67 Facts About Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki belong to Uzumaki clan, In part I naruto age between 12-13 years in part II Age Between 15-17 years.naruto was born 10th october at the night, Naruto graduate at age 12, and his ninja registration no is 012607, if we talk about His family his father name is Minato Namikaze and His Mother name is kushina uzumaki and his adopted brother is kawaki, naruto marry with hinata they together have two children the son is boruto Uzumaki & daughter is Himawari Uzumaki

1- His Authentic name is naruto and not “Boruto’s dad” he even has his own shows called naruto and naruto: Shippuden”
  • 2-He was shown to use 46 out of the 51 known Rasengan variations
  • 3-Most of them don’t know that Kishimoto’s favorite character

4-In naruto height went from 145cm to 147.5 cm

  • 5-In Naruto Shippuden, he raised to 166cm in height
  • 6-As a Hokage, He is 180 cm elevated
  • 7-Its True that Naruto’s birthday is on October 10th

7-Most of them don’t believes that the naruto version in the alternate version of Genjutsu world his name in this version of Konoha is menma

  • 8-He has 2 additional voice actor speaks at The time naruto uses the sexy transformation Jutsu
  • 9-The Crazy Things is Naruto shares the same voice actor as young sabo from one piece

10-In the time naruto became Hokage he referenced himself as “orange Hokage” which was in authority to his parent’s hair color (red +yellow = Orange

11-It is not confirmed whether he understood that Nagato was an Uzumaki

  • 12-Kishimoto’s original plan for naruto was to make his imagination of becoming a chef

13-Kishimoto chooses to ship naruto and Hinata about halfway via the manga & naruto was the shortest shinobi of his generation

14-He was almost canceled at one point for their “high count” of deaths

15-Most of them Don’t believe that Naruto takes more screentime as compared to tenten

  • 16-he most teeny favorite food is vegetables
  • 17-Its True that naruto’s second favorite food is red bean soup

18-Originally naruto used magic rather than ninjutsu

19-In the original pilot manga, naruto was really a demon fox also & the demon fox who attacked the village was naruto’s father
  • 20-After he lost his arm he knew to create the clone seal with 1 arm
  • 21-His hobbies were stretching pranks and watering plants

22-He stopped using his goggles because Kishimoto found them tough to draw

23-The final design before the final one was naruto’s design & Kishimoto originally scheduled for naruto to not meet his parents

24-He changed his mentality once becoming a father himself

  • 25-He seemed in a one-piece cover (behind NAMI)
26-In the novel, he was declared to have a chakra illness & the data book states that naruto could not use the yin release
  • 27-Most of them Don’t Know naruto’s blood type is B
  • 28-The Most EnjoyableThing Is Kishimoto’s wife believed naruto would end up with sakura
  • 29-The Unbelievable theory that naruto has a private child with sakura
  • 30-Kishimoto understood from the start that naruto vs Sasuke would happen
  • 31-Dattebayo has no genuine translation

32-However, the dub version translated it into “believe it” naruto’s name is established on the narutomaki

33-There Is An Another possible influence is the city “naruto”

34-naruto’s “problems” with his son compare to Kishimoto’s own family issues just like his father Minato he infrequently uses complicated hand signs

  • 35-naruto’s child attitude was based on Kishimoto’s mindset as a child
  • 36-Naruto can not tolerate alcohol
  • 37-Is among the extremely few characters who survived tailed beast extraction

He completed Many Missions The Official Ones Are Very Rare

  • 38-He completed 7 D- rank mission
  • 39-He completed 1 C-Rank Mission
  • 40-He completed 2B-Rank Mission
  • 41-He completed 6A-Rank Mission
  • 42-He didn’t meet any S-Rank Mission
The official mission completed is only 16 & He completed a lot of unofficial mission
  • 43-His birthdate 10th of October is a Japanese
  • 44-His academy grade for positivity was A
  • 45-His academy grade for taijutsu was B
  • 46-His academy grade for ninjutsu and genjutsu was F
  • 47-His academy grade for collaboration and classroom attitude was F

38-Naruto is the reason oda changed Sanji’s name (originally named Naruto) & he was stated to be able to use more than 1000 shadow clones

39-He does not use more than 20 for Hinata

  • 40-In an OVa episode he “lost to Konohamaru for chunin exams

41-He failed his academy graduation exams a rare times and that is where a plot hole about his age comes in

42-He would normally be more senior than the rest of his classmate

  • 43-He has the same age then thing that does not make sense
  • 44-In Og naruto, he weighed 40 kg
45-The manga sexy transformation Jutsu is less censored than the anime in the Og series Konoha villagers desired to kill him / kick him out of Konoha
  • 46-Even Chojis father was among those people
  • 47-He attempted the 1000 years of death 3 times on 3 different opponents
  • 48-he achieved in the execution 2 out of these 3 times

49-Naruto’s favorite ramen shop (Ichiraku) exists in Real life

50-He killed more than 1000 white Zetsus & He also destroyed one person in a sand village Jonin, Yura

51-He appeared in 369 Naruto Shippuden episodes

52-One this scenenaruto was not feeling killing Boruto like some people think instead he actually had a panic attack

  • 53-He noticed Iruka as a 2nd father
  • 54-He failed 16 battles in the whole franchise
  • 55-NarutoUzumaki can use 11 elements
56-He is not scared to die protecting the people he cares about the only shinobi he considered as identical to him was Sasuke

57-He was voted the most famous anime characters

58-some people love his addition in Fortnite while others hate it

  • 59-He saw Sasuke as his brother
  • 60-His record number of ramen bowls eaten is not at the top in Konoha

61-He holds the history for most shadow clones performed to hold the record for most time to complete the shadow clone Jutsu

62-His record is 30 bowls while Hinata is 46

63-He is the first baryon mode user

  • 64-He is the most powerful genin in the history of Konoha
  • 65-He has the most screentime in the narutofranchise

66-We don’t know for sure whether he can use the vanishing Rasengan

67-Most Of them don’t Know That naruto was featured 11 times in the Boruto manga cover.


Why was the Uzumaki clan destroyed: The Uzumaki clan was not entirely destroyed, but it faced significant decline and dispersal over time. The exact reason for their downfall is not explicitly stated in the series. However, it is known that the Uzumaki clan was targeted and attacked due to their powerful sealing abilities and the fear they instilled in other nations.

Richest shinobi in Naruto: In the Naruto series, it is not explicitly mentioned who the richest shinobi is. Wealth and financial status are not major focal points in the story.

Who has the most screentime in Naruto: The character with the most screentime in Naruto is the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. As the main character, the story heavily revolves around his journey and development.

Shortest character in Naruto: The shortest character in Naruto is Konohamaru Sarutobi, a young ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. He is noticeably shorter than many other characters in the series.

Who destroyed the Uzumaki clan: The Uzumaki clan was not destroyed by a single individual. Their decline and dispersal were the result of various conflicts and attacks from different forces over time.

Why did Naruto kill Yura: In the Naruto series, there is no instance where Naruto kills a character named Yura. It’s possible that you may be referring to a different character or a non-canon event.

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