Top 30 Richest Anime Characters Ranked

Here We will Show You the Top 30 Richest Anime Characters Ranked By Total Wealth and You can also see the top 10 richest anime characters I Hope You, Will, Like This Comment Down to What You Want In Next Post.

30-Sudou Kaname (Darwin’s Game)
Sudou Kaname (Darwin's Game)

Sudou Kaname may be a 17-year-old high school student. He Is the richest protagonist within the anime and possesses lots of bucks even then he does not blow their own horns.

  • He typically attires a white hooded jacket, a red shirt, and jeans. Kaname may be a typical young boy.
  • He does not have any information concerning Darwin’s Game. Kaname has the flexibility of taking decent choices.
  • Total Wealth Is Approx 50 Million
  • He is conjointly the leader of the tribe Sunset Raven. Kaname is an Associate in nursing professional on the copy of large weapons.
29-Seijuro Akashi (kuroko’s basketball)
Seijuro Akashi (kuroko’s basketball)

Akashi was a 16-year-old boy. He was born into a fashionable family that has their own business. Being the sole kid no matter his desires his oldsters fulfill their desires right away.

  • He belongs to a fashionable family Even then his main aim is to become an athlete thus his mother supported him currently he become the captain.
  • He believes that winners get everything in life whereas losers are unit nothing to achieve.
  • Total Wealth Is Approx 150 Million
  • Akashi was duty-bound and tender to the fans that gave him daily support.
28-Satoru Gojo (jujutsu Kaisen)
Satoru Gojo (jujutsu Kaisen)

He is an instructor at jujitsu high school and he’s the strongest jujitsu magician in the world. He doesn’t belong to a fashionable family however he was the richest character in jujitsu kaisen thanks to their profession. He’s an awfully kind-hearted, tender person.

Total Wealth Is Approx 250 Million

  • He has protected the lives of innocents only for the sake of humanity, not for the sake of turning into the strongest.
27-Marucho Marukura (bakugan)
Marucho Marukura (bakugan)

He is seventeen years previous a fashionable, affluent boy United Nations agency focuses on Aquos and his occupation may be a battle battler. He’s terribly sharp-minded sort of a real walking reference.

Total Wealth Is Approx 300 Million

  • He loves enjoying Bakugan and spent most of his cash on Bakugan interspace only for folks to fancy. However, his sole goal is to assist dan and different battle brawlers defeat evil threats.
26-Kinzo Ushiromiya (Umineko after they cry)
Kinzo Ushiromiya (Umineko after they cry)

Kinzo is the richest previous man and also the head of the Ushiromiya family. He’s a magician and a very powerful summoner.

Total Wealth Is Approx 500 Million

  • One of his most distinguished obsessions is a fictitious character, a witch he’s the same to possess summoned and contractile for 10 tons value of gold.
  • Despite his conjuring skills, he does not have any charming defenses or attacks.
25-Louis James Moriarty (Moriarty the patriot)
Louis James Moriarty (Moriarty the patriot)

Louis was 26 year old richest man and His occupation is administrating the Moriarty family’s affairs. When he was a child He lived in an orphanage with his brother William,

Total Wealth Is Approx 800 Million

  • he was fragile because of his poor health. He is capable to do whatever his elder brother asks him to do.
  • He is quite loyal to his brother enormously William.
24-Tastsuya Himekawa (Beelzebub)
Tastsuya Himekawa (Beelzebub)

He is an 18-year-old teenage boy and he’s an Ishiyama High School student. He belongs to a rich family and is the son of the head of the “Himekawa Group”, Himekawa is a very arrogant and crabby person and always shows off their richness.

Total Wealth Is Approx 1.5 Billion

  • He believes that money can solve anything. 
23-Dio Brando (Jojo’s bizarre adventure)
Dio Brando (Jojo's bizarre adventure)

He is the main antagonist character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio is a consistently manipulative, arrogant, and bizarre person. He’s being underprivileged and lives in a miserable condition that’s why Dio set an aim for himself to become the richest and most powerful person in the world.

Total Wealth Is Approx 3 Billion

  • He never tolerates the person who’s more powerful than him.
22-Byakuya togami (danganronpa)
Byakuya togami (danganronpa)

Byakuya is a High School Student. He is an arrogant, crabby, and violent young man. He’s often cold, soft-hearted, and taciturn, but he has also a manipulative bias.

Total Wealth Is Approx 5 Billion

  • He belongs to an extremely rich family and they have a successful business that’s why he always believes himself superior to others.
21-Satou Kazuma (konosuba(light novel)
Satou Kazuma (konosuba(light novel)

Kazuma is a 16-year-old game-obsessed boy. He is the main protagonist in the anime. Despite his arrogance, Kazuma has a kind-hearted boy. Before his new life in the fantasy world, he spends all his time on video games.

