Top 20 Strongest Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Characters Ranked

List of Strongest Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Characters Ranked:

20. Kelly

Kelly is a recurring character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and a member of the “Space Family” with a knack for combat.

She is skilled in various forms of weaponry and is known for her fierce fighting abilities.

Kelly demonstrates great physical strength and agility, making her a formidable opponent in battles.

Her determination and bravery contribute to her strength and effectiveness in defending her friends and allies.

19. Spider With a Top Hat

Spider With a Top Hat, also known as Spidella, is a mystical spider-like creature with unique abilities.

She has the power to create web-based illusions and manipulate her surroundings.

Spidella’s strength lies in her deception and trickery, using her illusions to confuse and disorient her opponents.

While not physically strong, she possesses great cunning and uses her powers to gain an advantage in various situations.

18. Festivia Butterfly

Festivia Butterfly is a character from the history of the Butterfly royal lineage.

She possesses the strength of her position as a former queen of Mewni.

While her specific abilities may not be explicitly shown, she represents the strength and influence of the Butterfly lineage.

Festivia’s impact lies in her legacy as a ruler and the significance she holds within the overall storyline.

17. Globgor

Globgor is a powerful monster and the husband of Eclipsa Butterfly.

He possesses incredible strength and regenerative abilities, making him nearly invulnerable to most attacks.

Globgor is skilled in combat and is known for his ferocity in battle.

His strength is further amplified by his determination to protect his family and defend his people.

16. Solaria Butterfly

Solaria Butterfly is a former queen of Mewni and a powerful warrior.

She is known for her exceptional combat skills, especially with her signature weapon, the Solarian Warrior’s sword.

Solaria possesses incredible physical strength, agility, and strategic thinking on the battlefield.

Her strength and determination are often showcased in her relentless pursuit of victory and protection of her kingdom.

15. Pony Head

Pony Head is Star Butterfly’s best friend and a recurring character in the series.

While she may not possess physical strength or magical powers, she brings other strengths to the table.

Pony Head is known for her confidence, resilience, and ability to think on her feet.

She often displays quick thinking and creative problem-solving skills, contributing to the success of various missions and adventures.

14. Mina Loveberry

Mina Loveberry is a warrior character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, known for her fierce and relentless nature.

She possesses exceptional combat skills and is a skilled swordswoman.

Mina’s strength lies in her unwavering determination and her ability to tap into powerful bursts of magic.

Her commitment to her cause and her readiness to fight make her a formidable opponent.

13. Rhombulus

Rhombulus is a member of the Magic High Commission and possesses the ability to create and control crystals.

He has incredible strength and durability, as well as the power to immobilize and restrain others.

Rhombulus serves as a guardian of magic and is a loyal protector of the realm.

His strength and abilities make him a valuable asset in defending against magical threats.

12. Hekapoo

Hekapoo is a member of the Magic High Commission and the guardian of the Dimensional Scissors.

She possesses great agility and combat skills, making her a formidable warrior.

Hekapoo is known for her mastery of dimensional travel and her ability to create portals.

Her strength lies in her knowledge of interdimensional magic and her expertise in combat.

11. Buff Frog

Buff Frog is a former monster under Ludo’s command who later becomes an ally to Star and her friends.

He is a physically strong and resilient character, capable of holding his own in fights.

Buff Frog possesses a deep connection with nature and displays exceptional stealth and tracking skills.

He demonstrates strong leadership and resourcefulness in protecting his family and other monsters.

10. Meteora Butterfly

Meteora Butterfly is a complex and powerful character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is the daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly and possesses a mix of Mewman and monster heritage.

Meteora has a unique set of abilities, including powerful magic and the ability to absorb energy.

Her strength lies in her determination, as well as her vast magical potential and the ability to channel her emotions into power.

9. Queen Butterfly

Queen Butterfly, also known as Moon Butterfly, is Star’s mother and a central character in the series.

She possesses advanced magic skills and is a skilled warrior.

Queen Butterfly is known for her tactical thinking and strategic planning.

Her strength lies in her leadership, her experience in battle, and her ability to make difficult decisions for the sake of her kingdom.

8. Ludo

Ludo is a central character and antagonist in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

While physically small and initially portrayed as weak, he exhibits determination and resourcefulness.

Ludo gains power throughout the series, often through manipulation and the acquisition of magical artifacts.

He showcases strategic thinking, adapting to situations and building his own army of monsters.

7. Marco Diaz

Marco Diaz is one of the main characters and Star’s best friend in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He is skilled in martial arts and possesses great agility and combat abilities.

Marco’s strength lies in his bravery, loyalty, and quick thinking, making him a reliable ally.

He undergoes character growth, becoming more involved in interdimensional adventures and developing leadership qualities.

6. Tom Lucitor

Tom Lucitor is a recurring character and Star’s on-and-off romantic interest.

He is a demon prince with a fiery temper but also shows growth and self-improvement.

Tom possesses powerful demon magic, including pyrokinesis, making him a formidable opponent.

His strength lies in his determination to change and his willingness to confront his past mistakes.

5. Glossaryck

Glossaryck is a magical being and the caretaker of the Book of Spells.

He possesses vast knowledge of magic and serves as a mentor to Star and other characters.

Glossaryck’s strength lies in his immense wisdom and understanding of magical principles.

He often provides guidance and teaches valuable lessons, shaping the destiny of magical individuals.

4. Moon Butterfly

Moon Butterfly, also known as Queen Moon, is Star’s mother and a central character in the series.

She is a skilled warrior and possesses advanced magic abilities.

Moon demonstrates strategic thinking and leadership, often making tough decisions for the well-being of her kingdom.

Her strength lies in her combat skills, magical prowess, and determination to protect her family and Mewni.

3. Eclipsa Butterfly

Eclipsa Butterfly is a complex character and a former queen of Mewni.

She possesses powerful dark magic and the ability to manipulate time and space.

Eclipsa’s strength lies in her mastery of forbidden spells and her willingness to challenge tradition.

She showcases compassion, intelligence, and a strong sense of justice throughout the series.

2. Toffee

Toffee is a major antagonist in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He is a cunning and manipulative lizard-like creature with a deep understanding of magic.

Toffee possesses regenerative abilities and a strategic mind, making him a formidable adversary.

His strength lies in his ability to manipulate others, exploit weaknesses, and plan his moves meticulously.

1. Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is a magical princess from the kingdom of Mewni and possesses powerful magic abilities.

Star is known for her energetic and impulsive nature, as well as her growth throughout the series.

Her strength lies in her creativity, adaptability, and her ability to think outside the box in solving problems.

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