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The 34 Strongest Anime Characters In Anime Verse

Here We Will Show You The Strongest Anime Characters List In Anime Verse

34-Eren Yeager(Attack on Titan)
Eren Yeager(Attack on Titan)

Eren Yeager has basic power and abilities. He has superhuman strength, speed and endurance, regenerative healing factor, and structural hardening and he’s able to see the memories of the future. Moreover, he has regular abilities such as 3D maneuvering skills, and martial arts, and the power level of Eren Yeager is Approx 15,00,000 master manipulation.

33-Yoriichi tsugikuni (demon slayer)

Yoriichi tsugikuni (demon slayer)

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is processing astounding physical abilities. He has inherent abilities and powers such as a transparent world, Total Concentration Constant, Demon Slayer Mark, Extraordinary physical strength, and agility, And the power level of Yoriichi Tsugikuni is Approx 18,00,000.

32-Teresa (claymore)

Teresa (claymore)

She has a lot of incredible powers such as Yoma powers, transformation, regeneration, enhanced senses, toxic immunity, potential immorality, and innate abilities. Her distinctive nature enables her to manage longer time without food or water and her power level is Teresa Approx 35,00,000…

31-Meruem (hunter x hunter)

Meruem (hunter x hunter)

Meruem is much stronger, agile, and resistant than any human. Meruem has immense strength, master strategist, aura synthesis, and supernatural foresight letting him prophesy his antagonist’s moves with incredible accuracy the power level of Meruem is Approx 37,00,000.

30-Reinhard (re:zero Verse)
Reinhard (re:zero Verse)

Reinhard has the power to wish for any Divine Protection he wants. He has a lot of other powers such as defective gate and spirit affinity. Reinhard has a list of incomplete blessings but is stated to have over 100And the power level of Reinhard is Approx 45,00,000..

29-Enrico Pucci (Jojo verse)

Enrico Pucci (Jojo verse)

Enrico Pucci has astonishing power to sense manipulation, dream manipulation, death manipulation, invisibility, and levitation, and has the ability to manipulate spirit and memory the power level of Enrico Pucci is Approx 67,00,000..

28-Chidaruma (dorohedoro verse)

Chidaruma (dorohedoro verse)

He has superhuman physical character and the ability of time manipulation, and soul manipulation and is capable of bringing deadly curses with curse magic. Even he spent more than thousands of years alone after creating Hell and the power level of Chidaruma is Approx 73,00,000.

27-Ling wang (the daily of the immortal king)

Ling wang (the daily of the immortal king)

Ling wang has superhuman physical characteristics and enhanced senses. He can sense things with a spiritual sense and can see deeper spaces. He has other superpowers like danger sensing, cosmic awareness, and soul formation and the power level of Ling wang is Approx 77,00,000..

26-Tet (no game no life verse)

Tet (no game no life verse)

Tet is referred to as “one true god”. He has spiritual powers of levitation, teleportation, Inter-dimensional travel, and reality warping and the power level of Tet is Approx 95,00,000.

25-The truth (full mental alchemist verse)

The truth (fullmental alchemist verse)

The truth is known as the god of the Fullmetal alchemist universe Is the Strongest Anime.

He has enormous powers like non-corporeal, omniscience, omnipotence, immortality, and invincibility. Truth is competent in giving attention and respect to others and the power level of The truth is Approx 100,00,000.

24-Zeno (oragon ball verse)
Zeno (oragon ball verse)

Zeno is Strongest Anime promptly demolishes anything in the blink of an eye without any endeavor. He also has the ability to erase all existence.

Zeno already destroyed 6 Universe when he was in a “cranky mood”. He has a lot of enormous techniques and equipment like Zeno jump, immorality, magic materialization, mimicry, Zeno’s button, and Zeno OrbAnd the power level of Zeno is Approx 105,00,000.

23-Yhwach (bleach verse)
Yhwach (bleach verse)

Yhwach is capable of telepathically, power bestowal, soul absorption, and sleep-induced power swapping and he has a spirit weapon called “Reishi Sword”. Furthermore, he can change the future that is in front of him even if he can change the future in which he died and the power level of Yhwach is Approx 135,00,000.