Total Wealth Is Approx 7 Billion

  • After coming to the fantasy world Kazuma become much more socially interactive and he introduced soccer games to Fantasy World. He is much happier than the real life.
20-Saiki kusuke (the disastrous life of Saiki k)
Saiki kusuke (the disastrous life of Saiki k)

Saiki kusuke is 19 year old boy. He is very bizarre since birth he spoke his first word and does math at the age of 2, and his IQ level is unbelievable. Kosuke is rich but hardly shares it his family belongs to the middle class.

Total Wealth Is Approx 10 Billion

  • The richest part of the city is in the north where Saiko’s mansion is located. He’s an inventor who made the time machine to go 20 years back in the past.
19-Yumeko jobami (kakegurui)
Yumeko jobami (kakegurui)

Yumeko is charismatic and taciturn. She has such an aura because of her richness that even her enemies eventually become her friends. Yumeko belongs to the richest family she’s a gambler and obsessed with betting.

Total Wealth Is Approx 15 Billion

  • She usually carries around $94,000 in school and she calls it pocket change. Her total gambling revenue could be almost one billion yen.
18-Roswaal l Mather (re:Zero)
Roswaal l Mather (re:Zero)

Roswaal is a 300-year-old man but looks like a 30-year-old. He belongs to a very wealthy family. He’s a very bizarre and crabby person. He wanted to meet his teacher Echidna again at any cost.

Total Wealth Is Approx 30 Billion

  • He possesses a massive mansion where he can fit a whole town and his fortune is estimated to be worth 15 billion yen.
17-Saiko Metori (the disastrous life of Saiki k)
Saiko Metori (the disastrous life of Saiki k)

  Metori is narcissistic, crabby, and arrogant due to his rich upbringing and pampered life. He comes from a wealthy family that’s why he always shows off his wealth.

Total Wealth Is Approx 50 Billion

  • He usually follows his family tradition and does whatever his father wants him to do.
  • He has the ability of golden luck he can change the shape of his mansion into a theme park. He has an estimated net worth is 50 billion yen.
16-L Lawliet(Death note)
L Lawliet(Death note)

He’s a very taciturn Person. He rarely goes out into the outside world and never shows his face to the world. He communicates with their only friend Watari. At a very young age, he becomes the greatest detective in the world and everyone valued his opinion.

Total Wealth Is Approx 70 Billion

  • L’s attire and personality made him look like he’s lived a very rough life but he was the richest person.
  • The reason behind his wealthiest is who adopted him; he was the biggest business tycoon and brother of watari.

15-Ciel Phantomhive(Black Butler)
Ciel Phantomhive(Black Butler)

Ciel is a very harsh and proud boy. After the death of his parents, Ciel became the owner of the Funtom Corporation. Even though being the youngest, he made huge prosperity.

Total Wealth Is Approx 80 Billion

  • After becoming the wealthiest, he seize the attention of the queen and became the Queen’s Guard Dog
  • he was extremely loyal to the queen. Ciel possesses the ability to expand the business to greater heights.
14-Robert e.o. Speedwagon(Jojo Bizarre Adventure)
Robert e.o. Speedwagon(Jojo Bizarre Adventure)

Robert Speedwagon is a marine biologist and a high school student. He can change the other’s personality and his main goal is to Defeat DIO to save his mother.  Robert Speedwagon impacted gold in the oil industry and returned to build his empire.

Total Wealth Is Approx 100 Billion

  • He started the Speedwagon Foundation in Japan. He has an estimated net worth is 12 billion yen.

(Richest Anime Characters)

13-Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)
Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

She is the protagonist of the series and the daughter of shipping magnate Floyd Hekmatyar. Koko is a taciturn and affectionate girl.

Total Wealth Is Approx 200 Billion

  • She barely reveals her true state of mind. She sometimes acts immaturely.
  • She comes from the wealthiest family and leads a squad of bodyguards with whom she travels the world conducting business.
12-Rudeus greyrat (mushoku tensei)
Rudeus greyrat (mushoku tensei)

He comes from the wealthiest family The Greyrat could be a distinguished previous noble family of the Asura Kingdom. They divided into four Noble homes, Notos, Boreas, Euros, and Zephyrus.

Total Wealth Is Approx 350 Billion

  • Rudeus could be a kind-hearted, honest person who served his friends and protects his family whenever required that is why folks have high expectations of him.
11-Gild Tesoro (one piece)
Gild Tesoro (one piece)

He comes from a poor family, however, through his criminal activities; He becomes obsessed with cash which is why they amass enough greenbacks to create the most important recreation ship in the world.

