50 Things You Didn’t Know About Kenny McCormick

List of Kenny McCormick facts:

Kenny McCormick is a fictional character from the animated TV show “South Park.”

Kenny is known for his distinctive orange parka with a hood that obscures his face, and his muffled speech that is often difficult to understand.

He is one of the four main characters in “South Park,” along with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

Kenny is portrayed as poor and lives in a run-down house with his family.

Despite his impoverished background, Kenny often displays a kind heart and is loyal to his friends.

Kenny’s catchphrase, which he utters when he dies in almost every episode, is “Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You bastards!”

Throughout the early seasons of the show, Kenny was killed off in almost every episode, only to return in the next without any explanation.

Kenny’s deaths were often outrageous and played for comedic effect, making him one of the most frequently killed characters on television.

In later seasons, Kenny’s deaths became less frequent, and he took on a more prominent role in the show.

Kenny is known for his high-pitched and often indecipherable voice, which has become one of his defining characteristics.

His friends often have difficulty understanding him, and subtitles are often used to translate his dialogue for the audience.

Kenny has a younger sister named Karen, who is also portrayed as poor and frequently falls victim to unfortunate events.

Despite his frequent deaths, Kenny is occasionally shown to possess a supernatural ability to return from the dead, although this aspect of his character is not consistently explored.

Kenny has had numerous love interests throughout the show’s run, including Tammy Warner, Kelly, and Tammy Nelson.

He has been shown to be skilled at playing the guitar and has performed in the band “Moop.”

Kenny is often depicted as the most sexually experienced of the main characters, despite his young age.

In the show’s fifth season, it is revealed that Kenny’s family is actually quite wealthy but chooses to live in poverty for the sake of his father’s gambling addiction.

Kenny’s last name, “McCormick,” was revealed in the episode “Mysterion Rises.”

In the video game “South Park: The Stick of Truth,” Kenny assumes the superhero alter ego of “Mysterion.”

Kenny’s character has been praised for his resilience and enduring popularity, making him one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in “South Park.”

Kenny’s birthday is on March 22nd.

He is of Irish descent and is often portrayed as having a heavy accent.

Kenny’s parents are named Stuart and Carol McCormick.

He has an older brother named Kevin, who is often seen smoking and engaging in delinquent behavior.

Kenny has died in a variety of ways, including being crushed, burned, electrocuted, shot, and even turned into a duck-billed platypus.

In some episodes, Kenny’s deaths are a result of his own reckless behavior, such as playing with fireworks or experimenting with dangerous substances.

Kenny is skilled at skateboarding and is often seen performing daring stunts.

He is a fan of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden and is often seen wearing a T-shirt with their logo.

Kenny’s parka hood was initially designed to cover his face because the animators found it easier and quicker to animate a character without detailed facial expressions.

In the early seasons, Kenny’s face was only revealed on a few occasions, and he was depicted as having messy blond hair and a somewhat normal appearance.

Kenny’s iconic death catchphrase was created by Trey Parker, one of the creators of “South Park,” as a humorous response to network executives’ demands to stop killing off the character in every episode.

Kenny’s death catchphrase has become a popular catchphrase in popular culture and has been referenced in other TV shows, movies, and media.

In the episode “Best Friends Forever,” Kenny is chosen as the rightful owner of a PSP gaming device in the event of a comatose state, making him a pivotal character in the storyline.

Kenny is a fan of Cheesy Poofs, a fictional snack food in the “South Park” universe.

He has a habit of getting into trouble and frequently ends up in dangerous situations.

Kenny’s character is often used to satirize the high mortality rate of child characters in animated shows and the media’s tendency to sensationalize violence.

In some episodes, Kenny is portrayed as having psychic abilities, such as the power to see into the future or communicate with the dead.

Kenny’s deaths have become less frequent in recent seasons, as the show’s focus shifted to broader social and political satire.

Kenny’s character underwent a significant change in the season six episode “The Biggest Douche in the Universe,” where he temporarily becomes a comatose patient possessed by the spirit of a famous medium.

Despite his frequent deaths and outrageous situations, Kenny is ultimately a sympathetic character who cares deeply about his friends and often sacrifices himself to protect them.

Kenny has been portrayed as a superhero named “Mysterion” in several episodes, possessing powers such as immortality and superhuman strength.

In the episode “The Ring,” Kenny wins a professional wrestling match and becomes a WWE champion under the persona of “El Pollo Loco.”

Kenny has had a few episodes dedicated to exploring his family’s dynamics and the struggles they face due to poverty, such as “It’s a Jersey Thing” and “Poor and Stupid.”

In the episode “Major Boobage,” Kenny develops an addiction to sniffing cat urine, which leads him into a psychedelic fantasy world inspired by the film “Heavy Metal.”

Kenny has been depicted as having a romantic relationship with the character Tammy Warner, but their relationship is often tumultuous and ends in tragedy.

In the episode “Child Abduction Is Not Funny,” Kenny becomes obsessed with taking safety precautions against child abduction, eventually leading to him being mistaken as a child predator.

Kenny’s voice actor, Matt Stone, often has to record his lines multiple times due to the difficulty in understanding his character’s dialogue.

Kenny’s character was originally inspired by a childhood friend of Trey Parker, one of the show’s creators, who would always wear a parka that covered his face.

In the video game “South Park: The Fractured But Whole,” Kenny takes on the superhero persona of “The Coon,” a raccoon-themed vigilante.

Kenny’s family is depicted as being religious, with his parents often attending church services and trying to instill their beliefs in their children.

Kenny has been killed off permanently in a few episodes, such as in the episode “Kenny Dies,” where he succumbs to a terminal illness.

Despite being frequently killed off, Kenny has also been depicted as being resilient and difficult to kill, sometimes surviving deadly situations that would have killed others.

Kenny has a talent for singing, and he has performed songs in several episodes, including a rendition of “Lady Marmalade” with the other boys.

In the episode “The Return of Chef,” Kenny is the only one of the boys who remains loyal to their friend Chef after he is brainwashed by a cult.

Kenny’s character is known for his dark humor and willingness to make edgy jokes, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable.

In the episode “Cock Magic,” Kenny becomes involved in an underground rooster fighting ring and discovers his talent for the sport.

Kenny has been shown to have a strong bond with animals, often caring for and empathizing with them more than the human characters.

Kenny has a recurring rivalry with Craig Tucker, often engaging in heated arguments and physical altercations with him.

Kenny’s character is known for his unpredictable behavior and penchant for getting involved in bizarre and dangerous situations.

Throughout the series, Kenny has been depicted as a character with hidden depths, often surprising his friends with his insights and acts of kindness.

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