100 Facts About Megamind That You Never Know

List of Megamind Facts:-

Megamind is a 2010 American 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film.

The film was produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

It was directed by Tom McGrath, who also directed the Madagascar franchise.

The film features the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt.

The story follows the supervillain Megamind, who after finally defeating his superhero nemesis Metro Man, finds himself without a purpose in life.

Megamind’s design was based on the villain Brainiac from the Superman comic book series.

The film was released in both 2D and 3D formats.

It received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed over $321 million worldwide.

Megamind was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but lost to Toy Story 3.

The film’s soundtrack includes songs by Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses, and AC/DC.

The character of Megamind was originally going to be voiced by Robert Downey Jr.

The character of Roxanne Ritchi was based on Lois Lane from the Superman comic book series.

The character of Metro Man was based on Superman.

The film’s tagline is “His brain is off the chain”.

Megamind’s home planet is called “Planet Metroplex”.

Megamind’s real name is “Megamind”, as he was given his villain name as a child.

Megamind’s archenemy is Metro Man, the superhero who he has been fighting against his entire life.

Megamind’s assistant and sidekick is Minion, who is a fish in a robotic suit.

Megamind is voiced by Will Ferrell, who also served as an executive producer on the film.

The film was released on November 5, 2010, in the United States.

The film’s budget was $130 million.

The film’s opening sequence is a parody of the opening sequence of Superman: The Movie.

The film’s climactic battle takes place at the “Metro City Observatory”.

The film’s opening weekend grossed over $46 million in the United States.

Megamind’s supervillain lair is called the “Death Ray”.

Megamind’s preferred method of transportation is a flying, mechanical robot suit.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 25, 2011.

The film features a post-credits scene where a hint is given about a possible sequel.

Megamind was the second animated film to be released in Dolby Surround 7.1.

Megamind’s character arc involves him realizing that he doesn’t have to be a villain and can instead use his intelligence for good.

Megamind: He is the titular character and the main protagonist of the movie. He is a supervillain who becomes the unlikely hero of the story.

Metro Man: He is the superhero who has been Megamind’s nemesis for years. He is powerful and good-looking, and widely admired by the public.

Roxanne Ritchi: She is a news reporter who becomes involved in the battle between Megamind and Metro Man. She eventually becomes Megamind’s love interest.

Minion: He is Megamind’s trusted sidekick and assistant. He is a talking fish who pilots a mechanical suit that allows him to walk and talk.

Bernard: He is the alter ego of Megamind, a museum curator who Megamind creates to get close to Roxanne.

Hal Stewart/Tighten: He is a cameraman at Roxanne’s news station who becomes a villain after receiving powers from Megamind.

Megamind’s parents: They are unnamed characters who are briefly shown in the beginning of the film. They send Megamind to Earth to save him from his dying planet.

The Warden: He is the warden of the prison where Megamind is kept. He is a strict, by-the-book character who often clashes with Megamind.

The Mayor: He is the mayor of Metro City who is often seen giving speeches and addressing the public.

Metro Man’s Manager: He is the businessman who manages Metro Man’s public image and career.

Megamind’s Brainbots: They are small, robotic minions that Megamind uses to carry out his evil plans.

Megamind’s Watch: This is a gadget that Megamind uses to disguise himself as Bernard.

The Brainbot Gun: This is a weapon that Megamind creates to control the brains of his enemies.

Megamind’s Defeat Button: This is a button that Megamind can use to defeat his enemies.

The Death Ray: This is Megamind’s weapon of choice, a giant laser that can destroy anything in its path.

The Black Mamba: This is a car that Megamind creates for himself.

The Mega-Megamind: This is a giant robot that Megamind creates to destroy Metro Man.

Roxanne’s Apartment: This is the apartment where Roxanne lives.

Metro Man’s Hideout: This is the secret hideout where Metro Man lives.

Hal’s Apartment: This is the apartment where Hal lives.

The Metro City Museum: This is the museum where Megamind creates his Bernard persona.

The Metro City Jail: This is the jail where Megamind is kept.

The Metro City Observatory: This is the observatory where the final battle between Megamind and Tighten takes place.

