50 Things That You Didn’t Know About Moxxie

List of Moxxie facts:

Moxxie is a fictional character from the animated series “Helluva Boss.”

He is one of the main characters and serves as the co-founder and weapons specialist of the immediate murder professionals (IMP) agency.

Moxxie is a demon who has a humanoid appearance with pink fur, red eyes, and a pair of small horns on his head.

He is married to Millie, another member of the IMP agency, and they have a daughter named Loona.

Moxxie is known for his mild-mannered and somewhat anxious personality. He often acts as the voice of reason within the group.

He is proficient in various types of weapons and is skilled in combat, making him a valuable asset during missions.

Moxxie has a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends and family, and he will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Despite his tough exterior, Moxxie has a soft spot for his daughter, Loona, and often tries to shield her from the more dangerous aspects of their work.

Moxxie’s catchphrase is “Blitzo, what did you do?!”

He is often seen wearing a suit and tie, reflecting his professional demeanor.

Moxxie has a tendency to worry about the consequences of their actions and the ethical implications of their work, often questioning the morality of their assignments.

He has a dislike for Stolas, a powerful demon who is attracted to Moxxie’s wife, Millie. This creates some tension between them.

Moxxie is not particularly fond of his boss, Blitzo, but he respects his leadership and relies on him for guidance.

He has a talent for singing and has performed musical numbers in the show, showcasing his vocal abilities.

Moxxie’s character is voiced by actor Richard Steven Horvitz, known for his work in other animated series and video games.

He has a fear of spiders, which is shown in one of the episodes when he encounters a giant spider.

Moxxie is often the voice of caution and tries to keep the team grounded, especially when Blitzo comes up with risky or outrageous plans.

He has a sharp wit and often delivers sarcastic remarks, adding a touch of humor to the show.

Moxxie’s character design includes a scar on his left eye, hinting at a past event or battle.

He is an essential part of the dynamic within the IMP agency, balancing out the more impulsive and eccentric personalities of the other characters.

Moxxie’s full name is Moxxie M. Mcllory.

He is a skilled marksman and is proficient in using various firearms.

Moxxie is known to have a sensitive stomach and can easily get queasy or nauseated.

He has a fondness for animals and has been shown to be gentle and caring towards them.

Moxxie is allergic to peanuts, and his allergy is often used as a comedic element in the show.

He has a competitive side and enjoys participating in shooting competitions and challenges.

Moxxie has a deep love for his home city of Hell, often expressing nostalgia and pride for his demon roots.

He has a distinctive laugh, characterized by a high-pitched and somewhat nervous giggle.

Moxxie is not a fan of heights and gets anxious when placed in high-altitude situations.

He has a talent for cooking and often prepares meals for his family and the rest of the IMP team.

Moxxie’s favorite color is pink, which is evident from his fur and the accessories he wears.

He has a secret collection of stuffed animals that he keeps hidden in his room.

Moxxie is often the voice of reason during missions, offering strategic suggestions and analyzing the best course of action.

He has a knack for technology and is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the weapons and equipment used by the IMP team.

Moxxie has a signature weapon called the “Imp-Paler,” a modified sniper rifle specifically designed to eliminate demonic targets.

He enjoys spending his free time reading comic books and playing video games, finding solace in fictional worlds.

Moxxie has a habit of double-checking things, often going back to make sure doors are locked or equipment is properly secured.

He has a fear of public speaking and tends to get nervous when addressing large groups or giving presentations.

Moxxie is a skilled dancer and has been seen busting out impressive moves during musical sequences in the show.

Despite his reserved nature, Moxxie has a mischievous side and occasionally joins in on pranks and practical jokes with his teammates.

Moxxie has a strong sense of justice and often fights for the underdogs and those who can’t defend themselves.

He has a knack for disguises and has used his skills to infiltrate enemy territories during missions.

Moxxie has a hidden talent for playing the piano and occasionally entertains his family and friends with his musical abilities.

He is an avid collector of vintage action figures and has an extensive collection displayed in his personal space.

Moxxie has a phobia of clowns and gets extremely uneasy when confronted with them.

He is a skilled mechanic and can repair and modify various vehicles, including the IMP’s signature van.

Moxxie is multilingual and can speak several demon languages fluently, which proves helpful during their assignments in different realms.

He has a strong sense of responsibility and often takes it upon himself to keep the team organized and on track.

Moxxie has a talent for creating explosive devices and is the go-to person for handling explosive-related tasks.

He has a soft spot for romantic gestures and often surprises his wife, Millie, with thoughtful gifts and gestures of affection.

Moxxie has a love for classic films and is particularly fond of film noir and old Hollywood movies.

He has a habit of writing and keeping a personal journal to document his thoughts and experiences.

Moxxie has a hidden talent for drawing and occasionally doodles in his spare time.

He has a fear of thunderstorms and seeks comfort by cuddling with his family and pets during such weather.

Moxxie is an excellent strategist and often comes up with tactical plans to ensure the success of their missions.

He has a deep respect for the elderly and often goes out of his way to help them whenever possible.

Moxxie is an avid reader and has an extensive collection of books, ranging from classic literature to contemporary demon novels.

He has a soft spot for romantic comedies and often secretly enjoys watching them, even though he tries to act tough.

Moxxie is a talented singer and often harmonizes with his wife, Millie, during their musical performances.

He has a strong sense of loyalty towards his team members and would willingly put himself in danger to protect them.

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