Top 15 Richest Anime Characters Of All Time Ranked

List of Richest Anime Characters Of All Time Ranked:

15. Kiyomi Takada (Death Note)

Approx. net worth: $500 million (Estimated based on her success as a news anchor and affiliation with Light Yagami)

Kiyomi Takada is a popular news anchor and journalist in the Death Note series.

As a successful news anchor, she likely earns a significant salary, contributing to her wealth.

Kiyomi becomes the spokesperson for the Kira killings and gains further fame and fortune due to her association with Light Yagami.

She has access to luxurious resources and enjoys a high standard of living.

14. Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate the Combat Butler)

Approx. net worth: $600 million (Estimated based on her family’s wealth)

Nagi Sanzenin is an extremely wealthy teenage heiress.

She hails from a rich family, and her immense wealth comes from inheritance and her family’s business ventures.

Nagi lives in a lavish mansion and has numerous servants and staff members catering to her needs.

Her wealth allows her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, surrounded by extravagant possessions and comforts.

13. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Approx. net worth: $700 million (Estimated based on his demon contract and access to vast resources)

Sebastian Michaelis is a demon butler and serves as the loyal and skilled butler to Ciel Phantomhive.

His wealth is indirectly associated with the Phantomhive family, whom he serves.

The Phantomhive family is known for their massive wealth, inherited through their successful toy and candy business.

Sebastian possesses extensive knowledge and skills, enabling him to generate wealth through his various talents.

His resourcefulness and efficiency as a butler contribute to the prosperity and opulence of the Phantomhive household.

12. Tony Stark (Iron Man: Rise of Technovore)

Approx. net worth: $800 million (Estimated based on his role in the Marvel anime)

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, is a genius billionaire and industrialist.

He is the CEO of Stark Industries, a multinational technology corporation that specializes in advanced weaponry and technology.

Stark Industries’ success and innovation have contributed significantly to Tony’s immense wealth.

His technological inventions, such as the Iron Man suit, have not only made him wealthy but also granted him great influence and power.

11. Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC)

Approx. net worth: $900 million (Estimated based on her magical abilities and otherworldly shop)

Yuuko Ichihara is a mysterious and enigmatic witch who runs a shop called “Yuuko’s Shop” that grants wishes.

Her wealth stems from her magical abilities and the vast array of mystical artifacts and items in her shop.

Yuuko’s shop offers otherworldly services and trades, often involving rare and valuable items.

She possesses deep knowledge of the supernatural and has a network of powerful connections, contributing to her affluence.

10. Gilgamesh (Fate/stay night)

Approx. net worth: $1 billion (Estimated based on his immense treasures and golden city)

Gilgamesh is an ancient and powerful character from the Fate/stay night series.

As the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh possesses an immense treasury filled with countless treasures and noble phantasms.

His vast wealth is a result of his conquests and the treasures he acquired throughout his life.

Gilgamesh’s collection includes weapons, artifacts, and treasures of great value and significance.

He views himself as superior to others due to his status and wealth.

9. Kraft Lawrence (Spice and Wolf)

Approx. net worth: $1.2 billion (Estimated based on his success as a merchant)

Kraft Lawrence is a traveling merchant in the Spice and Wolf series.

As a merchant, his wealth comes from his successful trading and business ventures.

Lawrence is skilled in identifying valuable goods, negotiating deals, and maximizing profits.

His extensive knowledge of economics, market trends, and trade routes allows him to accumulate wealth through shrewd business practices.

Throughout the series, Lawrence strives to build his fortune and secure a comfortable life as a merchant.

8. Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Approx. net worth: $1.5 billion (Estimated based on his wealthy vampire family’s assets)

Ayato Sakamaki is a character from the Diabolik Lovers series, which focuses on vampires.

Ayato is part of the wealthy and influential Sakamaki vampire family.

His wealth stems from his family’s long-standing status and their dominance within the vampire society.

The Sakamaki family possesses vast resources, including a luxurious mansion and various assets.

Ayato enjoys a lavish lifestyle, surrounded by opulence and luxury, as befits his status as a vampire noble.

7. Medusa (Fate/Stay Night)

Approx. net worth: $1.8 billion (Estimated based on her vast treasures and magical abilities)

Medusa, also known as Rider, is a character from the Fate/Stay Night series.

As a mythological figure, Medusa possesses various abilities and treasures associated with her legend.

Her wealth primarily comes from her vast treasures, accumulated over centuries.

Medusa has access to magical artifacts, weapons, and riches beyond the comprehension of ordinary individuals.

Her wealth and powers contribute to her role as a formidable and influential character within the Fate/Stay Night universe.

6. Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

Approx. net worth: $2 billion (Estimated based on her family’s wealth and influence)

Kaguya Shinomiya is a central character in the Kaguya-sama: Love is War series.

She belongs to the wealthy and influential Shinomiya family, known for their business empire.

The Shinomiya family’s wealth and power afford Kaguya a luxurious lifestyle.

She has access to high-end resources, including a grand mansion, extravagant possessions, and elite education.

Kaguya’s family background and wealth contribute to her elevated status and influence within her social circles.

5. Charles zi Britannia (Code Geass)

Approx. net worth: $2.5 billion (Estimated based on his royal family’s wealth)

Charles zi Britannia is a character from the Code Geass series and serves as the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire.

As the ruler of a vast and powerful empire, Charles possesses immense wealth and resources.

The Britannian Empire is known for its technological advancements and dominance in various industries.

Charles has access to state-of-the-art facilities, a highly advanced military, and a grand palace.

His wealth and authority grant him significant influence and control over the empire’s affairs.

4. Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Approx. net worth: $3 billion (Estimated based on his knowledge and inventions)

Senku Ishigami is the protagonist of the Dr. Stone series and known for his scientific brilliance.

While Senku doesn’t possess traditional monetary wealth, his intelligence and scientific knowledge are invaluable resources.

His expertise allows him to unlock the secrets of the Stone World and rebuild civilization from scratch.

Senku’s inventions and discoveries hold immense value, both in terms of practical application and potential economic impact.

Through his scientific prowess, Senku gains influence and contributes to the development of a new society.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Approx. net worth: $3.5 billion (Estimated based on his family’s wealth and the resources he acquired)

Lelouch Lamperouge, also known as Lelouch vi Britannia, is the main character of Code Geass.

Lelouch is a member of the Britannian royal family, known for their immense wealth and power.

His family, the Britannian imperial family, controls the Britannian Empire, a dominant force in the world.

As a prince, Lelouch has access to vast resources, including luxurious accommodations and advanced technology.

His influential status and the wealth of his family contribute to his strategic capabilities and ability to manipulate events

2. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Approx. net worth: $4 billion (Estimated based on his family’s wealth and inheritance)

Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note and comes from a privileged background.

His family is well-off, and his father holds a high-ranking position in the police force.

Light’s wealth and access to resources are mostly attributed to his family’s status and income.

Although not explicitly shown in the series, his family’s wealth likely affords him a comfortable lifestyle and educational opportunities.

1. Smaug (Fate/Zero)

Approx. net worth: $40 billion (Estimated based on his control over a vast fortune)

Smaug is a character from the Fate/Zero series, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s dragon of the same name.

In the Fate/Zero universe, Smaug is depicted as a powerful entity with control over a vast fortune.

His immense wealth comes from his dominion over a massive treasure hoard, accumulated over time.

Smaug’s wealth represents the spoils of his conquests and serves as a symbol of his power and influence.

Although the exact value of his fortune is not specified, it is believed to be enormous.

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