30 Things You Didn’t Know About Albedo Overlord

1. Albedo Overlord is one of the most strenuous protagonists characters of the lord series lightweight novel.

2. She may be a fiend that job because the leader and best in body ability of the ground Guardians in Nazarick.

Albedo Overlord

3. Tabula Smaragdina created 3 NPCs and albedo is one of them.

4. She claimed that she’s the spouse of Ainz Ooal gown.

5. Albedo is begile with Ainz and is completely loyal to him and principally stays by Ainz’s aspect.
Albedo Overlord

6. Albedo may be a ravishing lady with lustrous long, black hair, yellow pupils, and also the face of divinity.

7. She is deeply in love with Ainz and isn’t afraid to specify her feelings for him.

8. She apparel a dark set of armor that covers her whole body, alongside her wings. Though, Albedo will solely wear one combination of garments as a non-playable character.

9. Albedo is the second most tremendous powerful Floor Guardians behind Ainz.

10. Albedo is the middle sister of the elder sister Nigredo and younger sister Rubedo. Rubedo is the “Strongest Entity of Nazarick” whereas Nigredo was confined within the frozen jail throughout her debut
Albedo Overlord

11. She showcases a flare-up of jealousy whenever anyone else appears to be getting close to Ainz.

12. She was programmed to prefer recurring sexual activity.

13. She sometimes loses control of herself without asking him almost raping Ainz against his will.

14. She is the most vocal when it comes to expressing her opinions.

15. She gives her enemies agonizing deaths and enjoys it when they feel pain.

16. Albedo can make calm and collected judgments that even Ainz doesn’t think of.

17. Albedo takes Ainz’s orders as a top priority and can punish even a Floor Guardian.
Albedo Overlord

18. She can easily lose self-restraint and go intensely mad if Ainz is harmed.

19. Whenever Ainz is put in mortal danger she becomes very emotional.

20. She recognizes the possessions of others as belonging to them, so she rarely insists on cleaning up.

21. Her temperament is unmerciful and cruel, crafty and savage.

22. She has intense power in their ear all over listening for info goes while not speech communication.

23. Albedo smiles all the time, Her smile is nothing quite a countenance to her.

Albedo Overlord

24. Though albedo is succubus never in the other garments and she seems to sleep with no garments.

25. Albedo Overlord continues to be pure for being a succubus; she is saving herself for the person she intensely loves, Ainz.

26. She admits if Tabula Smaragdina failed to create her, she wouldn’t be here. She hates him for an unknown reason, albedo solely cares concerning is Ainz.

27. albedo is the second authority to receive this tremendous ring from Ainz, that ring permits the user to freely teleport to all or any areas inside the place of Nazarick.

28. albedo boasts the best defensive power among all the NPCs of Nazarick. Especially, once she is equipped with her armor.

Albedo Overlord

29. She has the title of guardian superintendent the highest-ranking position within the great Underground place of Nazarick.

30. However, Albedo’s special ability has limits as she will use it solely three times on a daily basis.

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