The Metro City Hall: This is the city hall where the Mayor gives speeches and addresses the public.

The Daily Planetoid: This is the newspaper where Roxanne works.

The Copper Canyon Correctional Facility: This is the prison where Megamind is first imprisoned.

The Hall of Doom: This is the name Megamind gives to his lair when he is still a villain.

The Lair: This is Megamind’s hideout, which he later turns into a superhero headquarters.

The Metro Man Museum: This is the museum that is built in honor of Metro Man after his supposed death.

The Invisible Car: This is a car that Megamind creates that is invisible to the human eye.

Megamind’s Lair Elevator: This is the elevator that takes Megamind and Minion down to their lair.

The Metro City Bridge: This is the bridge that Megamind destroys during one of his battles with Metro Man.

The Metro City Library: This is the library where Megamind takes Roxanne on a date.

The Metro City Zoo: This is the zoo where Megamind and Minion steal a gorilla for one of their evil schemes.

The Mega-Megamind’s Death Ray: This is the weapon that the Mega-Megamind uses to try to destroy Metro City.

The Hal Stewart Museum: This is the museum that Hal creates in his own honor after becoming a villain.

The Invisible Car Remote: This is the device that Megamind uses to control his invisible car.

The Brainbots’ Control Room: This is the room where Megamind controls his Brainbots.

Megamind’s Bedroom: This is the room where Megamind sleeps in his lair.

The Roxanne Ritchi Show: This is the talk show where Roxanne works as a host.

The Metro City Police Department: This is the police department where Roxanne’s father works as the chief.

Megamind’s Battle Suit: This is the suit that Megamind wears during his battles with Metro Man and Tighten.

Megamind’s Airborne Scooter: This is the scooter that Megamind uses to fly around the city.

Metro Man’s Statue: This is the statue that is erected in honor of Metro Man after his supposed death.

Megamind’s Power Negation Watch: This is the watch that Megamind creates to strip Metro Man of his powers.

The Space Pod: This is the vehicle that Megamind uses to escape from his home planet before it explodes.

Megamind’s Intimidation Music: This is the music that Megamind plays to intimidate his enemies.

The Evil Glove: This is the weapon that Megamind uses to shoot his death ray.

The Gun Show: This is the event where Hal first meets Roxanne and becomes obsessed with her.

The Mega-Spider: This is the spider-shaped robot that Megamind creates to attack Metro Man.

The Brainbot Bay: This is the location where Megamind keeps his Brainbots.

The Metro City Post Office: This is the post office where Megamind and Minion steal a package.

The Metro City Bank: This is the bank where Megamind robs to get funds for his evil schemes.

The Megamind Mobile: This is the vehicle that Megamind uses to travel around the city.

The Metro City Courthouse: This is the courthouse where Hal goes on trial for his crimes.

The Metro City Jailbreak: This is the event where Megamind breaks out of jail with the help of Minion.

The Megamind Museum: This is the museum that is created to celebrate Megamind’s heroism.

The Metro City Subway: This is the subway system that Megamind uses to escape from Metro Man.

The Megamindifesto: This is the manifesto that Megamind writes outlining his philosophy on life and villainy.

The Megamind Metro Man Music Box: This is the music box that Megamind creates to mourn the loss of Metro Man.

The Metro City Hall: This is the government building where the mayor and city council members work.

The Metro City Stadium: This is the stadium where Megamind and Tighten have their final battle.

The Death Ray Reversal Serum: This is the serum that Megamind creates to reverse the effects of his death ray.

Megamind’s Utility Belt: This is the belt that Megamind wears to carry his gadgets and weapons.

The Metro City News: This is the news station where Roxanne works as a reporter.

The Mega-Carrier: This is the aircraft that Megamind uses to transport his Brainbots.

The Metro City Park: This is the park where Megamind and Roxanne have a picnic.

The Megamind’s Evil Lair Blueprints: These are the blueprints that Megamind uses to design and build his lair.

The Watchtower: This is the tower that Megamind uses to spy on the city and monitor his enemies.

The Megamind’s Trophy Room: This is the room in Megamind’s lair where he displays all his stolen treasures and gadgets.

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