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30 Facts About Shalltear Bloodfallen | Overlord

1. Shalltear Bloodfallen is a Floor Manager of the first to third Floors and she races Heteromorphic Undead and true Vampire, she was the epithet “the Bloody Valkyrie”.

2. Shalltear Voice Actor “Sumire Uesaka” and, is very Flirtatious and is Open About her bisexuality.

3. Shalltear is very honest and shameless and She dislikes rotting corpses.

4. She has no patience or tolerance for failure and will often burst into fits of rage at the sign of an unfavorable situation occurring.

5. It is, later on, revealed her blonde masked guise was based on Renner as a sign that Renner was already plotting with Nazarik Why she Didn’t attack When she Saw Climbing is Because she was told in advance not to hurt him.

6. Shalltear Bloodfallen will not feel guilty about killing any housekeeper who disappoints her.

7. When Albedo harshly questions the vampire about her love life, Shalltear reveals that she has only been with girls from her experience.

8. When shall tear fails a task she tends to fall into a state of sadness and can become very thoughtful of the sins committed by her.

9. Shallrears is completely loyal to Ainz and she was created by peperoncino. she is also considered to be Albedo for his affection.

10. She enjoys proving her value and fantasizes about the praise she hopes to receive from Ainz. and Shalltear is a True Vampire

11. She can fail to control herself when she is sprayed with too much fresh blood after killing her targets in cold blood.

12. She feels deeply uneasy and frustrated whenever other Nazarick denizens don’t seem to hear trust her for the job.

13. Shalltear Bloodfallen and albedo seem to look at each other as rivals, competitors with each other for Ainz’s fondness.

14. Shalltear was produced by her creator as one of the subjects of his wishes. it can be said that shall tear is stronger in the light novel than she was in the web Novel.

15. Shalltear was the first floor Guardian and NPC under Ainz’s order to betray him and not complete her Assigned Mission.

16. Out of all The NPCs about Nazarick, Ainz reflects the Setting and Skillfulness of Shalltear the Most Secondly After Pandora’s Actor Who Occurs to be the first on his list of knowing a ton About.

17. Shalltear Usually speaks like a Geisha

18.  She desires to verify herself as valuable to not only her master Ainz but to Also everyone in Nazarick who lost confidence in the former as Atonements for betraying their faith.

19. The revival of Shalltear is estimated to cost around 500 Million YGGDRASIL gold.

20. Shalltear’s belief comes from her confidence in the Bloodline of the source God Cainabel.

21. In Overlord movie 2 Shalltears was already fully equipped with her legendary class armor before battling Ainz.

22. Shalltear was given when the novel the false name of Camilla who is an apprentice of Landfall.

23. Shalltear Bloodfallen does not detest garlic but it seems that the venom produced through Alchemy from garlic etc is useful against her kind.

24.  Shalltear felt that she created a lethal mistake because the former was presently hit by a dangerous power that thwarts her attack for just a moment.

25. Shalltear is a stronger floor Guardian and possesses the highest stats among the floor Guardians an ability that elevates her vitality to surpass her opponents during Combat.

26. Shalltear is often seen appareled in an exceedingly suit of red-colored full armor plate that seems like it has been covered with blood. She wears a swan-shaped helmet that leaves solely her pale face exposed.

27. Shalltear Bloodfallen could resist the Goal of All life Is Death skill By using the effect of a resurrection item on herself within 12 seconds.

28. In the previous year, Shalltear and her master Ainz were typically combined to handle lone intruders that had invaded Nazarick.

29. Shalltear Bloodfallen is to rise from her feet, as she still feels very excited and awed by the aura he was emitting all this point throughout the meeting.

30. Shalltear was reported to be managing the dragons beneath her charge, however since the establishment of the necromancer Kingdom, besides his duties as Floor Guardians, Shalltear has received extra outside duties.

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