50 Things That You Didn’t Know About Blitzo

List of Blitzo facts:

Blitzo is the founder and leader of a small startup assassination agency called I.M.P. (Immediate Murder Professionals).

His full name is Blitzo Bloodfury, although he is commonly referred to as Blitzo.

Blitzo is a demon who hails from Hell. He has a distinct red skin, pointed ears, and large horns.

He is the main protagonist of the series and serves as the primary focus of the show’s comedic moments.

Blitzo has a mischievous and charismatic personality. He is known for his sly remarks, quick wit, and a sarcastic sense of humor.

He is shown to have a penchant for violence and enjoys the thrill of his work as an assassin.

Despite being a demon and having a reputation for being ruthless, Blitzo has a soft spot for his friends and shows loyalty towards them.

Blitzo has a distinct high-pitched voice, which adds to his comedic and eccentric personality.

He is often seen wearing a red suit with a matching top hat and a skull emblem on his chest. He also carries a cane.

Blitzo is the father of Loona, a hellhound who works as a receptionist at I.M.P. and occasionally joins them on missions.

He has a strained relationship with his daughter, Loona, and often argues with her. However, deep down, he cares for her and wants what’s best for her.

Blitzo’s assassination agency, I.M.P., takes on various clients who want someone eliminated or need help with supernatural problems.

Blitzo’s agency operates out of a rundown building called the “I.M.P. Headquarters” located in Hell.

He is often seen working alongside his employees and closest friends, including Moxxie, Millie, and his receptionist, Loona.

Blitzo is known for his catchphrase, “Blitzo! The O is silent!” which he uses to introduce himself.

He has a distinctive and iconic laugh that is heard throughout the series, often after delivering a punchline or a witty remark.

Blitzo possesses limited demonic abilities, such as the power to summon imps and access certain demonic spells.

He has a love for music and is a talented singer. In several episodes, Blitzo showcases his vocal skills through musical numbers.

Despite being a demon, Blitzo is not as powerful as some of the other characters in the show. He often relies on his wit and cunning to overcome challenges.

Blitzo’s character design and personality draw inspiration from classic cartoon characters, combining elements of both mischievous and charismatic protagonists.

Blitzo is voiced by the creator of the series, Vivienne Medrano, who is also known as “Vivziepop.”

He has a distinct red and black hairstyle with his hair styled in a devilish horn-like shape.

Blitzo’s character is known for his over-the-top and flamboyant personality, often showcasing dramatic gestures and expressions.

He has a love for weapons and is often seen wielding a variety of firearms during his missions.

Blitzo has a unique ability to teleport short distances, allowing him to quickly move around during combat or escape dangerous situations.

Despite being a demon, Blitzo has a fear of spiders, which is often played for comedic effect in the series.

He has a playful rivalry with a powerful demon named Stolas, who occasionally hires I.M.P. for his own nefarious purposes.

Blitzo has a knack for getting himself and his team into chaotic situations, leading to humorous and often dangerous consequences.

He has a talent for improvisation and can come up with creative solutions to unexpected problems during missions.

Blitzo has a love for partying and indulging in the sinful pleasures of Hell. He is often seen attending wild and extravagant parties in his free time.

He is known to have a weakness for gambling and has a tendency to make impulsive bets, which often results in hilarious or disastrous outcomes.

Blitzo has a deep appreciation for art and enjoys collecting paintings, sculptures, and other artistic works.

He has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to speak his mind, often using witty remarks and insults to get his point across.

Blitzo has a pet cat named Lyle, who often causes mischief around the I.M.P. Headquarters.

He is a fan of vintage and retro aesthetics and often incorporates these elements into his personal style and the design of his workspace.

Blitzo has a signature move called the “Blood Bomber,” where he creates explosive projectiles infused with his own demonic essence.

He possesses a keen business sense and is always looking for opportunities to expand his assassination agency and increase its reputation.

Despite his chaotic nature, Blitzo has a good sense of morality and often makes decisions based on what he believes is right, even if it goes against his demonic nature.

He has a talent for impersonation and can mimic the voices and mannerisms of other characters, often using this skill to deceive or confuse his enemies.

Blitzo has a complex backstory, which is gradually revealed throughout the series, shedding light on his past and the events that shaped his current persona.

Blitzo has a love for fast food and is often seen indulging in greasy and unhealthy snacks.

He has a knack for making outrageous and over-the-top entrances, often accompanied by flashy special effects or music.

Blitzo has a sarcastic and mocking attitude towards authority figures, frequently challenging their power and questioning their decisions.

He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is constantly brainstorming new ideas to expand his business and increase his profits.

Blitzo is known for his chaotic and unpredictable nature, which often leads to unexpected and entertaining outcomes.

He has a competitive streak and enjoys engaging in friendly competitions and challenges with his friends and colleagues.

Blitzo has a soft spot for musical theater and often references or parodies famous musicals in his dialogue.

He is an expert marksman and rarely misses his targets when using firearms.

Blitzo has a hidden sentimental side and treasures keepsakes and mementos from significant moments in his life.

He has a flair for dramatic storytelling and enjoys embellishing his tales with exaggerated details and colorful descriptions.

Blitzo has a complex relationship with his employees, often oscillating between being a supportive leader and a demanding taskmaster.

He possesses a talent for disguise and can transform his appearance using makeup, costumes, and props.

Blitzo has a fondness for dark humor and often finds amusement in morbid or macabre situations.

He has a weakness for flattery and is easily swayed by compliments, often making him vulnerable to manipulation.

Blitzo is an adrenaline junkie and seeks out dangerous and thrilling experiences to satisfy his craving for excitement.

He has a hidden talent for cooking and enjoys experimenting with different recipes, often resulting in bizarre and unconventional dishes.

Blitzo has a collection of vintage vinyl records and enjoys listening to old-school music in his downtime.

He possesses a charming and persuasive demeanor, often using his charisma to win over potential clients or manipulate others to his advantage.

Blitzo has a complicated relationship with the other demons in Hell, as his profession as an assassin makes him both respected and feared by his peers.

He harbors a deep desire for recognition and dreams of becoming a legendary figure in Hell, leaving a lasting impact on the demon world.

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