Top 15 Strongest Dragons in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, Ranked

we’ve ranked the top 15 strongest Strongest Dragons in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ in this epic tale of friendship and adventure.

List of Strongest Dragons in ‘How to Train Your Dragon:

15. Cloudjumper’s Offspring (Stormcutters)

Stormcutter Species: Stormcutters are a powerful dragon species known for their size, strength, and unique abilities, making them strong by nature.

Aerial Prowess: Like their parent, Cloudjumper’s Offspring possess exceptional aerial skills, including flight agility and speed, which contribute to their combat prowess.

Sonic Roar: Stormcutters have the ability to emit a powerful sonic roar that can disorient or incapacitate their opponents. This sonic attack is a formidable offensive ability.

Strength and Durability: Stormcutters are known for their physical strength and durability, allowing them to engage in battles with other dragons and adversaries effectively.

Loyalty: Much like other dragons in the franchise, Stormcutters are loyal to their riders and are willing to protect them fiercely, making them valuable allies in combat.

14. Death Song

Hypnotic Song: The Death Song possesses a hypnotic and enchanting song that can lull both dragons and humans into a trance-like state. This song is a unique and powerful ability.

Acid Spit: The Death Song can spit a corrosive acid that can dissolve objects and creatures, making it a formidable offensive weapon.

Camouflage: These dragons can blend into their surroundings using their natural camouflage abilities, making them difficult to detect and a challenge to locate in the wild.

Elusiveness: Death Songs are known for being elusive and solitary creatures, often avoiding contact with other dragons and humans.

Survival Instinct: The Death Song’s ability to use its hypnotic song and acid spit for both offense and defense showcases its adaptability and survival instincts.

13. Light Fury

Night Fury Species: The Light Fury is a subspecies of the Night Fury, which is already known for its exceptional abilities, including speed, agility, and fire breath.

Camouflage: The Light Fury possesses the ability to blend into her surroundings, making her nearly invisible when she wishes. This ability adds a stealthy and tactical advantage.

Flight Skills: Like Night Furies, Light Furies are skilled fliers with remarkable speed and agility, making them highly maneuverable in aerial combat.

Communication: The Light Fury is capable of communicating with Toothless, the Night Fury, through a unique dragon language, enhancing their coordination and teamwork.

Intelligence: Light Furies are intelligent dragons, which allows them to make strategic decisions in battles and work with their riders effectively.

12. Thornado (Thunderdrum)

Sonic Roar: Thornado, as a Thunderdrum, possesses a powerful sonic roar that can disorient and incapacitate opponents. This sonic attack is a formidable offensive ability.

Loyalty: Thornado is fiercely loyal to Stoick the Vast, his dragon rider. This loyalty makes him a powerful companion and protector for Stoick and the people of Berk.

Strength and Size: Thunderdrums are known for their physical strength and size, making them formidable in both combat and as intimidating figures.

Defensive Abilities: Thunderdrums have durable scales and are well-suited for combat, with the ability to hold their own in battles against other dragons.

Resilience: Thornado’s resilience and ability to endure damage in combat contribute to his strength as a dragon. His determination adds to his effectiveness in battles.

11. Grump (Hotburple)

Boulder Blasting: Hotburples, including Grump, have a unique ability to blast boulders as projectiles from their mouths. This ability is a powerful offensive weapon.

Fire Resistance: Hotburples are highly resistant to fire, which makes them well-suited to live in lava-filled environments and face fire-breathing adversaries.

Strength and Durability: Grump, like other Hotburples, is physically strong and possesses a durable build. This makes him formidable in physical combat situations.

Burrowing Skills: Hotburples can burrow through the ground, which provides them with the ability to ambush opponents and navigate underground tunnels.

Adaptability: Grump’s ability to thrive in extreme environments showcases his adaptability and survival skills, which are strengths in challenging situations.

10. Barf and Belch (Hideous Zippleback)

Dual Heads: Barf and Belch are a unique species known as the Hideous Zippleback, characterized by having two heads with distinct personalities. This dual nature allows them to act independently, adding versatility in battle.

Gas Emission: The Hideous Zippleback species can emit various types of gases, including flammable gas and a gas that induces sleep. These gases are potent offensive and defensive tools.

Coordinated Attacks: Barf and Belch are skilled at coordinating their attacks, making them formidable in combat situations. They can use their abilities in tandem for maximum impact.

Aerial Maneuverability: The Hideous Zippleback is a capable flier, and their aerial skills allow them to engage opponents from the air, making them effective in aerial battles.

Intelligence: Despite their quirky personalities, Barf and Belch display intelligence and are capable of following commands and strategies in battle.

9. Meatlug (Gronckle)

Rock-Pummeling: Gronckles, including Meatlug, have the ability to chew rocks and minerals, which they then fire as projectiles from their mouths. This rock-pummeling ability is a potent offensive weapon.

Durability: Gronckles are known for their durable build and tough scales, making them resistant to damage. Meatlug’s resilience allows her to withstand attacks and endure in battles.

Flight Capabilities: While Gronckles are not the fastest fliers, they are capable of short flights and hovering. This flight ability adds versatility in combat and transportation.

Loyalty: Meatlug is fiercely loyal to her rider, Fishlegs, and their bond adds to her effectiveness as a companion and protector.

Gentle Nature: Despite their strength, Gronckles like Meatlug have a gentle and friendly nature, making them suitable dragons for riders who value a strong yet kind-hearted companion.

8. Stormfly (Deadly Nadder)

Spine Projectiles: Deadly Nadders, including Stormfly, have the ability to launch sharp spines from their tails as a projectile attack. This is a powerful and accurate long-range weapon.

