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26 Saddest Moment In Naruto/Boruto

Here We will tell you the saddest moment in naruto that some of them you didn’t know but I think you will like this, personally, In naruto I have an emotional attachment and there are lot of sad moments in naruto the moment is still in my mind when obito wanted to see rin and kakashi again but the Rin is sacrificed herself for her village,

The Saddest moment when Naruto Is Crying Over the Dead Of Sensei

  1. We all know when Hidan and Kakuzu kill Asums for the benefit of the undying when the sensei dies naruto is crying and Then Shikamaru Start protecting the Upcoming generation

2-When Shikamaru blasts and is repressed In grief and then eventually come out.

3-For Me the Saddest Moment was So Sad when Nagato Realized That he was a failure and that “Naruto way was the right one all along.

4-When Gaara Is crying As a child, At that moment he was alone and the person he loved Tried to Kill Him

  • The most painful part was when Gaara’s Mother died
  • All responsibility was on Yashamaru.

4-The scene of Rock Lee, Beat getting back up with his crutched this was really heart-wrenching part of the series for me

5-The Saddest Moment is when Hotaru is Wating For Utakata.

  • She never discovers that he never returned He Got Captured And Kill By Pain

6-The Moment when naruto says goodbye to Minato after the war

7-When Sasuke beats naruto and leaves Konoha

In this scene, we all know the hype of surrounding people that’s why Sasuke beats naruto and puts him on his mercy

8-When Gara was beaten by Deidara Akatsuki

9- At the Moment when finally told Gaara the truth About his Mom

10-Shikamaru and his dad talking about how it oh to cry

11-I felt Sad When naruto is crying for Gaara

12-The Moment Chiyo sacrificed herself for Gaara

13-The Saddest Part of Naruto Was When Itachi Has to destroy his Clan

14-If Some One Ask Me Your Saddest Moment Then the Entire Series Would Be Jiraiya Death

15-Last Goodbye between Naruto and His Father After Sealing Kaguya Hands Down

16-When Naruto’s Dad And His Mom died to save their own children naruto

17-Really it’s hurt when Mighty Guys Father Sacrifice His Life For His Son

18-When Kushina and Minato were Expressing the Last Word to baby naruto was Really very emotional

19-In The scene after Asuma dies at the time Saddest Moment is When Shikamaru is in his room, And his father comes and talks to Him

20-One of the saddest scene

  • when Sasori Made his Mom and dad puppets and made them hug him
When Itachi Killed his clan and left Young Sasuke Alone
  • This is the saddest moment Itachi kills each and every member in Uchiha except Obito, Tobi, Madara & Sasuke
  • But the one thing about Itachi was he never thought that Sasuke will find the truth Itachi always thought that Sasuke hate him In his whole Life & Sasuke go back with naruto Life Again.

22-In this moment Most Of them Feel So Sad When Sasuke Find Out the truth about Itachi

23-Naruto is sitting on the swings overlooking everyone else graduate

24-I really Feel Sad When Iruka said to Naruto that He wouldn’t be moving without cleaning all the mess he created

  • Naruto replied so genuinely

25-Most of them agree that it was the sad scene when Neji Dies Proceting Hinata

  • And that time naruto hold his hand at the time Neji die after the death of Neji his mark was not

26-The Saddest things loneliness of naruto in his childhood days before he earned friends during the chunin Exams

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