Top 10 Strongest Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters:

10. Marvin Acme

Owner of Acme Corporation: Marvin Acme is the wealthy owner of the Acme Corporation, a fictional company that manufactures various products, including the famous Acme gag props commonly seen in cartoons.

Playful and Eccentric: Marvin Acme is portrayed as a playful and eccentric character who enjoys entertaining and creating humorous inventions.

Key Plot Device: Marvin’s murder sets off the central mystery of the film, as Eddie Valiant investigates who framed Roger Rabbit for the crime.

Symbol of Toon-Human Interaction: Marvin represents the interaction between humans and animated “Toons” in the film’s world, as he is known for his involvement in Toontown’s businesses and entertainment.

9. Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy, Stupid)

Henchmen of Judge Doom: The Toon Patrol is a group of five henchmen who work for Judge Doom, the film’s main antagonist.

Distinct Personalities: Each member of the Toon Patrol has a distinct personality, contributing to the group’s comedic dynamic. They include Smartass (a streetwise weasel), Greasy (a sleazy car), Psycho (a psychotic bird), Wheezy (a weasel with asthma), and Stupid (a dim-witted weasel).

Serving Judge Doom’s Goals: The Toon Patrol is tasked with carrying out Judge Doom’s sinister plans, which include eliminating Roger Rabbit and other Toons.

Comic Antagonists: The Toon Patrol provides comic relief as bumbling antagonists who often find themselves in humorous and slapstick situations.

8. R.K. Maroon

Movie Studio Owner: R.K. Maroon is the owner of Maroon Cartoons, a fictional animation studio known for producing cartoons featuring beloved Toon characters.

Businessman: Maroon is a shrewd businessman who is dedicated to preserving the success of his studio and the Toon characters it represents.

Central to the Plot: Maroon plays a central role in the film’s plot, as he hires Eddie Valiant to investigate Jessica Rabbit’s suspected infidelity and later becomes entangled in a complex conspiracy.

Keeper of Toon Secrets: Maroon holds secrets related to Toontown and the interactions between humans and Toons, which are pivotal to the film’s mystery.

7. Dolores

Bar Owner: Dolores is the owner of the Ink and Paint Club, a popular nightclub in Toontown.

Eddie Valiant’s Friend: Dolores is a close friend of Eddie Valiant, the film’s protagonist. She provides emotional support to Eddie as he deals with the trauma of losing his brother.

Knowledgeable About Toons: Due to her connection to Eddie and her place of business, Dolores is knowledgeable about the behavior and culture of Toons.

Key to the Plot: Dolores becomes involved in the film’s plot as she helps Eddie investigate the mystery surrounding Marvin Acme’s death and the Toontown conspiracy.

6. Benny the Cab

Animated Taxi: Benny is an animated taxi cab who operates in Toontown. He is one of the Toon vehicles in the film.

Personality and Attitude: Benny is known for his lively and somewhat sassy personality. He is talkative and provides transportation for various Toon characters.

Helpful and Resourceful: Benny helps Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit by providing transportation and crucial information during their investigation.

Symbol of Toon Transportation: Benny represents the animated, anthropomorphic vehicles that exist in Toontown, adding to the film’s unique blend of live-action and animation.

5. Baby Herman

Animated Adult Baby: Baby Herman is a Toon character who appears as a baby but has the personality and appearance of a middle-aged man.

Frequent Star: Baby Herman is a frequent star in Maroon Cartoons, often appearing alongside Roger Rabbit in their animated shorts.

Cigar-Smoking and Crude: Baby Herman’s character is known for his cigar-smoking, coarse language, and adult behavior, which provides comedic contrast to his baby appearance.

Entangled in the Plot: Baby Herman becomes entangled in the film’s plot when Roger Rabbit is accused of harming him during a film shoot.

4. Judge Doom

Primary Antagonist: Judge Doom is the film’s main antagonist. He is a judge who also serves as the owner of Cloverleaf Industries, a powerful corporation.

Antagonistic Goals: Judge Doom’s primary goal is to buy Toontown and convert it into a freeway, making him a formidable threat to the Toon characters and their world.

Ruthless and Villainous: Doom is depicted as a ruthless and sinister character who will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives. He has a particular hatred for Toons.

Lethal Weapon: Judge Doom wields a lethal weapon known as “The Dip,” a green, toxic substance capable of erasing Toon characters from existence.

3. Jessica Rabbit

Femme Fatale: Jessica Rabbit is a sultry and alluring Toon character known for her beauty and curvaceous figure. She is a singer and performer.

Wife of Roger Rabbit: Jessica is married to Roger Rabbit, the film’s titular character. Despite her striking appearance, she is deeply devoted to her husband.

Mysterious Persona: Jessica maintains an air of mystery throughout the film, and her character serves as a source of intrigue and fascination.

Complex Character: While Jessica’s appearance suggests one thing, her loyalty and complexity as a character become evident as the story unfolds.

2. Eddie Valiant

Protagonist: Eddie Valiant is the film’s protagonist. He is a hard-boiled private investigator with a cynical and no-nonsense demeanor.

Former Friend of Toons: Eddie used to have a positive relationship with Toons (animated characters) until a traumatic incident involving a Toon resulted in the death of his brother, Teddy.

Traumatized and Embittered: Eddie is deeply traumatized by the loss of his brother and has since become embittered and distrustful of Toons. He avoids Toontown and refuses to interact with them.

Character Arc: Throughout the film, Eddie undergoes a character arc in which he confronts his past trauma, learns to work with Toons, and becomes involved in solving the mystery surrounding Roger Rabbit.

1. Roger Rabbit

Titular Character: Roger Rabbit is the film’s titular character, a zany and hyperactive animated Toon who works as a cartoon actor.

Comedic Personality: Roger is known for his slapstick comedy, exaggerated reactions, and endearing but often chaotic behavior.

Innocent and Kind-Hearted: Despite his antics, Roger is an innocent and kind-hearted character who genuinely loves his wife, Jessica, and is dedicated to his work in the entertainment industry.

Falsely Accused: Roger becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Marvin Acme, which sets off the film’s central mystery and conflict.

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