100 Facts About Goblin Slayer That You Didn’t Know

List of Goblin Slayer Facts:

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatsuki.

The series was adapted into a manga by KĊsuke Kurose and an anime television series by White Fox.

Goblin Slayer, the main character, is a silver-ranked adventurer whose sole purpose is to exterminate goblins.

Goblin Slayer is known for his stoic and single-minded nature, focusing solely on killing goblins without any distractions.

The story is set in a fantasy world where goblins are considered low-level monsters, but they pose a significant threat to villages and inexperienced adventurers.

Goblin Slayer is often referred to as “Orcbolg” by other characters due to his distinct helmet resembling an orc’s head.

Goblin Slayer’s preferred weapon is a shortsword, which he wields with deadly precision.

The protagonist is initially depicted as an emotionless and pragmatic character, but later reveals a complex personality with a traumatic past.

Goblin Slayer’s past trauma stems from an attack on his village by goblins, which resulted in the death of his family and the severe injury of his sister.

Goblin Slayer’s obsession with killing goblins is rooted in his desire to prevent others from experiencing the same tragedy he did.

The series features a diverse cast of characters, including Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Lizard Priest, and Guild Girl, who join Goblin Slayer on his quests.

Priestess is the first character to join Goblin Slayer on his adventures and serves as his main companion throughout the series.

The world of Goblin Slayer is dark and brutal, with scenes of intense violence and graphic imagery.

Goblin Slayer’s combat tactics revolve around exploiting the weaknesses and habits of goblins, making him highly effective in exterminating them.

Despite his initial cold demeanor, Goblin Slayer forms strong bonds with the characters he encounters, showing loyalty and camaraderie.

Goblin Slayer often uses traps and ambushes to gain the upper hand against goblins, demonstrating his strategic thinking and resourcefulness.

The series delves into themes of trauma, vengeance, and the consequences of violence.

Goblin Slayer is known for its controversial first episode, which depicted a graphic and disturbing goblin attack on a group of adventurers.

The anime adaptation of Goblin Slayer received both praise and criticism for its dark tone and portrayal of violence.

The light novel series has been published since 2016 and has spawned multiple volumes, spin-offs, and a movie.

Goblin Slayer’s popularity has led to the release of various merchandise, including figures, apparel, and accessories.

The series has inspired a tabletop role-playing game called “Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day,” allowing fans to experience adventures in the world of Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer has a distinctive visual style, characterized by its detailed and gritty artwork.

The series explores different goblin species, each with unique abilities and characteristics.

Goblin Slayer’s helmet, which covers his entire face, is a signature element of his appearance and identity.

Goblin Slayer’s methods and determination often clash with the more idealistic and naive views of other characters in the series.

Goblin Slayer’s story arc progresses beyond goblin slaying, delving into larger threats and conflicts within the fantasy world.

Goblin Slayer has a strong following among fans of dark fantasy and has gained international popularity.

The anime adaptation aired from October to December 2018 and received a second season announcement.

Goblin Slayer’s narrative continues to evolve, exploring the consequences and complexities of the protagonist’s relentless quest to exterminate goblins.

Goblin Slayer: The main protagonist of the series, Goblin Slayer is a stoic and determined adventurer whose sole purpose is to exterminate goblins. He wears a distinct helmet resembling an orc’s head and wields a shortsword with deadly precision.

Priestess: The first character to join Goblin Slayer, Priestess is a young and inexperienced adventurer who quickly forms a bond with him. She is skilled in healing magic and provides support to Goblin Slayer in battles.

High Elf Archer: A skilled archer with pointy ears, High Elf Archer is a member of a long-lived race known for their proficiency in archery and magic. She joins Goblin Slayer on his quests and contributes with her ranged attacks and magical abilities.

Dwarf Shaman: A stout and gruff adventurer, Dwarf Shaman is a member of the dwarf race known for their knowledge of runes and craftsmanship. He aids Goblin Slayer with his earth magic and expertise in identifying goblin tunnels.

Lizard Priest: A lizardman adventurer with a calm and spiritual nature, Lizard Priest possesses unique abilities such as healing magic and the power to regenerate limbs. He brings a different perspective to Goblin Slayer’s group.

Guild Girl: The receptionist at the adventurers’ guild, Guild Girl provides quests and information to adventurers. She takes an interest in Goblin Slayer’s activities and develops a friendly relationship with him.

