Top 10 Strongest Futurama Characters, Ranked

In this article, we’re diving deep into the zany universe of the show to explore the Top 10 Strongest Futurama Characters, Ranked. From robot rebels to alien overlords and the quirkiest humans, we’ll dissect their strengths, powers, and abilities to determine who reigns supreme in the world of Futurama. So buckle up and get ready to journey through the cosmos as we unveil the most formidable characters from this beloved animated series.”

10. Morbo, the news anchor from Planet Nintendu 64

Alien Newscaster: Morbo is an alien newscaster who works for the √2 News Network on Planet Nintendu 64. He frequently reports on Earth’s affairs with a comically exaggerated and hostile demeanor.

Incredible Strength: Morbo possesses superhuman strength and resilience, often casually breaking objects during his outbursts.

Love for Destruction: He has a fascination with and love for destruction, frequently expressing a desire to conquer and destroy Earth.

Comedic Relief: Morbo’s character is a source of comedic relief in the series due to his over-the-top delivery and obsession with destruction, which contrasts with his role as a news anchor.

9. Kif Kroker

Squishy and Non-Confrontational: Kif is a long-suffering and mild-mannered Amphibiosan, making him physically weak and prone to injury. He is often the target of Zapp Brannigan’s mistreatment.

Assistant to Zapp Brannigan: Kif serves as Zapp’s loyal and put-upon assistant, carrying out orders and trying to keep Zapp’s reckless behavior in check.

Calm and Diplomatic: Kif is known for his calm and diplomatic demeanor, which contrasts sharply with Zapp’s brashness.

Occasional Acts of Courage: Despite his timid nature, Kif occasionally demonstrates acts of courage and integrity, standing up for what he believes is right.

8. Zapp Brannigan

Confidence (and Overconfidence): Zapp Brannigan is known for his unwavering self-confidence, which often borders on extreme arrogance and overconfidence.

Military Leadership: He is a high-ranking officer in the Earth’s DOOP (Democratic Order of Planets) military and has been entrusted with leading various missions and campaigns.

Questionable Tactics: Zapp’s military tactics are often questionable and reckless, leading to chaotic and humorous situations.

Romantic Pursuits: He has a penchant for making advances toward women, especially Leela, which are usually met with rejection or humorous consequences.

Comic Relief: Zapp is a source of comedic relief in the series due to his pompous personality and often bumbling actions.

7. Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8

Strength and Size: Lrrr is a massive and powerful alien from the planet Omicron Persei 8. He possesses incredible physical strength and endurance.

Leadership: As the ruler of his planet, Lrrr holds a position of authority and is responsible for the well-being of his people.

Alien Technology: Lrrr’s species, the Omicronians, have advanced technology at their disposal, including spaceships and weaponry.

Frequent Antagonist: Lrrr often appears as an antagonist in the series, frequently clashing with the Planet Express crew over various misunderstandings and conflicts.

6. The Robot Devil

Musical Talent: The Robot Devil is a skilled musician and composer, often playing the fiddle. He can offer incredible musical talent in exchange for favors or souls.

Soul Extraction: As the ruler of Robot Hell, the Robot Devil has the power to extract and manipulate souls, which he often uses in his deals and schemes.

Infernal Influence: He has a dark and mischievous influence over robot society, using it to his advantage when it suits his diabolical purposes.

Devious Schemer: The Robot Devil is known for his clever and devious plans, often involving complex schemes to achieve his goals.

Frequent Antagonist: He serves as a recurring antagonist in the series, frequently causing trouble for the main characters and making deals with them that come with unexpected consequences.

5. Leela

Physical Prowess: Leela is a highly skilled martial artist, capable of hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics. Her skills make her a formidable fighter and an asset to the Planet Express crew.

Leadership: As the captain of the Planet Express ship, Leela often takes charge of missions and decision-making, showcasing her leadership abilities.

Cyclops Abilities: Leela possesses a single eye due to her cyclops heritage, which provides her with excellent depth perception and the ability to see in the dark.

Strong Morals: Leela is known for her strong sense of morality and often stands up for what she believes is right, even in the face of danger or adversity.

Pilot Skills: She is an accomplished pilot, able to navigate the ship through various challenging situations.

4. Mom

Business Savvy: Mom is the owner of MomCorp, a vast and powerful conglomerate that manufactures a wide range of products. She is an incredibly successful and ruthless businesswoman.

Advanced Technology: MomCorp produces highly advanced and often dangerous technology, making her one of the wealthiest and most influential figures in the Futurama universe.

Manipulative: Mom is known for her cunning and manipulative nature, often using her charm and influence to get what she wants, even if it means bending or breaking the law.

Mecha-Numerous: Mom has a team of killer robots, known as the “Sons of Mom,” at her disposal, which adds to her formidable presence in the series.

Occasional Antagonist: Mom serves as an occasional antagonist in the series, often causing trouble for the main characters with her business schemes and ruthless pursuits.

3. Fry (with his “worm” powers)

Time-Traveling Abilities: In the Futurama episode “The Late Philip J. Fry,” Fry gains the ability to travel through time using a time code that allows him to skip forward and backward in time at will.

Temporal Manipulation: With the time code, Fry can control time, which includes altering the course of events and revisiting different points in the future and past.

Limited Control: While powerful, Fry’s abilities are somewhat limited, and he often finds himself in comically precarious situations due to his time-traveling mishaps.

2. Zoidberg

Regeneration: Zoidberg has remarkable regenerative abilities, which allow him to regrow lost limbs and recover from injuries quickly.

Claw Strength: His claws are powerful and versatile, capable of cutting through various materials and defending him when needed.

Unpredictability: Zoidberg’s unpredictability and bizarre behavior can be a form of strength in comedic and unexpected ways. He often surprises others with his actions.

Resistance to Harm: Despite his somewhat feeble appearance, Zoidberg can endure physical harm surprisingly well, often emerging from dangerous situations relatively unscathed.

Medical Knowledge: While he may not be the best doctor, Zoidberg does have some medical knowledge that occasionally proves useful.

1. Bender

Physical Strength: Bender is incredibly strong, thanks to his robot body. He can lift heavy objects, bend metal with ease, and withstand physical damage that would incapacitate a human.

Immortality: Bender is effectively immortal due to his robotic nature. He can survive situations that would be fatal to organic life forms.

Flexibility: He can stretch and contort his body, which can be advantageous in various situations.

Weaponry: Bender often uses built-in weapons, like his flamethrower and extendable arms, to defend himself and others.

Durability: His body is highly resilient, making him difficult to destroy.

These Are Strongest Futurama Characters:

  1. Bender
  2. Zoidberg
  3. Fry (with his “worm” powers)
  4. Mom
  5. Leela
  6. The Robot Devil
  7. Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8
  8. Zapp Brannigan
  9. Kif Kroker
  10. Morbo, the news anchor from Planet Nintendu 64

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