Speed and Agility: Deadly Nadders are known for their speed and agility in flight. Stormfly’s ability to maneuver swiftly in the air makes her a formidable combatant.

Intelligence: Stormfly is an intelligent dragon, capable of understanding commands and strategies from her rider, Astrid. Her intelligence adds to her effectiveness in battles.

Versatility: Stormfly’s combination of speed, agility, and long-range spine projectiles makes her a versatile dragon in both aerial and ground combat situations.

Loyalty and Bond: Stormfly’s strong bond with Astrid is a significant source of strength for both of them. Their trust and teamwork enhance their combat coordination.

7. Hookfang (Monstrous Nightmare)

Fire Breathing: Monstrous Nightmares, including Hookfang, are known for their powerful fire-breathing abilities. They can generate intense flames, making them formidable in battle.

Size and Strength: Hookfang is a robust and physically strong dragon, making him a formidable opponent in both physical combat and aerial skirmishes.

Loyalty: Hookfang is deeply loyal to his rider, Snotlout, and their bond adds to his effectiveness as a companion and protector.

Fire Burst Mode: Monstrous Nightmares can enter a fire burst mode, which allows them to release a burst of concentrated flames, creating a devastating and explosive attack.

Adaptability: Hookfang’s adaptability and ability to think on his feet make him a strong character in challenging and unpredictable situations.

6. Thunderdrum

Sonic Roar: Thunderdrums are known for their powerful sonic roar, which can disorient and incapacitate opponents. This sonic attack is a potent offensive weapon.

Loyalty: Thunderdrums, like Thornado, are fiercely loyal to their riders, enhancing their combat effectiveness and protection capabilities.

Strength and Size: Thunderdrums are large and physically strong dragons, making them formidable in both physical combat and as imposing figures.

Defensive Abilities: Thunderdrums have durable scales and can withstand attacks, making them resilient and effective in defensive situations.

Resilience: Thunderdrums, including Thornado, have the ability to endure damage in battle, contributing to their overall strength as dragons.

5. Skrill

Electrokinesis: Skrills possess the unique ability to generate and manipulate electricity. They can fire lightning bolts from their mouths, making them a formidable threat in battle.

Flight Speed: Skrills are known for their incredible flight speed, making them one of the fastest dragon species in the franchise. Their agility and quickness add to their combat effectiveness.

Resistance to Ice: Skrills are naturally resistant to extreme cold and ice, which makes them well-suited for surviving in freezing environments and gives them an advantage in battles against ice-based adversaries.

Intelligence: Skrills are intelligent dragons and can adapt to various combat situations, allowing them to strategize effectively.

Elusiveness: Skrills are often portrayed as elusive and challenging to capture or control, which adds to their strength as unpredictable opponents.

4. Cloudjumper (Stormcutter)

Alpha Species: Cloudjumper belongs to the powerful Stormcutter species, known for their strength, size, and unique abilities, which naturally make them strong dragons.

Sonic Roar: Stormcutters, including Cloudjumper, have the ability to emit a powerful sonic roar that can disorient or incapacitate opponents, serving as a potent offensive weapon.

Versatility: Stormcutters are versatile dragons, capable of performing various tasks such as combat, transportation, and manipulation of objects with their retractable tails.

Intelligence: Cloudjumper is depicted as an intelligent dragon, able to understand and respond to commands from his rider, Valka, effectively.

Aerial Prowess: Cloudjumper’s species excels in aerial combat due to their agility, speed, and ability to engage in precise maneuvers, making them formidable in the skies.

3. Toothless (Night Fury)

Firepower: Toothless, as a Night Fury, possesses powerful fire-breathing abilities. His blasts of plasma can cause significant destruction and are highly accurate.

Speed and Agility: Night Furies are known for their incredible speed and agility, making Toothless one of the fastest and most maneuverable dragons in the franchise.

Intelligence: Toothless is highly intelligent and capable of understanding complex commands and strategies. His ability to think and adapt in battle adds to his strength.

Camouflage: Night Furies like Toothless can become nearly invisible in the dark, using their ability to blend into the night to their advantage in stealth and surprise attacks.

Loyalty and Bond: Toothless’s strong bond with Hiccup is a significant source of strength for both of them. Their trust and teamwork enhance their combat coordination.

2. Red Death

Gigantic Size: Red Death is one of the largest dragons in the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise, dwarfing most other dragons. Its sheer size alone makes it an imposing threat.

Firepower: Red Death can release massive fire blasts that cover a wide area and cause immense destruction. Its fiery breath is one of the most destructive in the series.

Strength and Durability: The Red Death’s scales are incredibly tough, providing it with a high level of protection against attacks. Its physical strength allows it to engage in close combat effectively.

Leadership: The Red Death serves as the leader of the dragon nest on Dragon Island, which adds to its strength and authority among other dragons.

1. Bewilderbeast

Ice Breath: The Bewilderbeast possesses the ability to breathe extremely powerful and freezing blasts of ice. This ice breath can immobilize and encase opponents in ice, making it a formidable offensive weapon.

Size and Strength: Bewilderbeasts are among the largest dragons in the franchise, and their sheer size makes them difficult to defeat in physical combat.

Alpha Dragon: The Bewilderbeast is the Alpha Dragon, which means it has the ability to control and command other dragons. This gives it tremendous influence and power over the dragon population.

Resilience: The Bewilderbeast is shown to be highly resilient and capable of enduring substantial damage in battles, making it a challenging adversary.

Regenerative Abilities: In addition to its immense power, the Bewilderbeast has regenerative abilities, allowing it to recover from injuries and maintain its strength in prolonged battles.

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