Cow Girl: Goblin Slayer’s childhood friend and neighbor, Cow Girl takes care of his home and provides emotional support. She worries about Goblin Slayer’s safety and often encourages him to take breaks from his goblin slaying.

Witch: A powerful sorceress, Witch is an enigmatic character who possesses vast magical knowledge. She occasionally assists Goblin Slayer and his group with her spells and offers guidance.

Spearman: A skilled warrior who wields a long spear, Spearman is an adventurer who occasionally teams up with Goblin Slayer on their quests. He is known for his bravery and combat prowess.

Sword Maiden: A renowned and beautiful adventurer, Sword Maiden has a tragic past involving goblins. She seeks revenge and sometimes collaborates with Goblin Slayer, providing him with information and resources.

Noble Fencer: A skilled swordswoman from a noble family, Noble Fencer is a proud and strong-willed adventurer. She admires Goblin Slayer’s determination and occasionally joins forces with him.

Rookie Warrior: A young and inexperienced adventurer who idolizes Goblin Slayer, Rookie Warrior aspires to become as skilled as him. He often accompanies Goblin Slayer on his quests to learn from his mentor.

Heavy Warrior: A heavily armored warrior known for his immense strength, Heavy Warrior specializes in close combat and defends his allies with his massive shield. He occasionally joins Goblin Slayer’s group on dangerous missions.

Goblin Champion: A high-ranking goblin who possesses superior strength and intelligence compared to regular goblins. Goblin Champion is one of Goblin Slayer’s main adversaries and poses a significant threat.

Goblin Lord: A powerful and cunning goblin leader, Goblin Lord is the highest-ranking goblin encountered by Goblin Slayer. He orchestrates large-scale attacks and requires a strategic approach to defeat.

Goblin Children: Young goblins who are often seen as innocent and harmless by others. However, Goblin Slayer recognizes their potential danger and does not hesitate to eliminate them to prevent future goblin threats.

Goblin Slayer’s Sister: Referred to as “Onesie” by Goblin Slayer, his sister was a victim of a goblin attack that resulted in her severe injuries and trauma. She plays a significant role in shaping Goblin Slayer’s motivations.

Noblewoman: A noblewoman who seeks Goblin Slayer’s help to deal with a goblin infestation in her mansion. She is initially skeptical of Goblin Slayer’s methods but comes to understand his efficiency.

Rhea Scout: A member of the Rhea Scout Guild, Rhea Scout is skilled in tracking and scouting. She assists Goblin Slayer in gathering information about goblin movements and locations.

Dwarf Blacksmith: A skilled blacksmith from the dwarf race, Dwarf Blacksmith forges weapons and armor for adventurers. He is knowledgeable about goblin-slaying equipment and occasionally provides Goblin Slayer with custom-made gear.

Female Knight: A strong and honorable knight, Female Knight initially clashes with Goblin Slayer’s methods but eventually recognizes his effectiveness and forms a mutual respect for him.

Spearman’s Sister: Spearman’s younger sister, who is an aspiring adventurer. She looks up to her brother and accompanies him on some quests, including those involving Goblin Slayer.

Rookie Paladin: A young paladin who believes in justice and righteousness. He encounters Goblin Slayer during his adventures and is impressed by his determination.

Sword Saint: A renowned and powerful swordswoman, Sword Saint possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills. She crosses paths with Goblin Slayer and acknowledges his abilities.

Hero: A legendary hero who has faced and defeated numerous powerful enemies. Hero encounters Goblin Slayer and acknowledges his determination and skill in battle.

Nobleman: A wealthy nobleman who hires Goblin Slayer to deal with a goblin infestation in his territory. He respects Goblin Slayer’s expertise and rewards him generously for his services.

Spearman’s Father: Spearman’s father, who is a seasoned adventurer. He imparts wisdom and advice to his son and supports him in his endeavors.

Spearman’s Mother: Spearman’s mother, who worries about her son’s safety but recognizes his passion for adventuring. She provides him with emotional support and encouragement.

Apprentice Cleric: A young cleric who studies under Priestess. She assists in healing and supporting the group during battles and adventures.

Spearman’s Comrades: A group of adventurers who frequently accompany Spearman on quests. They each have their own specialties and contribute to battles alongside Goblin Slayer’s group.

