Top 30 Luckiest Anime Characters

30-Rito Yuki: (To Love-Ru)

Rito Yuki

the most interesting thing is he is a 16-year-old boy and a student of Sainnan high school, He was Luckiest Anime because physics actually works differently for him allowing him to land in the many risque positions

29-Sugimoto Saichi: (Golden Kamuy)

Sugimoto Saichi

Many of them Don’t know he has also known as Sugimoto the immortal due to high luck he survived many times

28-Mr. Satan: (dragon ball He)

Mr. Satan

is a Martial arts champion & he is the strongest warrior In the Universe due to high luck, he survived against dangerous opponents

27-Princess Sayalis (bleach)

Princess Sayalis

She is a sleepy princess and she is 19 years old he’s just always lucky and his full name is Aurora Shya Lis Googereste

26-Zongeh (Toriko)


survived so many times in the gourmet world, he is a wild beast who survived in extremely dangerous places due to luck I think Zongeh has three demons inside him

25-Moe Shishigawara (bleach)
Moe Shishigawara

is only a 19-year-old boy he is a student of Miyashita commercial school he uses a jackpot knuckle which controls the probability of surrounding events

24-Baccarat (one piece)


– He is a member of gild Tesoro’s he appears only in one piece movie and she takes away the luck of the person she touches

23-Usopp (one piece)


also known as god Usopp and he is Capitan of Usopp pirates and the interesting thing he labeed as a “liar” & has high luck that allows him to avoid dangerous situations

22-Nezumi (Juni Taisen):


In the 12 Zodiac anime series he is a teenager and student of high school & Zodiac War his ability allows him to choose the best outcome

21-katsura Kotaru (Gintama)

katsura Kotaru

is the leader of the Joui faction due to his luck he is virtually elusive to the authorities

20-The mediator (humanity has declined)

The mediator

– Most of them don’t know that his true name is unknown and he is the mediator between humans and fairies & she is lucky and also helped by fairies

19-Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki

Is a Japanese hero and the founder of Yorozuya he is only 27 years old he was born on the 10th Oct his guardian spirit increases his luck

18-Yugi Muto (yu-gi-oh!)

Yugi Muto

Is a frictional Character create by Kazuki Takahashi he is a master at solving an ancient puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle & due to luck he drew the right cards many times

17-Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)

Makoto Naegi

– Is the Ultimate Luckiest Anime student he was select in hope’s peak because he won the lottery

16-Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

Yumeko Jabami
– she wins at gambling at the expanse of luck his age is range about 16 -17 years old and she is a genius and intelligence

15-Chitose Nakai (Yuuna and the haunted hot Springs)

Chitose Nakai

Is mature and his attitude is cheerful Attitude can bring about luck either good or bad

14-Komatsu (Toriko)


has the highest food Luckiest Anime he is the head chef working in a reputed restaurant

13-Satou Kazuma (Konosuba)

Satou Kazuma

has an extraordinary god’s bless high luck stat his age is approx 16 years old

12-Nagito Komeda (Danganronpa)

Nagito Komeda

Is the Ultimate Luckiest Anime student he wins so many lotteries his talent to protect him from death



goddess of luck her luck is always the maximum higher than Kazuma and the crazy thing is his ability is Immortality his body looks young and beautiful all the time

10-Izuru Kamakura- (Danganronpa )

Izuru Kamakura

Is 20 years old and his blood type is “A” his luck is equal to Nagito ultimate luck and his eye look like blood

9-Naho Takamiya (orange)

Naho Takamiya

Is Main Character In Orange she is Lucky to receive Secretive letter from the future when he delivers a letter in the past there is very less chance for success but he successfully delivers

8-Izuku Midoriya(My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya

He is also known as Deku he has an incredible amount of luck he always dreamed to become a number one hero and all Might give his power to Deku Then he becomes number one hero

7-joseph joe star(Jojo’s bizarre adventure)

joseph joe star

Is 91 years old born on sep 27thand he is incredibly lucky in every fight

6-Poco loco(Jojo’s bizarre adventure)
Poco loco

He just has incredibly high luck and his ability to encourage people by talking he is also Know as good luck

5-Ichiko sakura (good luck girl)

Ichiko sakura

– Is a high school student she has an infinite amount of luck, as well as she, is able to absorb someone else luck

4-Othinus (To Aru Majutsu no index)


– the leader of the gremlin & the expense of Gungnir increased her luck to 100% She is a magic god

3-King(one punch man)

King(one punch man)

His incredibly high Luckiest Anime has saved him many times and he is S Class rank professional hero also know as the strongest man In The World

2-Antispiral(Gurren Lagann)


Is the archenemy of lord genome he can change the probability of an event and create absolutely favorable situations

1-Medaka Kuro kami(medaka box)

Medaka Kuro kami

Is 16 years old & has the highest level of luck in her verse She can extend her power and abilities by 120%

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