40 Things You Didn’t Know About Yor Forger

1-Yor Forger dislikes insects to the point she hates even examining pictures of them

2-When written in kanji rather than katakana. Yor, the name can be ” Night”

3-Yor’s private file has the date 06 Apr 63″ this may be her date of the job

4-Yot Maiden’s name rose Motifs and codename hint at the motivation for her character being drawn from little Briar Rose which is an alternative title for the fairytale sleeping beauty

5-Yor’s sharp earrings are traits that she moves with Ashe the Character of Tatsuya Endo’s Previous one Shot Rengoku no Ashe

6-Yor’s Stool Featured on the 3rd Volume Cover is a standard Eames La Chaise

7-Yor had her superhuman power even as a child and long before she started her Assassination Work

8-She works as a standard clerk at Berlin City Hall and Yor Leads a Private life as a Garden assassin with the code name”thorn Princess”

9- Yor, and Loid forger marry to fulfill their individual goals and becomes the adoptive mother of Anya forger

10-Yor Forger Age Is 27 and his voice actor is “Saori Hayami” and Similar to Yor, abe relies on was a hitman whose weapon of choice was an ice Pick

11-When her hair is allowed down she lacks the normal two thick locks of hair and her hair comes about mid-back

12-As an assassin, Yor wears a form-fitting harness Style black dress that displays off her shoulders and cleavage with a rose Neckband and a red rose pattern on the interior of her skirt

13-As a child, Yor had Small hair that came just below Chin-length

14-Yor is often caught with a stoic or aloof expression, mainly when interacting with her Coworkers

15-She Bypasses Participating in Gossip or conversation with her Coworkers and Camilla even describe her as being like a robot

16-Yor becomes more expressive and starts to initiate a conversation with her co-worker herself to ask for help with being a better wife or learning how to cook

17-Yor is continually tempted to use killing as the solution to her difficulties

18- She daydreams about assassinating the parent of another applicant so that any is guaranteed a place at Eden Academy

19-She is not good at anything apart from killing or clearing and Yor Constantly stresses that she’s not being a good wife or mother

20-Yor is extremely Gullible being easily fooled by ridiculous lies loid tells her to hide his originality

21-Yor and her family were Originally From Eastern Mielsberg

22-Both of her parents died away when she was young departing both her and her younger brother as Orphans

23-Yor Forger was compelled into Garden where she Started her career as an assassin to deliver for her brother financially

24-Yor wants his brother to live without Worries

25-She would buy education books or Snacks her brother wished with her paycheck

26-She restarted to support her brother with a paycheck from her Assassination job Until Yuri was hired into the ministry of foreign Affairs as a diplomat

27- Loid’s Research revealed Yor Had no Prior romantic experiences

28-Yor possesses monstrously superhuman physical capabilities

29-Yor, kicks can impact speeding cars and degrade humans

30-She is qualified to easily shoot Human Skulls with her Weapons and a thrust from her hands alone can eliminate pumpkins and break a person’s hand

31-Her legs are also powerful sufficiently to jump a whole floor while bringing a woman and her child

32-Her kicks were strong enough to knock out loud by merely grazing his Chin

33- Yor, has a problem controlling her power as during a game of tennis she Swung the racquet hard sufficiently to dice the tennis ball

34-Yori is gradually fast and agile and she is Highly resistant To Poison she is seriously Bad At lying and her alibis are booming only via sheer luck

35-Yor was able to withstand a gunshot wound to her glutes and move generally

36-Yor is skilled at removing up the aftermath of her assassinations

37-Though not as smart as loid, Yor has some understanding of pressure point utilizing it on a cow to instantly knock it out

38-When in combat, Yor operates two slender, single-handed weapons with a vagure closeness to ice picks or Awls

39-Yor is a lightweight she is prone to drink a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time pouring wine into her glass eagerly and drinking wine straight out of the bottle

40-due to only considering the nutrients involved and not the taste or appearance of the meal Yor is consistently had cooking and usually leaves the task to Loid


Who is the voice actor for Yor Forger? In the anime adaptation of “Spy x Family,” Yor Forger is voiced by the Japanese voice actress Shizuka Itou.

How strong is Yor Forger? Yor Forger is depicted as a highly skilled and capable spy in “Spy x Family.” She possesses exceptional combat abilities, espionage skills, and a sharp intellect, making her a formidable character in various situations.

Does Yor Forger have a specific weapon name? There is no specific weapon associated with Yor Forger in “Spy x Family.” Her primary skills revolve around espionage, disguise, combat, and gathering intelligence, rather than relying on a particular weapon.

What earrings does Yor Forger wear? Yor Forger is often seen wearing small golden hoop earrings in both ears. They are a part of her overall fashionable appearance and add to her sophisticated look.

What is “Yor’s Spy Family”? “Yor’s Spy Family” refers to the manga series “Spy x Family” created by Tatsuya Endo. It follows the story of Yor Forger, a spy who forms a fake family with a husband and daughter for her undercover mission.

Does Yor Forger have a codename? Yor Forger’s codename as a spy is “Thorn Princess.” It reflects her ability to navigate through dangerous situations and gather information covertly.

Does Yor Forger play tennis? There is no specific mention of Yor Forger playing tennis in the “Spy x Family” series. Her skills and focus primarily revolve around espionage, combat, and gathering intelligence.

What is Yor Forger’s real name? Yor Forger’s real name is Yoru Briar. She adopts the alias “Yor Forger” as her cover identity while working as a spy.

Does Loid know that Yor is an assassin? Yes, Loid Forger, Yor’s husband in the series, is aware of her true profession as a spy and assassin. Initially, their marriage is a sham for their respective undercover missions, but over time, they gradually discover each other’s true identities and develop a deeper understanding and connection.

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