Sword Maiden’s Aides: Sword Maiden is aided by a group of individuals who assist her in various tasks. They provide her with support, advice, and protection when needed.

Village Chief: The leader of a village plagued by goblin attacks. The Village Chief seeks Goblin Slayer’s help to eradicate the goblin threat and protect their community.

Goblin Slayers in Training: A group of aspiring adventurers who idolize Goblin Slayer and wish to learn from him. They seek his guidance and often accompany him on missions to gain experience.

Water Town Mayor: The mayor of a town known for its waterways. The Water Town Mayor seeks Goblin Slayer’s assistance in dealing with goblins that have infested their sewers and tunnels.

Ogre: A powerful and formidable creature that serves as one of Goblin Slayer’s adversaries. Ogres possess immense strength and pose a significant challenge in combat.

Spearman’s Master: A skilled warrior who trained Spearman in the art of combat. Spearman’s Master is highly respected and plays a mentor-like role in his life.

Goblin Slayer’s Sensei: The person who trained Goblin Slayer in the ways of goblin slaying. This mentor imparted valuable knowledge and techniques to Goblin Slayer.

Fallen Hero: A former hero who became disillusioned and lost their way. The Fallen Hero crosses paths with Goblin Slayer, leading to philosophical discussions about the nature of heroism.

Goblin Shaman: A goblin with magical abilities, Goblin Shaman poses a greater threat than regular goblins. They can cast spells and command other goblins, making them dangerous adversaries.

Goblin Knight: A goblin that has undergone special training and wears armor, making it a formidable opponent. Goblin Knights possess better combat skills and can lead goblin forces.

Dark Elf: A member of the dark elf race, known for their affinity for magic and stealth. A Dark Elf encounters Goblin Slayer during his adventures and assists him with her unique abilities.

Old Adventurer: A retired adventurer who shares stories and wisdom with Goblin Slayer. The Old Adventurer provides insights based on their own experiences in battling monsters.

Goblin Slayer’s Horse: Goblin Slayer’s trusty steed that accompanies him on his journeys. The horse is reliable and helps Goblin Slayer travel swiftly between locations.

Giant: A colossal creature that towers over other beings. Giants are rare but immensely powerful, and encountering one poses a significant challenge for adventurers.

Goblin Slayer’s Contacts: Various individuals in the adventurers’ guild and other organizations who provide Goblin Slayer with information about goblin sightings and activities.

Temple of Law Officials: Representatives of the Temple of Law, a religious institution in the world of Goblin Slayer. They work closely with Sword Maiden and aid in her endeavors.

Goblin Slayer’s Rivals: Adventurers who also focus on goblin slaying and occasionally compete with Goblin Slayer for missions and recognition.

Goblins’ Goblin: A goblin who possesses unique intelligence and acts as a leader among its kind. It holds sway over other goblins and presents a challenge for Goblin Slayer to overcome.

Goblin Slayer’s Fellow Silver-Ranked Adventurers: Other silver-ranked adventurers who occasionally collaborate with Goblin Slayer on missions that require their combined skills and expertise.

Goblin Slayer’s Armorers: Skilled craftsmen who forge and maintain Goblin Slayer’s armor and equipment. They ensure that his gear remains in optimal condition for battles against goblins.

Ancient Dragon: An incredibly powerful and ancient creature that surpasses all other dragons. Ancient Dragons are legendary beings and are rarely encountered in the world of Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer’s Training Grounds: Remote locations where Goblin Slayer hones his combat skills and devises new strategies to exterminate goblins effectively.

Noblewoman’s Retainers: Servants and bodyguards who accompany the noblewoman who seeks Goblin Slayer’s assistance. They provide protection and support during their encounters with goblins.

Goblin Slayer’s Childhood Friends: Other individuals from Goblin Slayer’s childhood who have had their lives impacted by goblins. They understand his motivations and offer emotional support.

Goblin Slayer’s Traps: Elaborate and well-planned traps set by Goblin Slayer to ensnare goblins and gain an advantage in battles. These traps often utilize the goblins’ predictable behaviors against them.

Goblin Slayer’s Personal Library: A collection of books and scrolls that Goblin Slayer consults to expand his knowledge of goblins, their habits, and weaknesses.

