100 Facts About Overlord That You Didn’t Know

List Of 100 Facts About Overlord:-

1-There are only 29 world Class Items in Yggdrasil Ainz Ooal’s gown 11 of them

2-Right Bears Caurau is the former associate of the Blue Rose

3-The dead who were not correctly revered and those who died violent deaths have the most elevated probability of turning into undead

4-Dark young is based on Lovecraft’s stories they are evil god Shub-Nigguraths kids

5-From the new world, only Fluder Paradyne and Nfirea Bareare know moments of true originality

6-Clementine understood Momon’s true identity for a short amount of time

7-In Yggdrasil players could usually wear only 2 rings on each hand However Momonga has utilized case shop Items to expand the number and wear Ten rings at the same time

8-Renner is Protected by a shadow demon As part of her deal with Nazarick

9-Nazarick’s NPCs maintain their memories from Yggdrasil

10-The robe that Ainz was sporting while he confronted shalltear decreases damage from the holy attack which Shalltear specializes in

11-Death knights are 35 Level, they can’t level up or change classes

12-Undeads can’t receive any buff or enhancement from consuming food

13-Slane Theocracy has found a way to create red potions

14-Baharuth empire can construct up to 60000 Troops

15-In his humanoid form, Demiurge has diamonds in the place of his eyeballs

16-The blue rose is the only known Adamantite experience group to have all members being females and every active member of this company is Blonde

17-Right’s ring is an item constructed from wild magic (the magic of dragons it has the ability to temporarily give a user +5 Levels worth of Warrior Stats/ Abilities

18-After dominating sunlight scripture Ainz Noticed the right ring on Gazef’s hand and thought that he was married

19-Platinum dragon lord was once a member of 13 heroes

20-There are 41 homunculus maids in Nazarik they are led by Pestonya Wanko

21-Ainz’s one of Go two Spell Called “Grasso Hearts” damage can be nullified by players with Instant Death Immunity however this spell has a secondary effect anyone who is not Killed Instantly Become stunned for a moment

22-Peroroncino Offered Shalltear a mixture of Outfits all of which Catering to one fetish or another

23-Ainz can rob talents from anyone by using a ring called Shooting Star

24-Aurole Omega is the only human NPC from the Outstanding Tomb of Nazarik

25-Albedo didn’t exist in the authentic web Novel

26-Races without a skeletal design could not be Turned into Zombies or Skeletons

27-The Rubik’s Cube was presented by the six great Gods and is a popular toy in the theocracy

28-The six great Gods that theocracy worships are likely the first Yggdrasil Players to be enchanted to the New World

29-The scythe that Zesshi uses belongs to the god of death whose name was Sushana and was an Overload player like Momonga .he was slain by the eight Greed kings

30-Ainz with his class as an overlord has a skill called “Dark wisdom which allows him to control up to 718 kings of magic

31-Armor that Azuth is equipped with is a power suit from Yggdrasil this class of item was added in a later stage of the game to help noobs level up faster

32-One of the supreme beings Amanomahitotsu accepted powered suits after he learned that even blacksmiths like him could use them however he never used them again after Peroroncini defeated him in a mock fight

33-Currently, there are 2-3 power suits kept inside the treasury of the great tomb of Nazarik that are most likely way more effective than Azuth’s “Armor of reinforcement

34-In the new world, 3 Gold coins are sufficient to feed a normal family for a whole month

35-Food can be created by tier magic

36-Tire magic started to distribute in the new world around 500 years ago thanks to six great gods and eight greedy kings

37-Third- tire of tire magic is the limit for normal people only talent-holders can use magic beyond that.

38-Elven women who were enslaved by Erya Uzruth were forgiven for entering Nazarik and now they serve Aura and Mare

39-Aniz is constantly thinking of ways how to teach sexual education to aura and mare he’s thinking of using elf slaves to teach the twins about this topic, however, he also wonders if the subject is too sensitive for the latter as they were abused in the past by Erya Uzruth

40-Nigredi and Pestonya had been imprisoned for disobeying the order to kill the children that demiurge kidnapped at the end of season 2

41-The man who seemed in overlord IV episode 10 is the strongest human in the Black scripture According to Azuth This Member Had Gone Exceeding the level of heroes

42-There is an undead who lives in the slane theocracy whose presence is top secret his name is Rufus and it seems that he is highly appreciated by black scripture members

43-During Seabass interrogation, Momonga was not there instead it was Pandoras actor in a form of Ainz

44-Due to Momonga’s Poor Naming Skill, he first Gave Pandora’s actor the name “surprise Box” but Ulbert and other Guild Members thought it was absurd and suggested a different name


45-Komm. du Susse Todesstunde translates as: come you a sweet hour of death

46-Peroroncino gave Shalltear an item that can instantly resurrect her if she dies

47-Shallter’s resurrection cost 5000,000,000 Yggdrasil Gold

48-The Guild was first Known as nine Own Goals It was then renamed Ainz Ooal Gown after people started Applying for the Guild and the Original Name Wouldn’t Make sense if there were more than 9 members

49-Touch me is the reason why Bukubukuchagama joined the Guild back then no one Would like to party with her due to her race until touch me was developed here

50-Great Tomb Of Nazarik was found by Nishikienrail which then have been raided by the Guild

51-twin sister of Arche was sold into slavery by their parents not too long after Arche’s Disappearance