Total Wealth Is Approx 600 Billion

  • He has the flexibility to freely manipulate gold with the assistance of tremendous powers. His calculable price is quite five hundred billion yen.

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10-Coco (Toriko)
Coco (Toriko)

Coco is the Gentleman of the Four Heavenly Kings and a connoisseur hunter. He’s proof against five hundred completely different forms of poison. He belongs to the wealthiest background.

Total Wealth Is Approx 1.5 trillion

  • He was a well-affected person and created his residence on the prime of a geologic tower within the middle of a vale.
  • Generally, he acts cruel once facing powerful enemies.
9-Sakyo (Yuyu Hakusho)
Sakyo (Yuyu Hakusho)

Sakyo includes a sturdy sense of honor. United Nations agency seems to be in his late 20s or early 30s. Sakyo was the owner of Team Toguro, previous

Total Wealth Is Approx 15 trillion

  • he comes from an awfully poor family and was also the youngest member of the demon-importing criminal which is why to become the wealthiest person through their criminal acts.
8-Kaguya Shinomiya (kaguya-sam:love is war)
Kaguya Shinomiya (kaguya-sam:love is war)

Kaguya is an incredibly sensitive and kind-hearted lady. She could be a student and conjointly a vice chairman of the coed council within the academy. Because of her wealthy upbringing, she would forever follow rules.

Total Wealth Is Approx 150 trillion

  • Kaguya is an Associate in nursing insanely wealthy individual. Her father could be an owner of plenty of banks and trains and his company’s price is calculable to be up to two hundred trillion yen.

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7-Bulma (dragon ball)
Bulma (dragon ball)

She is a magnetic and selfish lady. She belongs to an affluent background,

Though is not verified that however wealthy her family is, her father was the artificer of the capsule technology. Because of her monumental wealth, she doesn’t have to be compelled to work even every day.

Total Wealth Is Approx 300 trillion

  • Though, she could be an intelligent lady United Nations agency comes up with distinctive inventions.
6-Seto kaiba (yu-gi-oh!)
Seto kaiba (yu-gi-oh!)

He is the chief executive officer of his own international play company his firm’s name is Kaiba Corporation. He was adopted by a family. However, he started their company with their skills instead of being supported by his family.

Total Wealth Is Approx 500 trillion

  • He possesses tremendous play skills. He produces the immersive virtual expertise of Duel Monsters.
  • He possesses a calculable price is up to $90 Trillion.
5-Nagi sanzenin (hayate the Vombat butler)
Nagi sanzenin (hayate the Vombat butler)

She’s the only person in her family and Nagi inheritable her family’s overwhelming property. Nagi believes cash will solve something and that we should purchase something with greenbacks. Because of her affluent upbringing,

Total Wealth Is Approx 750 trillion

  • she became irascible and unmerciful. Nagi set their principle that winning is everything and he or she does not prefer to do it.
  • She nonchalantly threw twenty trillion yen away on a prank therefore even occupation her wealth is not enough for her.

(Richest Anime Characters)

4-Ainz Ooal robe (overlord)
Ainz Ooal robe (overlord)

Ainz Ooal robe is the wealthiest anime character; after all, He was the king of his RPG world. He seems like a skeleton and apparel a royal costume. Ainz’s wealth comes from the nice grave of Nazarick that is wrongfully his property.

Total Wealth Is Approx 1000 trillion

  • His internet price is calculable to be around forty quadrillion greenbacks.
3-Gilgamesh (fate)
Gilgamesh (fate)

Gilgamesh could be a King of Heroes and a tremendous Archer. A male monarch is a very self-important, cruel, artful, egotistic person He claims that he is the sole king and possesses everything within the world.

Total Wealth Is His Gate Babylon contains all the treasures of the world

  • He possesses huge powers and the main supply of his power is his Noble Phantasm, the Gate of the urban center.
  • He’s thought about because of the strongest and wealthiest heroic character.
2-Frieza (Dragon Ball)
Frieza (Dragon Ball)

Frieza is the most picture nefarious character of the Dragon Ball series. He’s the son of King cold. He’s the wealthiest person and in the end,

Total Wealth Owns a lot of planets and can sell a lot of them

  • he’s the trainer of his imperialist army and emperor of components of Universe seven. His calculable financial gain is not verified until.

(Richest Anime Characters)

1-Daisuke Kambe (the wealthy person detective balance: unlimited)
Daisuke Kambe (the wealthy person detective balance: unlimited)

Daisuke is a massive detective World Health Organization usually uses distinctive ways to unravel his cases as shortly as potential. He’s the richest person his financial gain comes from his job

Total Wealth Is Infinite

  • he spends his ton of greenbacks on investigations and uses high-tech instrumentality that even the department of local government can’t afford. In his lexicon there’s cash is everything.

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