Top 20 Smartest Gravity Fall Characters Ranked

List of Smartest Gravity Fall Characters Ranked:

20. Old Man McGucket

Inventive and skilled in creating various contraptions.

Has deep knowledge of the strange happenings in Gravity Falls.

Though initially seen as eccentric, he possesses hidden intelligence and expertise.

19. Fiddleford Hadron McGucket

Formerly known as “Old Man McGucket” before his mental decline.

Brilliant inventor and scientist, responsible for creating the Society of the Blind Eye.

Developed the memory-erasing technology used by the society.

18. Toby Determined

Journalist for the Gravity Falls Gossiper.

Shows determination and persistence in his investigations.

Though sometimes clumsy and gullible, he can uncover important information.

17. Sheriff Blubs

Local law enforcement officer in Gravity Falls.

Dedicated and committed to keeping the town safe.

Shows resourcefulness and problem-solving skills in solving mysteries and crimes.

16. Deputy Durland

Durland is the bumbling and goofy deputy of Gravity Falls.

While not the sharpest tool in the shed, he possesses a good heart and is often eager to help.

Despite his lack of intelligence, he occasionally contributes to solving mysteries through his unintentional actions.

15. Quentin Trembley

Quentin Trembley is the 8½th President of the United States.

He is known for his eccentric behavior and bizarre decisions.

While not conventionally smart, his unorthodox thinking and unpredictable actions can sometimes lead to unexpected solutions.

14. Preston Northwest

Preston is the father of Pacifica Northwest and a wealthy businessman.

He is highly focused on his family’s reputation and wealth.

While not explicitly portrayed as highly intelligent, he is shrewd in business matters and knows how to maintain appearances.

13. Shandra Jimenez

Shandra Jimenez is a news reporter in Gravity Falls.

She is known for her dramatic reporting style and enthusiasm.

While not specifically depicted as exceptionally intelligent, she is skilled at uncovering and reporting on the strange happenings in Gravity Falls.

12. Blendin Blandin

Blendin Blandin is a time traveler and employee of the Time Anomaly Removal Crew.

He possesses extensive knowledge of time travel and temporal anomalies.

Skilled in operating time-travel technology and understanding complex temporal mechanics.

11. McGucket

McGucket is an eccentric inventor and former resident of Gravity Falls.

Despite his mental decline, he is shown to possess exceptional mechanical and engineering skills.

In his prime, he contributed significantly to the scientific advancements of Gravity Falls.

10. Soos Ramirez

Soos is an employee at the Mystery Shack and a close friend of the Pines family.

While not conventionally portrayed as highly intellectual, he exhibits emotional intelligence and a keen understanding of people.

He is resourceful and often finds creative solutions to problems.

9. Robbie Valentino

Robbie is a teenager and a recurring character in Gravity Falls.

He is portrayed as a sensitive and introspective individual with a passion for music.

While not explicitly depicted as highly intelligent, he demonstrates emotional intelligence and growth throughout the series.

8. Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica is initially portrayed as a snobbish and entitled character.

However, she demonstrates intelligence and resourcefulness throughout the series.

She shows strategic thinking and the ability to outsmart her adversaries when necessary.

7. Gideon Gleeful

Gideon is a conniving and manipulative character.

While not necessarily academically intelligent, he possesses cunning and street-smart intelligence.

He is skilled in showmanship and running his own business, manipulating others to achieve his goals.

6. Wendy Corduroy

Wendy is a laid-back and practical character in Gravity Falls.

She exhibits street smarts and survival skills, particularly in outdoor and forest settings.

While not portrayed as exceptionally academically intelligent, she is quick-witted and able to think on her feet.

5. Stanford Pines

Also known as “Grunkle Ford,” Stanford is Dipper and Mabel’s great-uncle.

He is a brilliant scientist and researcher, specializing in studying the supernatural.

Stanford possesses extensive knowledge in various scientific disciplines, including physics and astronomy.

4. Mabel Pines

Mabel is known for her creativity and imagination.

While not conventionally portrayed as highly academic, she demonstrates emotional intelligence and empathy.

She often uses her resourcefulness and unconventional thinking to solve problems.

3. Dipper Pines

Dipper is highly curious, observant, and analytical.

He possesses a thirst for knowledge and enjoys solving mysteries.

Dipper is skilled in research, deciphering codes, and investigating supernatural phenomena.

2. Ford Pines

Ford is Dipper and Mabel’s great-uncle and a renowned scientist.

He is exceptionally intelligent and well-versed in various scientific fields.

Ford’s expertise lies in the study of the supernatural and his ability to understand and navigate mysterious phenomena.

1. Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is a powerful interdimensional being with immense knowledge and intelligence.

He is a master manipulator and possesses a deep understanding of the fabric of reality.

Bill Cipher’s intelligence allows him to devise intricate plans and outwit his opponents.

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