52-Platinum Dragon Lord Has Slain Plater In the Past

53-Aside from Platinum Dragon Lord, there is another Dragon Lord in the new world

  • Who lives Inside The Cave Of Great forest of Tob he is called deep darkness dragon lord and has slain players in the Past

54-Deep darkness dragon lord is in possession of world Item Capabilities of which are unknown

55-Albedo Created a Private Unit to find other Supreme beings in the New World And kill them before Ainz Would know about them

  • she hates them because they are aside from Momonga. Abandoned Great Tomb of Nazarik And its NPC

56-Brain Unglaus Dyes His Hair Blue

57-Players Could improve their Spell Limit with Cash Item Up to 400 Spells


58-The throne on which Ainz sits is a World Class Item User Who sits on it can see the status of his allies inside the Great Tomb of Nazarik

59-According to Maruyama Enris, the Goblin army can crush both the Baharuth empire and the armies of the resize kingdom even without 13 Redcaps

60-Eryuentiu is a name of a floating castle found in the new world it was a guild base of eight greed kings its currently Guarded by 30 Guards armed with magical Items

61-Brains katana is Created in Eryuentiu

62-Actually, Ainz is pretty intelligent this is due to the fact that his high brilliance

  • Stat influences his judgment and Ideas without his knowledge

63-Overlord is a d&d session between members of the Ainz Ooal Gown

64-During Ainz’s visit to the Treasury pandora’s actor sensed albedos presence and was prepared to kill her,as only supreme beings were allowed inside of Nazarik’s Treasury

65-Dragon Emperor who is Implied to be the one responsible for the appearance of players in the new world is a Yggdrasil Developer

66-Ainz is a part of an experiment by Yggdrasil Developers

67- In reality, Overlord tells Villains Backstory will end by introducing the Protagonist hero who will get another series about his journey to defeat Ainz

68-Nfirea is going to die due to a sex Overdose

69-Overlord will end when Ainz disables the effect of the Spell which constantly Summons new Players into the new World this way he will Secure his everlasting Peace.

70-Ainz has Phallus he is just hiding it from Albedo

71-Nazarik’s decline will start when Guardians become Disloyal to Ainz and Confront Him


72-Albedo Hates all the creators only except Ainz and the interesting thing is only Albedo Cares About Is Ainz

73-Previous players from the new world and Ainz are from the same Yggrd Asil Shut Down Event

74-Overlord will end by Ainz Saying “Sasuga Ainz Sama” before he gets Assassinated

75-There is another member of Ainz Ooal Gown in the new World Albedo’s Hit Squad wasn’t created for Nothing.

76-Nazarik has Numerous Raid Bosses on the 8th Floor

77-Albedo’s succubus status, as she has a quite distinctive appearance. She wears a variety of undergarments. Albedo never wears anything else, and it seems like she sleeps in nothing.

78-Dragon Emperior is a world enemy Equivalent to raid Boss

79-Azuth’s “Armor of reinforcement” can Store up to 10th-tier Magic Spells

80- The fact is Albedo is not existed in the Original Novel

81-Contrary to tire Magic Which Consumes MP (mana) to cast the spell. wild Magic uses one’s HP to cast spells that’s why PDL’s armor didn’t have mana and its HP decreased each Time he cast Spells

82-the Floor Guardians wield the most power Within the Great Tomb of Nazarick, with Albedo serving as their commander and best administrator.

83-Wild Magic can be Countered by World Items

84-Albedo has an outstanding deal of contempt for humans excluding Ainz, which may be because everyone else left when Yggdrasil shut down except for him.

85-Pdl’s Armor is Highly resistant to negative energy attacks she could also see through “Ainz’s” 9th Tier Invisibility Spell “perfect Unknowable

86-PDL’s Armor is most Helpless to Damage From Acid Type Of Magic Attacks

87-In LN he nullified the “Temporal Stasis” 9th Tier Spell Which Prevents The Opponent From Moving While Also Making Them Invulnerable Throughout Spell’s Duration


88-The Great Tomb of Nazarick has seven Floor Guardians, with Ainz Ooal Gown serving as their leader ever since entering the game.

89-In New, World Players Can Get Resurrected

90-He is supposed to be a Yggdrasil Player He Introduced Surgery and Concepts Such As Refrigerators and Fans To The New World

91-One of the Member Among The Eight Greed Kings Was Female, Other Seven Were men they Formed A reverse Harem Which Led to Their Annihilation

92-Ainz created a fake Replica of Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. to prevent it from Stealing He Carries a Fake one. Original is Stored In The Depths Of Nazarik.

93-In the first episode of the series, Mare Bello Fiore became the first non-playable character to obtain the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

94-The Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth empire were formerly one and identical nation but they finally split Apart and became two Independent Countries

95-Maruyama Tweeted that Re-Estize kingdom’s Entire Geographical Area was about half the size of modern-day France


96-Silver Thread Bird ran Away from the Baharuth Empire After the Match between Go Gin And Ainz Ooal GownNow They Reside In Karsanas City State Alliance

97-However, Kiting Him Is Hardly An Option Because His Agility Stat is Really High.

98-Elemental Skull is Level 68 Undead Summon

99-Albedo has two sisters the younger sister’s name is Rubedo and the older one is Nigredo they are present in the novel

100-Aledo usually waits for Ainz’s return in bed and someway has Ainz’s body pillow. It’s amazing she even purchased it.

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