50 Things You Didn’t Know About Yuji Itadori

List of Yuji Itadori facts

Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Jujutsu Kaisen.

He is a first-year high school student and a member of his school’s Occult Research Club.

Yuji is a kind-hearted and selfless person, always willing to help others in need.

He has a muscular build and is an exceptional athlete, particularly in track and field.

Yuji’s parents died when he was young, leaving him to be raised by his grandfather.

His grandfather was a jujutsu sorcerer who taught him a few basic techniques.

Yuji has a deep love for his grandfather and aspires to become a jujutsu sorcerer like him.

He has a strong sense of justice and is willing to put himself in danger to protect others.

Yuji has a fondness for food, particularly for his grandfather’s homemade meals.

He has a tendency to underestimate his own abilities, often believing that he is not strong enough to protect those he cares about.

Yuji is a naturally gifted fighter and has incredible physical strength and speed.

He has a special ability called “Divergent Fist,” which allows him to increase his physical strength for a short period of time.

Yuji’s weapon of choice is a giant wooden hammer that he carries on his back.

He has a close relationship with his childhood friend, Megumi Fushiguro.

Yuji initially swallows a cursed object known as Ryomen Sukuna’s finger to save his friends from a cursed spirit.

This act merges him with Ryomen Sukuna, one of the most powerful curses in existence.

Yuji is able to control Sukuna’s powers to a certain extent, but Sukuna’s personality can take over his body at times.

He becomes a jujutsu sorcerer in order to find and consume all of Sukuna’s fingers to prevent the curse from harming innocent people.

Yuji attends the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College to train to become a jujutsu sorcerer.

He forms a close bond with his classmates, especially Nobara Kugisaki and Megumi Fushiguro.

Yuji is known for his ability to make friends easily and his cheerful personality.

He is fiercely loyal to his friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Yuji’s kind and selfless nature makes him a natural leader and earns him the respect of his classmates and superiors.

He has a strong sense of empathy and is able to understand the motivations and feelings of others.

Yuji is a skilled strategist and often uses his opponents’ weaknesses against them in battle.

He is constantly training and improving his abilities as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Yuji has a great sense of humor and is known for his funny and sometimes awkward comments.

He has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to take action against those who would harm innocent people.

Yuji’s ultimate goal is to defeat Ryomen Sukuna and protect the world from his power.

He is a beloved character among fans of Jujutsu Kaisen and is considered one of the most likable and relatable protagonists in recent anime and manga history.

Yuji’s birthday is on November 20th.

He was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Yuji’s favorite food is fried pork cutlet.

His favorite color is red.

Yuji’s blood type is O.

He is voiced by Junya Enoki in the anime adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuji’s catchphrase is “I’ll save you, no matter what!”

He is a fan of the popular anime series “Tokyo Metro Police Department 24.”

Yuji has a fear of cockroaches.

His hobby is collecting occult-related items and books.

Yuji’s height is 173 cm (5’8″).

His weight is 62 kg (136 lbs).

Yuji has a scar on his forehead that he received during a childhood accident.

He is not very good at studying and often needs help from his classmates.

Yuji’s favorite flower is the cherry blossom.

His favorite animal is the dog.

Yuji’s shoe size is 26.5 cm (10.4 inches).

He is a fan of professional wrestling and idolizes the wrestler Masahiro Chono.

Yuji has a tattoo on his chest that reads “I will protect you all.”

His favorite brand of instant ramen is “Mama.”

Yuji is skilled at playing the video game “Street Fighter.”

He is known for his quick reflexes and agility in battle.

Yuji has a scar on his chest from a fight with a cursed spirit.

He is a fan of the musician Seishiro Kusunoki.

Yuji has a strong sense of pride in his physical strength and is easily provoked when someone insults it.

His favorite type of music is rock.

Yuji is a fan of the superhero team “Nanairo Justice.”

He has a tendency to underestimate his opponents and rush into battle without a plan.

Yuji’s dream is to one day defeat Sukuna and become the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world.

He is a character who embodies the themes of courage, selflessness, and friendship in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuji is ambidextrous, meaning he can use both his left and right hands equally well.

He has a talent for sketching and enjoys drawing in his free time.

Yuji’s favorite type of exercise is push-ups.

He has a habit of talking to himself when he’s alone or lost in thought.

Yuji’s favorite season is autumn because of the cool weather and beautiful colors of the leaves.

He has a close relationship with his mother, who is a nurse.

Yuji’s favorite type of dessert is strawberry shortcake.

He has a habit of sticking his tongue out when he’s concentrating on something.

Yuji’s favorite type of juice is apple juice.

He has a talent for imitating other people’s voices and mannerisms.

Yuji’s favorite brand of athletic shoes is “Nike.”

He has a fear of ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Yuji’s favorite animal is the Labrador Retriever.

He has a habit of making puns and jokes, sometimes at inappropriate times.

Yuji’s favorite type of sushi is tuna.

He has a talent for cooking and can make a mean fried rice dish.

Yuji’s favorite type of exercise equipment is the pull-up bar.

He has a habit of spacing out and daydreaming, sometimes to the point of forgetting important things.

Yuji’s favorite hobby is watching movies and TV shows.

He has a talent for memorizing long passages of text, such as spells and incantations.

Yuji’s favorite type of music is Japanese rock.

He has a habit of tapping his foot or drumming his fingers when he’s anxious or nervous.

Yuji’s favorite type of video game is action-adventure.

He has a talent for acrobatics and can perform complex flips and jumps.

Yuji’s favorite type of candy is gummies.

He has a habit of whistling or humming when he’s walking or doing chores.

Yuji’s favorite type of noodle is udon.

He has a talent for solving puzzles and brain teasers.

Yuji’s favorite type of weather for sleeping is cool and breezy.

He is a character who embodies the values of bravery, compassion, and determination in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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