22-Najimi ajimu (medaka box verse)

Najimi ajimu (medaka box verse)

She has revealed and explained 814 skills. Ajimu has great strength she has squashed the ground by just stepping on it. As I said that she has 814 skills i.e. magical skills, mental skills, gun skills, miscellaneous skills, ninja skills, and many more, and the power level Najimi Ajimu of is Approx 155,00,000.

21-Anti – spiral (gurren lagann verse)

Anti – spiral (gurren lagann verse)

Anti-spiral is the Strongest Anime capable of sending awareness drift throughout the multiverse. Anti-spiral has a lot of power and abilities like reality warping, omnipresence and omniscience, energy manipulation, telepathy, resurrection, shape-shifting, and many more, and the power level of Anti – spiral is Approx 185,00,000.

20- God Otsutsuki (naruto)

God Otsutsuki (naruto)

The abilities and power of the Otsutsuki god remain unspecified,

They have the ability to move through aspects with the Yomotsu Hirasaka technique, which requires a vast amount of energy. Even they accomplished colonizing the moon and the power level is Approx 266,00,000.

19-Satella ( re:zero verse)
Satella ( re:zero verse)

Satella is capable to use the Authority of Envy. She’s accomplished to create and controlling shadows. It’s also shown that she’s capable of operating someone’s feelings and emotions, boosting or concocting them to her own liking and the power level of Satella is Approx 299,00,000.

18-Rubedo (overlord verse)

Rubedo (overlord verse)

Rubedo’s ability hasn’t been unspecified. She’s the strongest and most powerful NPC and has the powers of the warrior, immeasurable strength, durability, speed, magic caster, mind manipulation, resurrection, and soul manipulation and the power level of Rubedo is Approx 300,00,000.

17-Kaede ( elfen lied)

Kaede ( elfen lied)

She has capable to infect males with a virus that causes their children to be raised a Diclonius like her, Moreover Kaede has tremendous powers such as spiritual powers, spiritual awareness, peak human endurance, master archer, and high intelligence and the power level of Kaede is Approx 347,00,000..

 16-Korosensei (assassination classroom)
Korosensei (assassination classroom)

Koeosensei has enormous powers such as poison immunity, mucus, liquefaction, molting, and superhuman senses. Moreover, Korosensei can change his skin to any color and the power level of Korosensei is Approx 379,00,000.

15-Shiba Tatsuya (The Irregular at Magic High School)
Shiba Tatsuya (The Irregular at Magic High School)

Shiba Tatsuya has a genius-level mind and abilities to create magic sequences and software CDS. He has supernatural powers and great innate magic such as elemental sight, decomposition, regrowth, and baryon lance furthermore has also systematic and non-systematic magic and the power level of Shiba Tatsuya is Approx 390,00,000.

14-Acnologia(Fairy Tail Verse)
Acnologia(Fairy Tail Verse)

Acnologia Strongest Anime has dragon slaying abilities, supernatural strength, mobility, and durability furthermore he has immense powers such as shape-shifting, regeneration, and chronokinesisAnd the power level of Acnologia is Approx 435,00,000.

13-Asakura Hao(shaman King Verse)

Asakura Hao(shaman King Verse)

Asakura is capable of directly controlling any life and spiritual form born on Earth. He often doesn’t use their powers and he is qualified to operate the five elements of nature Earth, wood, Metal, fire, and Water materially. He also has many techniques like ko-oni strike, Sankiraimon means “three refuges prayer” and ultra Senji Ryakketsu means “full moon purification” the power level of Asakura Hao is Approx 470,00,000.

12-Saitama (OPN verse)

Saitama (OPN verse)

Saitama is spiritually at the peak of superhuman powers and as such, his immeasurable strength, speed, durability, athleticism, and agility, furthermore he has a lot of skills like an adaptive fighter, indomitable will, intimation, and tracking skills, and the power level of Saitama is Approx 490,00,000.

