100 Facts About Attack on Titan

In Attack on Titan Eren has One of the highest kill Count In the Series

  • Levi’s height is 169 cm & most of them Don’t believe that Levi sleeps only 2-3 hours per day
  • The Interesting Thing Is Levi sleeps on a chair instead of a bed
Armin’s small noes were meant to make him look Weak & Zyckly’s torture machine was censored in the anime
  • There is a bunch of foreshadowing and ester egg across the series
  • Attack on titan’s budget per episode is around $150,000
  • In the manga, it was clear that victims included eating their own waste

the Malaysian manga censored the titan by making them wear pants

  • Shingeki no Kyojin literally means attacking titan
  • The Interesting Thing Is that Isayama’s favorite character is Reiner Most Of Them don’t know
  • due to time constraints, WIT studio rejected the offer of animate season 4

The productions of Attack on titan requested a 6 months deadline for season 4

  • the producer wanted season4 to not be far away from the manga ending
  • In early manga templates, humans did not use the 3D maneuver Gear
  • Instead, they were able to jump over 10 Meters high

We do not have a confirmed age for Levi Ackerman the most Interesting Thing is Pixis was based on a famous Japanese army General

  • Isayama said that Erwin is single because he does not know when he will die
  • the comic watchmen influenced Isayama to the attack on titan
  • In Attack on titan Eren’s arrival in the first 3 seasons resembles his mother
  • Eren’s appearance in season 4 compares to his father
It is guaranteed that Mikasa and Levi are not literally related & there is a comical manga called “spoof On Titan” & the final arc of Attack on titan is called Ragnarok
  • Eren has black hair because that makes it more comfortable to draw
  • Hange Zoe’s last name symbolizes life in a greek
  • Isayama designed historian before choosing her role in the story
  • carts titan design modified likened to its first appearance

Isayama’s inspiration for the titan arrived from drunk people

  • Shiganshina is inspired by the real city Mordlingen Germany
  • Isayama declared that the anime is the final version of the story
  • Due to this fans believe that season 4 part 2 might be different from the manga

Isayama’s control over the anime is more outstanding than other mangaka’s & foreshadowing in the opening and ending was requested by Isayama

  • Yeager literally describes “hunter” in Germany
  • Fean and Arimi were initially 1 character
  • This Is quite interesting Levi is Hebrew and means “attach”
Shades stay single because he thinks that he does not earn happiness
  • The reason existing that he led so many soldiers to their deaths
  • marcel was originally named Berwick
  • The meaning of Eren in Turkish is ” saint”
  • The meaning of Eren in german is “Honor”

Isayama drew a hypothetical historian titan in volume 11 & He wanted Eren to not be the common shounen protagonist”

  • Most Of them Don’t Believe that Levi cuts his own hair
  • The meaning of Marcel in french is little “warrior”
  • the Interesting Thing Is The One titan was indicated to be Isayama in titan form
  • Isayama also designed some titans in connection to some of his buddies
  • Mikasa is a Japanese battleship
  • The meaning Of historian in Greek Is “History”

Levi has an extremely high tolerant of alcohol & his tolerance is so high that he never gets drunk

  • The crazy thing is Reiner’s eyes and eyebrows are designed after David Beckham
  • Isayama is a massive fan of the game of throne and breaking bad
for this reasoning, Falco Grice was motivated by Jesse Pinkman & also, there are some titans said to be inspired by the game of thrones characters
  • The manga circulated in 2004 while the anime circulated in 2011
  • Eren’s height Change ranged from 170cm to 183cm in season4
  • connie’s height ranged from 158cm to 180cm in season 4
  • jeans height varied from 175cm to 190 cm in season4
  • Mikasa height went from 170 cm to 183 cm in season 4

Sasha was suggested to die in the events of volume 9 & Sasha’s original death Isayama’s editor started crying

  • He made Isayama adjust the Story and keep Sasha alive for the time start
  • Levi has an obsession with cleaning because of the way he lived as a child
  • Attack on titan has a 9.0 IMDB rating & season 4 part 1 has a 9.5 IMDB Rating & season 4 part 1 has 3 episodes rated 9.9 on IMDb
  • Eren starts using a knife after he accessed the memories of Eren Kruger

Eren & Grisha titans have pointy ears & Kruger’s titan does not have pointy ears meaning it is not a feature of attack titans

  • The Historian is the sole character who has 2 manga chapters designated after her
  • Attack on titan manga sold More Than 90 Million copies by 2019
  • Kenny Ackerman weights 120 kg
  • Mikasa weight 69 kg
Levi’s first fight with beast titan took 4 months to animate
  • The meaning Of Reiner “Warrior” German
  • The meaning Of Springer “night” in german
  • Isayama drew a hypothetical titan of Mikasa In Volume 11
  • In 2015 a Live Action was released Then They Got More Popularity
  • Most of them not noticed that In the live-action film, Levi and Erwin were not even in the film

Connie was created only to fill the position of the top 10 survey corps that graduated & Eldians way of living was designed after the Jewish People

  • The meaning Of Armin in german is “Soldier”
  • There are multiple attacks on titan official ads in japan
  • There is an attack on titan perfume in japan
  • Most of them don’t believe that attack on titan is banned in china
  • Armin destroyed a human before actually killing a titan
  • Levi drinks plain tea as honey and sugar are too expensive for him

Eren titan Physique is inspired by a famous martial artist & Gabi was voted to be Most Hated attack on titan Characters

  • Most Of them Don’t Know That attack on titan themed park in japan
  • There is a bounty on the black market for Mikasa’s head
  • The Simpsons had an episode featuring Attack On Titan Easter Eggs

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