35 Things You Didn’t Know About Anya Forger

1-Anya forger is the deuteragonist of the Spy x family series and was formerly Known as a test subject “007”

2-She is a telepath whose abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an unknown organization and he is 6 (forged I.D papers)

3-Anya Forger is a Russian diminutive of the name “Anna” meaning “grace” and the name was originally romanized as “Ania” By Tatsuya Endo

4-Anya’s former code name ‘test subject “007” is a reference to the mythical character James bond and his code number 007

5-Anya has a childish Style of speaking by frequently Mispronouncing Words

5-Anya loves peanuts and hates carrots and she barely passed the written exam of the admissions Method with a score of 31

6-Anya is Picky about her food and the Voice actor is “Atsumi Tanezaki”

7-Anya was initially planned to be more senior and taller as seen in an initial sketch of the family. her presentation also appears to be much more serious or unfriendly

8-Anya’s Love items include her fancy doll peanuts, Spy cartoons, Muted Pistols, Bombs, Castles, Penguins, her Uniform, Loid, Yor, and Becky

9-Anya earned Fortyone points on her Classical Language Test

10-Anya adores cake and Hamburg Steak and his height is 99.5cm which is (3’2)

11-Anya’s plan is Adopted from Ashe A character In Tatsuya Endo’s previous one Shot Rengoku no Ashe

12-Anya is the first in her Grade to be conscious of a Stella star And Loid convey any as appearing about four to five year old at the oldest

13-Anya’s hair was barely shorter and she did not wear the horn-like hair Ornament, instead, her hair was tied into little buns at the sides of her head

14-Anya is very impressionable toward the people near her

15-Anya enjoys the extra toys that come with some candy brands and tries to use her telepathy to read the content of the box to obtain her desired toy

16-Anya’s chair featured on the second volume’s cover is a marshmallow sofa And she is indirectly responsible for the death of 2 Assassins

17-for example, reading loid’s mentality and acting in ways he found very odd and learning how to punch from Yor

18-Since being adopted she wanted to go whenever loid was going in expectancies of seeing the Spy stuff she always sees on tv but after the events

19-She has understood the harshness of espionage and Stopped messing with Loid’s Spy Work

20-Anya is especially clever being able to spell long words by herself and helping loid out as best she can even nudging Loid And Yor Together

21-Anya wants a loving family as her earlier family likely abandoned her dumping her with some abandonment issues she cried at the thought of Loid Replacing her and asking him not to leave her behind

22-From her time as an experiment subject, Anya has a fear of people Knowing she is a telepath and from their experiments, it seems that it has left some mental Scars on Anya

23-Anya’s true origins as well as the Source of her telepathic Capabilities are largely Unclear

24-She escaped the research Facility and Move From Institution to institution seeking someone to take care of her

25-Anya has recollections of her mother or a mother figure as she reacts with tears when Murdoch Swan tries to provoke Yor Forger by Comparing Her and Anya’s old mother

26-Anya Forger is qualified of reading the mind of others depicted as small Sparks around her Head

27-She is susceptible to being in large Public as she becomes Overwhelmed and Dizzy by too many ideas to the point of getting a nosebleed

28-Anya finds it challenging to understand a Complex mind such as Loid’s And she must be within a certain distance of her target to read minds

29-Anya is mysteriously knowledgeable of the classical language despite having Barely understood the subject at school as Loid catches she could have scored well on her test if she did not have so many spelling mistakes

30-she is shown on multiple occasions to have an honorable level of street smartness saving Loid from imaginable death using her resourcefulness and quick thinking skill

31-Anya is skilled enough to make a makeshift bomb Albeit with the ability of an aspiring assassin Managed to make a peanut bomb

32-Anya has been prepared by Yor Some earlier Basic self-defense and she uses this to punch Domain in the Face

33-During the latest moon that happens once a month, Anya’s telepathic Capacities temporarily do not work

34-Anya is revealed to be low grades in a variety of skills including Studying, drawing, sports, and music

35-Anya has down to sub-par capabilities when it comes to academics notably Scoring Very Low in most of the examinations she has taken at Eden Academy

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