11-Arthur Pendragon(seven deadly Sins Verse)
Arthur Pendragon(seven deadly Sins Verse)

Arthur Pendragon has Possess superhuman powers like magic, Extrasensory Perception, Expert Swordsmanship, Air Manipulation, mind manipulation, and curse ManipulationAnd the power level of Arthur Pendragon is Approx 575,00,000.

10-Toriko (Toriko verse)

Toriko (Toriko verse)

Toriko has Possess a unique set of skills like knocking, intuition, and superhuman strength. His main special ability is he uses his sense of smell in order to congregate information and his power level of Toriko is Approx 600,00,000.

9-Alucard (Hellsing Verse)
Alucard (Hellsing Verse)

Alucard has immense spiritual powers such as blood manipulation, weather control, smoke manipulation, mind reading, and many more but his specific power is he can transform himself into any human form and the power level of Alucard is Approx 635,00,000.

8-Rimuru(Tensura Verse)

Rimuru(Tensura Verse)

Rimuru’s genuine power is to absorb powers from his rival. he also has spiritual powers such as paralyzing breath, superhuman smell, telepathy, shape-shifting, and many more, and the power level of Rimuru is Approx 670,00,000..

7-Dandy (space Dandy)

Dandy (space Dandy)

Dandy is the only one who doesn’t have powers but has the ability to cross between multiple dimensions and still keep his integrity. However, it is possible that the dandy’s memories are expunged or he is incapable of recalling his earlier adventure and the power level of Dandy is Approx 690,00,000..

6-Sakamaki Izayoi(Mondaiji Verse)

Sakamaki Izayoi(Mondaiji Verse)

Sakamaki Izoyoi has extraordinary supernatural powers such as soul manipulation, conceptual manipulation, immorality, non-physical interaction, reactive power level, and the ability to negate gifts the power level of is Sakamaki Izayoi Approx 700,00,000.

5-Anos Voldigoad  (Maou Gakuin Verse)
Anos Voldigoad  (Maou Gakuin Verse)

Anos has an enormous amount of magic powers and abilities to perform 100 collateral thoughts at once even under high pressure, which even magicians are unable to do and the power level of Anos Voldigoad is Approx 799,00,000..

4-D (vampire Hunter D Verse)

D (vampire Hunter D Verse)

He has able of cutting illusions and hitting dreams and he has all the quality powers of a vampire and is accomplished by using any power of a vampire such as resurrection negation, enhanced senses, extrasensory perception, and accelerate development and the power level of D is Approx 839,00,000.

3-Solomon (Magi Verse)
Solomon (Magi Verse)

Solomon has immense strength magic was capable of altering the laws of physics. He has astounding powers such as elemental manipulation, attack reflection, gravity manipulation, and teleportation. He is the only one who is able of using this magic with the oddity of his son AladdinAnd the power level of Solomon is Approx 870,00,000.

3-Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo)

Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo)

Tenchi Strongest Anime has possessed the most tremendous powers to generate Light Hawk Wings, he is able to modify this pure energy into matter, generally in the form of a shield, sword, and battle clothing and the power level of Tenchi Masaki is Approx 900,00,000.

2-The law of identity/sega (demon King Daimaou Verse)
The law of identity/sega (demon King Daimaou Verse)

The law of identity is the true god of Daimao verse. She has an immense amount of magical powers such as Plot Manipulation, Nigh-Omniscience, Spatial Manipulation, Omnipresence, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, conceptual manipulation, immorality, durability negation, and creative destruction and the power level of The law of identity is Approx 920,00,000.

1-Featherin Augustus Aurora (07th expansion Verse)

Featherin Augustus Aurora (07th expansion Verse)

Featherin has the Strongest Anime specific spiritual powers like nigh-Omni magic, time manipulation, space manipulation, immorality, teleportation, nigh-omnipotence, and able of drawing magic circles and vocalize to bewitch, Featherin is accomplished in creating just about anything the power level of Featherin Augustus Aurora is Approx 10000,00,000.

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