Goblin Slayer’s Hideout: A secluded place where Goblin Slayer retreats to rest and plan his next moves. The hideout is a secure location where he keeps his equipment and regroups with his companions.

Goblin Slayer’s Symbol: A distinctive symbol or mark associated with Goblin Slayer that represents his commitment to eradicating goblins. It is often seen on his equipment and belongings.

Goblin Slayer’s Training Regimen: A rigorous routine that Goblin Slayer follows to maintain his physical fitness and combat skills. This regimen includes weapon practice, physical conditioning, and mental discipline.

Goblin Slayer’s Philosophy: A set of beliefs and principles that guide Goblin Slayer’s actions. His philosophy revolves around the idea of eradicating goblins to protect others from the horrors he has witnessed and experienced.

Goblin Slayer’s Cooking Skills: Despite his single-minded focus on goblin slaying, Goblin Slayer is a skilled cook. He often prepares simple and nourishing meals for himself and his companions during their adventures.

Goblin Slayer’s Tactical Knowledge: Goblin Slayer possesses extensive knowledge of battlefield tactics and strategies, allowing him to outwit and outmaneuver his goblin adversaries.

Goblin Slayer’s Reliance on Preparation: Goblin Slayer emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation before engaging in battle. He meticulously plans and gathers information to ensure the success of his missions.

Goblin Slayer’s Adaptability: While goblins are his primary target, Goblin Slayer is capable of adapting his tactics and strategies when facing other types of monsters or challenging situations.

Goblin Slayer’s Scars: Goblin Slayer bears physical scars as reminders of past encounters with goblins. These scars serve as a testament to his determination and resilience.

Goblin Slayer’s Relationship with Animals: Goblin Slayer has a unique connection with animals, particularly with his horse. He understands and respects their instincts and often utilizes them in his strategies.

Goblin Slayer’s Unwavering Focus: Once Goblin Slayer sets his sights on a goal, he remains steadfast in pursuing it, often disregarding personal risks or setbacks.

Goblin Slayer’s Minimalistic Lifestyle: Goblin Slayer leads a simple and frugal lifestyle, focusing his resources on his mission rather than material comforts.

Goblin Slayer’s Observational Skills: Goblin Slayer possesses keen observational skills, enabling him to detect even the smallest details or changes in his surroundings.

Goblin Slayer’s Stoicism: Goblin Slayer maintains a stoic and calm demeanor in the face of danger or adversity, allowing him to think clearly and make rational decisions.

Goblin Slayer’s Hatred for Goblins: Goblin Slayer harbors an intense and deep-rooted hatred for goblins due to the tragedy they caused in his past. This hatred fuels his determination to exterminate them.

Goblin Slayer’s Sense of Justice: While focused on goblin slaying, Goblin Slayer possesses a strong sense of justice, seeking to protect the innocent and punish those who commit atrocities.

Goblin Slayer’s Reluctance to Form Emotional Attachments: Due to his traumatic past, Goblin Slayer is initially hesitant to form deep emotional connections with others, fearing that it may distract him from his mission.

Goblin Slayer’s Pragmatism: Goblin Slayer approaches situations and problems with a practical and pragmatic mindset, focusing on what needs to be done rather than adhering to ideals or conventions.

Goblin Slayer’s Respect for Comrades: While he may not always express it openly, Goblin Slayer deeply respects and values the contributions of his comrades in battle.

Goblin Slayer’s Protective Nature: Goblin Slayer feels a strong sense of responsibility towards protecting those who are vulnerable, especially from goblins’ predations.

Goblin Slayer’s Symbiotic Relationship with Priestess: Goblin Slayer and Priestess develop a symbiotic relationship, with Goblin Slayer’s combat expertise complementing Priestess’s support and healing abilities.

Goblin Slayer’s Commitment to Efficiency: Goblin Slayer is known for his efficiency in dispatching goblins, always seeking the quickest and most effective methods to eliminate them.

Goblin Slayer’s Need for Closure: Goblin Slayer’s pursuit of goblin extermination is driven partly by his need for closure, to bring an end to the traumatic chapter of his life caused by goblins.

Goblin Slayer’s Unyielding Determination: Regardless of the challenges he faces, Goblin Slayer never wavers in his determination to fulfill his mission of eradicating goblins and protecting others from their menace.

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