Top 20 Most Popular Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Characters Ranked

List of Most popular Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Characters Ranked:

20. Alfonzo Dolittle

Alfonzo is one of Marco’s friends in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He is depicted as laid-back, friendly, and often provides comic relief.

Alfonzo is shown to be supportive of his friends and is often seen joining them in their adventures.

While he may not play a major role in the overall storyline, he adds an element of friendship and humor to the series.

19. Ferguson O’durguson

Ferguson is another one of Marco’s friends.

He is characterized as somewhat mischievous and sarcastic.

Ferguson often provides comedic moments with his witty remarks and sardonic sense of humor.

While not as prominent as some other characters, he contributes to the group dynamic and comedic moments within the series.

18. Oskar Greason

Oskar is a student at Echo Creek Academy and a love interest for Star Butterfly.

He is portrayed as a carefree and somewhat oblivious character.

Oskar is often seen playing his guitar and enjoying his own world of music.

While he may not have a significant role in the overall plot, his presence adds a touch of teenage crush and lightheartedness to the show.

17. Rhombulus

Rhombulus is a member of the Magic High Commission, a group of magical beings who govern magic in the series.

He has a rhombus-shaped body and possesses the ability to create and control crystals.

Rhombulus is depicted as a loyal and protective character, serving as a guardian of magic and defending the realm.

While he initially appears as an antagonist, his role evolves throughout the series, and his actions often serve the greater good.

16. Queen Butterfly

Queen Butterfly, also known as Moon Butterfly, is Star Butterfly’s mother and a central character in the series.

She is the ruler of Mewni and possesses powerful magic abilities.

Queen Butterfly is depicted as wise, strong-willed, and protective of her family and kingdom.

Throughout the series, she plays a significant role in guiding Star and facing various challenges.

15. Toffee

Toffee is a major antagonist in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He is a mysterious lizard-like creature seeking revenge against the Butterfly family.

Toffee is known for his cunning, manipulative nature, and strategic planning.

He poses a significant threat to the characters and is involved in key plot developments throughout the series.

14. Kelly

Kelly is a friend and occasional love interest of Marco Diaz in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is depicted as adventurous, independent, and skilled in combat.

Kelly is part of a group known as the “Space Family” and often joins the main characters on their adventures.

She contributes to the show by adding an additional dynamic to the group’s dynamics and occasionally facing her own personal challenges.

13. Pony Head

Pony Head is Star Butterfly’s best friend and a recurring character in the series.

She is a floating unicorn head with a vibrant personality.

Pony Head is known for her energetic, outgoing, and often self-centered behavior.

While she can be a source of chaos, she also offers comedic relief and moments of friendship throughout the series.

12. Hekapoo

Hekapoo is a recurring character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and a member of the Magic High Commission.

She is depicted as a skilled dimensional traveler and the guardian of the Dimensional Scissors.

Hekapoo is known for her strict adherence to rules and protocols, often serving as a no-nonsense enforcer.

She possesses great agility, combat skills, and extensive knowledge of the multiverse.

11. Buff Frog

Buff Frog is a former monster under Ludo’s command who later becomes an ally to Star and her friends.

He is a muscular and protective character, often looking out for his fellow monsters.

Buff Frog shows loyalty and courage, contributing to the resistance against evil forces.

Throughout the series, he goes through personal growth and showcases his nurturing side as a father.

10. River Butterfly

River Butterfly is Star’s father and the King of Mewni.

He is depicted as eccentric, boisterous, and often clumsy.

River has a love for adventure, fighting monsters, and engaging in daring activities.

While he may not be the most refined or strategic character, he brings comedic moments and fatherly support to the series.

9. Jackie Lynn Thomas

Jackie Lynn Thomas is a student at Echo Creek Academy and Marco’s love interest for a period in the series.

She is portrayed as calm, skateboard-loving, and supportive of Marco’s endeavors.

Jackie displays a level-headed and understanding nature, providing comfort and advice to her friends.

Although her role evolves over time, she remains a beloved character for her positive and supportive attitude.

8. Janna Ordonia

Janna Ordonia is a recurring character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and one of Star’s friends.

She is portrayed as mischievous, resourceful, and often involved in supernatural activities.

Janna has a fascination with the occult and frequently displays knowledge of mystical and supernatural phenomena.

She adds an element of mystery and adventure to the series, often assisting the main characters with her unique skills and insights.

7. Glossaryck

Glossaryck is a powerful and enigmatic character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He serves as the caretaker and mentor of the magical book known as the Book of Spells.

Glossaryck is depicted as wise, knowledgeable, and possessing a deep understanding of magic.

He often provides guidance and cryptic advice to Star and other characters, playing a significant role in their magical training.

6. Moon Butterfly

Moon Butterfly, also known as Queen Moon, is Star’s mother and a central character in the series.

She is portrayed as strong-willed, strategic, and a skilled warrior.

Moon possesses advanced knowledge of magic and combat, making her a formidable opponent.

Throughout the series, she faces numerous challenges and displays her intelligence and leadership abilities.

5. Eclipsa Butterfly

Eclipsa Butterfly is a controversial and complex character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is a former queen of Mewni and is known for her unorthodox behavior and interest in dark magic.

Eclipsa is depicted as intelligent, clever, and possessing a deep understanding of magic and spells.

She challenges traditional norms and plays a pivotal role in the series’ plot, often utilizing her cunning and knowledge to navigate through complex situations.

4. Tom Lucitor

Tom Lucitor is a character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Star’s on-and-off romantic interest.

He is depicted as a hot-tempered demon prince with a history of anger issues.

Throughout the series, Tom undergoes personal growth, learning to control his emotions and become a better person.

Tom possesses magical abilities and shows a deep sense of loyalty and love for those close to him.

3. Ludo

Ludo is a major antagonist in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

He starts as a bumbling and ineffective villain but evolves into a more formidable adversary over time.

Ludo possesses a wand that grants him various magical powers and allows him to command an army of monsters.

Despite his initially comedic nature, Ludo’s character arc explores themes of power, ambition, and redemption.

2. Marco Diaz

Marco Diaz is one of the main characters in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Star’s best friend.

He is depicted as responsible, practical, and skilled in martial arts.

Marco often provides a grounding influence to the adventurous and impulsive Star.

He showcases growth throughout the series, embracing his own capabilities and becoming more involved in interdimensional adventures.

1. Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly is the protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is a magical princess from the kingdom of Mewni who is sent to Earth for her safety.

Star is depicted as energetic, impulsive, and highly skilled in magic.

She learns to balance her fun-loving nature with her responsibilities as she navigates her own personal growth and destiny.

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