30 Things You Didn’t Know About Arisu Sakayanagi

1-Arisu Sakayanagi Zodiac sign ” pisces” And Unlike Katsuragi who has a conservative stance, Arisu possesses an innovative outlook on things

2-Arisu appears to possess a “go with the flow attitude as she accepts most situations without protest or complaints

3-She does openly voice her dislike of the boring situations after Kohei Katsuragi spoke about the class scores and she is 16 year Old

4-She is like any normal girl and the only one who is allowed and seen her act that way is Kiyotaka Ayanokoji whereas he doesn’t remember meeting her before

5-She also appeared to be very confident and complacent after Teruhiko Yukimura of the Ayanokoji group boldly claimed that D-class has a plan to overtake the A-Class soon

6-Arisu Sakayanagi private point 352037 and She always carries an aura of imperturbability and seems like a wiseacre whenever anyone is in her presence

7-Her soft tone could effortlessly make people feel comfortable around her And She is 150 cm Tall

8-She is very manipulative cunning and perspicacious in her plans which can only be rivaled by Kiyotaka

9-She has an easygoing personality it was shown in the latter part of the series that she is easily provoked when being described based on her petite appearance

10-She holds grudges but doesn’t exhibit them on the outside

11-After Haruki Yamauchi made her fall and made a crude comment about her she pretended that it didn’t affect her before plotting and executing his expulsion by pretending she wasn’t interested

12-Since her childhood always believed that a person’s potential is Simply tied to their genetics and that a child with superior DNA will always be on the Top

13-After visiting the white room with her father, Chairman Sakayanagi she found that one certain child in the facility was outsmarting everyone else in chess Overwhelmingly defeating him opponents one after the next

14-Kiyotaka Ayanokoji among the children he was the only one snatching away Arisu’s Gaze and heart

15-In The Light Novel, Arisu Made her debut in Volume 5 Due to her health Condition She was Unable to Partake in the sport Festival

16-Sakayanagi Has Known Ayanokoji For 8 years and 243 Days

17-The Name Arisu Consists of Kanhis that mean “exit ” (ari) and “tree”(su)

18-Arisu surname Sakayanagi Consists of Kanjis that mean “slope”(saka) and “willow”(Yanagi)

19-Along with Kohei Katsuragi Arisu lead A- class And has A loyal group of followers that would faithfully do everything she orders

20-Despite her limited physical ability due to birthday defects, Arisu is notable for her Talents as being that only person Kasuragi Reports to despite his Own Outstanding Academic Prowess and leadership Skills

21-She is also shown to be resourceful as when she was unable to go on the school Cruise, she had Masumi Kamuro Conduct research on certain student and Masayoshi Hashimoto physically Manifest her Plans in her Stead

22-Arisu Sakayanagi is known for receiving great Scores Throughout her School- year and has the highest overall score for her year in the OAA

23-Arisu Sakayanagi is known for her Extensive Intelligence Which even Garnered Praises from many people for other Classes such as Honami Ichinose

24-She is very Good In Chess perfectly capable to be on the national level and even Cause Difficulty for Kiyotaka who was trained for Young to be Virtually perfect in it

25-Her deduction and analytical skill are one of the highest in the entire school and on par with Kiyotaka when he is serious

26-In the first Novel, Arisu debuts in Volume 5 However in the anime she first Appear in episode 1 Which Chronologically takes place much sooner than the light

27-Arisu rank 21 in the “female character Category in the 2021 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel Ga Sugoli Guidebook

28-For the 2nd year arc, when asked About her Aspiration for the next year she answered ‘to Lead a school life that’s interesting and protect my beloved person from unwanted vermin I Suppose

29- Arisu Sakayanagi is the class representative of A- class and his birthday Comes march 12

30- Arisu Sakayanagi voice actor is Rina Hidaka and his age Is 16 Year Old


Q: What is the meaning of Arisu’s name?

A: The name “Arisu” is of Japanese origin and is a variant of the English name “Alice.” It does not have a specific meaning in relation to the character. However, the name “Alice” is commonly associated with curiosity, adventure, and a sense of wonder.

Q: Does Sakayanagi like Ayanokoji?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi’s feelings towards Kiyotaka Ayanokoji are complex. While there are hints of romantic interest, her feelings and intentions are not explicitly revealed or confirmed in the series.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Arisu Sakayanagi?

A: In the anime adaptation of “Classroom of the Elite,” Arisu Sakayanagi is voiced by Japanese voice actress Yurika Kubo.

Q: Does Arisu Sakayanagi have a love interest?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi’s romantic feelings are not explicitly confirmed in the series. While there are hints of her developing feelings for Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, the exact nature of their relationship and her love interests are left open to interpretation.

Q: How would you describe Arisu Sakayanagi’s personality?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi is known for her intelligence, strategic thinking, and composed demeanor. She is often seen as calm, calculating, and manipulative, using her wits to achieve her goals. Arisu is highly competitive and possesses strong leadership qualities.

Q: Who is Sakayanagi’s father?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi’s father is Kiyotaka Sakayanagi, the chairman of the Board of Directors at Advanced Nurturing High School, the setting of “Classroom of the Elite.” He holds a significant position of authority within the school.

Q: Is Arisu Sakayanagi from the White Room?

A: No, Arisu Sakayanagi is not from the White Room. The White Room is a special program in the series where exceptional students undergo rigorous training to develop their abilities. Arisu does not have a background related to the White Room.

Q: How does Arisu know Ayanokoji?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi becomes acquainted with Kiyotaka Ayanokoji when they both enter Advanced Nurturing High School as first-year students. They interact and engage in various academic and social activities within the school, leading to their growing connection.

Q: Does Arisu like Ayanokoji?

A: Arisu Sakayanagi’s feelings towards Kiyotaka Ayanokoji are complex. Initially, she sees him as a potential ally due to his intelligence and capabilities. However, as the series progresses, her feelings towards him become more conflicted, and there are hints of romantic interest.

What is Arisu Sakayanagi’s age?

A: she is a second-year student in high school, so she is likely around 16 or 17 years old.

Q: What is the meaning of Arisu’s name?

A: While the exact meaning of Arisu’s name is not explicitly provided in the series, we can speculate that it might carry the symbolic connotations associated with the name “Alice” in Western literature. This could include themes of curiosity, exploration, and a journey into the unknown.

Q: What is Arisu Sakayanagi’s zodiac sign?

A: her zodiac sign could be Scorpio. Scorpios are often associated with determination, intelligence, and a strategic mindset, which aligns with Arisu’s character traits.

Q: What is Arisu Sakayanagi’s height?

A: based on her appearance and character design, it is possible that Arisu Sakayanagi is around 170-175 cm (5’7″-5’9″) tall.

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