Most Smartest Pixar Villains Ranked

Here We Will Show you Most Smartest Pixar Villains:-

19-Brainless Mor’du:

A prince-turned-bear whose mind was solely bent on political power.

18-Lots O’ Huggin’ Bear:

An entitled teddy bear who abuses other toys just because he and only he got replaced by his former owner, even calling his own henchmen dummies, therefore weakening their relationship.

(Smartest Pixar Villains)


A horrifying supervillain who doesn’t even value his own cohorts and is too sure of himself that the Omnidroid can’t outsmart him.

16-Ernesto De La Cruz:

A skeleton-like creature who kills Miguel’s best friend, Hector just to make a fortune off of writing music that’s not even his own.

15-Johnny Worthington III:

A college-enrolled monster with a superiority complex whose pranks are not even that funny and is nothing but competitive when it comes to The Scare Games.

(Smartest Pixar Villains)

14-Evelyn Deavor AKA Screenslaver:

A traumatized Karen who yearns for the termination of any existing superheroes.

13-Chick Hicks:

An arrogant race car who literally shoves other competing race cars in order to obtain fame and glory much like Syndrome. Grade School Students

12-Darla Sherman:

The creepy niece of a dentist who can’t take care of a fish properly.

11-Sid Phillips:

A disturbed skate punk who deems toys as inanimate objects and unwisely mutilates whatever toy he can get his hands on. Average

10-Folks Jackson Storm:

A petty race car that has the ability to utilize car devices intended for the future.

9-Charles F. Muntz:

Charles F. Muntz

A bitter explorer with a generally large army of attack dogs who does anything to manipulate any competing explorers to capture a rare and somewhat endangered bird for fame.

(Smartest Pixar Villains)

8-Al McWhiggin:

A sly toy collector who runs a somewhat successful toy-selling business and his mind was bent on whether or not the collectible toys’ selling power could benefit him.

7-College Bound Randall Boggs:

A fiendish monster in danger of losing the Top Scarer position, who has an enormous machine to steal screams from young children including Boo, and even young monsters including Mike.

6-Henry J. Waternoose III:

An elderly CEO of a struggling company who uses an entire agency as an obstacle to subdue any monster who has any kind of involvement with children, given his belief that children are toxic to monsters.

5-Miles Axelrod:

Miles Axelrod

A humiliated race car which is a somewhat more successful business CEO than Waternoose who manipulates other cars into believing that his oil products are more suitable. Terry: An all-knowing creature whenever a soul escapes and manages to retrace steps in order to sneakily obtain Joe’s file.

(Smartest Pixar Villains)

4-The Geniuses Chef Skinner:

A seemingly sane restaurant owner who yearns to keep his restaurant in business and knows that rats are bad for restaurant ownership and the food products they carry.

3-Stinky Pete:

A resentful prospector doll who almost always successfully prevents Woody from returning to Andy in an effort to enforce him to spend eternity in a museum in Japan.


A greedy grasshopper who knows that the ant colony can easily overwhelm and outnumber his own grasshopper colony, has a ridiculous phobia of birds, and even knows the difference between real and fake birds.


Auto pixar

A machine that nearly takes 100% control of a ship and can hack into other systems without hesitation.He Is The Most Smartest Pixar Villains

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