gigantic water Shuriken

Ash Gereninja used this move in the battle against Alain

  • the gigantic water can be used for Bench, which means they can fire water shuriken.

21-Super flying press

is a combination of Hawlucha’s flying press and Froakie’s cut these moves can be introduced in the 6th generation

20-Shocking tail

Ash Pikachu used this move in a battle against surge’s Raichu This Is Pokemon Moves

19-Stone Daggers

Ash’s Krokorok used this move in a battle against Rhysen this is a very Unique handmade piece for hunting

18-Attack Absorb

Ash Gortle hit itself with an energy ball to rise the power of its grass-type moves

17-Thunder rings

Ash’s Pikachu Used this Move In A pokemon Contest this move has a 10% chance of paralyzing the target & the thunder ring can control cracklings.

16-Spinning Water jet

Ash’s Buizel used this move in a battle against Malene’s Lucario this can be introduced in the 4th generation which can damage dealing water.

15-Flamethrower Wheel

it is a combination of flame wheel and flamethrower they have very less accuracy in burning the target approx 10%.


Ash’s Froakie can use this move in anime this move and they can produce bubbles naturally and attached with water energy

13-Electro web shield

Ash Pikachu used this move to protect itself this move can control speed, especially for electric type Pokemon Moves

12-Brave Cannon

it is a combination of brave Bird and Flash Cannon this is a very powerful attack against the enemy


Many of Ash’s Pokemon Can use this Move this move is developed by ash Ketchum he develop this move while he protect fontina pokemon

10-Flaming Seismic Toss

Ash’s Charizard Used this Move In a Battle Against Claire seismic toss is a combination of ash Charizard & fire spin and this move accuracy is approx 99%.

9-Flaming Seismic Toss

Ash’s Charizard Used this Move moves because heat air makes electrical attacks useless this is a special Magmar ability

8-Aerial Submission

Ash Charizard Used this Move against Blaine’s Magmar & submission is a type of charged attack, it can damage while flying

7-Ice Aqua jet

ash Buizel used this move in a battle against paul & it is the combination of Buizel’s aqua jet and pokemon ice type move it is developed by practiced by Dawn.

6-Gigantic Electron Ball

Ash’s Pikachu got power from legendary pokemon and used this move & electro move introduce in the 5th generation user smashes the opponent with yellow ball electric.

5-Volt tail

Pikachu uses a combination of Volt Tackle AND IRON TAIL during his battle against Tobias’ Latios, volt tail move has a 30% chance occur effect & reduces target defense This Is Pokemon Moves

4-Razor jet

it is a combination of a razor shell and a water jet. this spell is used by Kika only when someone is in danger then this move can be executed

3-Spinning wing attack

Ash’s Thalonflame used this move in a battle against Olympia.

  • this is a flying type move that can introduce in the first generation while attacking pokemon extends wings and charge

2-Thunder Armour

Ash’s Pikachu and Swellow can use this Move, this move is an electric type move.

1- Pulse-jet

it is a combination of water pulse and aqua jet

  • the user can shoot heat that blasts the target, this move is always used in the starting move

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